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The purpose of this group is to聽plan the Kiez Burn 2021 event.聽

We will follow the principle of Community and Civic Responsibility. We invite you to participate to find a way to adapt Kiez Burn to this pandemic co-create and have fun despite these challenging times.

  • The Threads and subgroups here, deal with the needs of Kiez Burn Event.

  • Most of the discussions take place in this group or in its subgroups

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How we work together

Holger Wessels
Objections to using parts of Communication plan / Budget structure in a talk?
5 replies Last active January 10th, 2022 23:40
Consent Discussion & Educational project
83 replies Last active December 3rd, 2021 10:58
Kiez Burn Retrospective 2021
54 replies Last active November 7th, 2021 13:35
Veroca R. Sala
ASK anything on this thread 馃挰
239 replies Last active October 20th, 2021 11:01
CENSUS 2021 - What else do we want to know?
33 replies Last active October 10th, 2021 13:46
119 replies Last active September 8th, 2021 19:48
[Open discussion] On popularity, organic growth, virgins, and inclusivity
24 replies Last active September 7th, 2021 11:18
Veroca R. Sala
Documentation from Realizers 2021
6 replies Last active August 25th, 2021 19:39
Professor Kaos
Covid Corona - Discussion and input thread
209 replies Last active August 19th, 2021 09:27
Free Campers Alone Together! Co-creation & Coordination
14 replies Last active August 17th, 2021 14:00
Veroca R. Sala
馃帹Workshops & Performances - Registration Process
125 replies Last active August 11th, 2021 07:41
PROPOSAL Temple Build
34 replies Last active August 10th, 2021 22:00
Here we go: It鈥檚 TICKETS time! WAHOO!馃寛馃嵕
32 replies Last active August 10th, 2021 14:54
Sven Dudink
PROPOSAL: Swimming pools instead of swimming in the lake
46 replies Last active August 9th, 2021 20:39
Ann-Kathrin Rudorf
10 replies Last active August 8th, 2021 23:18
[Decision] Dogs at Kiez Burn 2021
105 replies Last active August 6th, 2021 17:00
Martin K
2021 Call out for helpers - Burn Olympics
7 replies Last active August 5th, 2021 12:38
Seeking Advice: How to reallocate Storage space to Kieze for the year 2021/22?
38 replies Last active August 4th, 2021 20:10
Melinda Gonzalez
Proposal: Build/Strike Kitchen + Kinky Kiez Cooperation
6 replies Last active August 3rd, 2021 15:33
Myriam TheWanderer
Campervans in Kieze
28 replies Last active August 3rd, 2021 08:59
鉂わ笍REALIZERS! We need YOU! 鉂わ笍
56 replies Last active July 31st, 2021 13:15
Veroca R. Sala
Event Program Coordination
42 replies Last active July 30th, 2021 12:38
Site Updates
30 replies Last active July 29th, 2021 21:11
Veroca R. Sala
Aligning Comms
52 replies Last active July 29th, 2021 15:17
Professor Kaos
Swimming in the Lake - Not happening at this stage
80 replies Last active July 4th, 2021 13:31
Benjamin Langholz
Dreams Platform is once again disappointing
12 replies Last active June 29th, 2021 14:31
Ann-Kathrin Rudorf
Junior Burners - Kids at KiezBurn?
4 replies Last active June 28th, 2021 13:37
Erin Jeavons-Fellows
PROPOSAL 2021 Kiez Burn Theme
92 replies Last active June 24th, 2021 16:46
Veroca R. Sala
Volunteer Kitchen
2 replies Last active June 24th, 2021 12:13
Realizers & KORG Meeting
0 replies Last active June 14th, 2021 07:51
Veroca R. Sala
Realities Setup 2021
30 replies Last active April 23rd, 2021 11:23
A little bit lost
6 replies Last active March 14th, 2021 22:11
Arthur G
How will music be organized: artist lineups, sound camps, audio-visuals, etc.?
13 replies Last active March 5th, 2021 13:22
Professor Kaos
How will music be organized?
1 replies Last active December 13th, 2020 17:59