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We moved to a new planning group for 2022 – ask your questions here.


Alex Wed 20 Oct 2021 11:01AM

Dear Mareike, Franzi, Vero, Alex,

thanks for your quick and profound feedback! I am not sure though if I communicated correctly what I am up for, so I trie it once more:

I am interested in a general opinion about this... if the people of Kiezburn think this is a good idea / road to go down or not. And here I think adressing especially the Vereinmembers makes sense, because as you state, Alex: It has to do with a lot of responsibility. So people who are "not even" in the Verein are of course also interesting to ask their opinion, but by and large this question would concern first and faremost the people who are also "leagaly" involved in KB. So here I would be just very interested in a general mood. this could be handeled very quickly... without discussion (for starters) to then start a discussion with the knowledge: Ok.. there is a big interest, or, Ok... there is not such a big interest/people have other things they want to focus on and another crowd is needed to pull off the project "Land". So if that is possible I would maybe just ask this very quick question at the end of the assembly.

Dream Machine / Usertesting
Our primary tests will be very short and formalized like: Tanin (our Usertester) will visit a few of you (who ever agrees... and yes, this can also be realizers and dont have to be Vereinsmitglieder, thanks for this hint) and will sit next to you while you try to create a new project, distribute tasks etc.... in a later stage the betaversion or also the alphaversion of the tool can be tested for "real stuff" but that is a plus at this point. So here I can gladly go to talk and ask around if that is generally ok with you as a Verein (starting the advice process here, asking about general concerns of me doing this).

Dream Machine / Using Forum Content for Learnings and Research
This question is also a question about asking permission / checking concerns of us wanting to do this. Also bringing this up as a possible assembly topic to might having a forum to talk to people personally about concerns or understanding. I understand that this can also be done in talk and might be more efficient. At the same time I am not sure who would be able to give this permission or what would or could allow me to do so as we are decentrally organised. The assembly and the board are the legal bodies of the Verein who formally might could give this permission, so this is why I am adressing this forum. Of course I will and can go through advice processes before. But in the end, my question is, what would be the process from my request to a clear (or anticipated) yes or no answer.

I know these questions are mostly a bit tricky as of the decentralised nature of our Verein. But that is exactly why I am adressing it to get advice especially about the processes to be adressed.

Thanks a lot and till Sunday :D


Mareike Wed 20 Oct 2021 10:12AM

additional agenda points to talk about/inform, yes. We will ask this in the beginning. Just no motions that need voting on, because members have to be informed of this one week before to be able to make up their mind about what to vote. (to my knowledge)


Franzi Wed 20 Oct 2021 10:08AM

But I thought we can still add agenda requests during the beginning of the GA. or has that changed?

I also agree with Mareike, I guess both topics are great for the advice process to get inout from all relevant people and 'not only' eV members.. cuz some of the realizers might not be eV members etc


Alex Kaos Wed 20 Oct 2021 8:36AM

Very cool Alex.

As Mareika said, the agenda closed last Saturday and I'm not sure we can bring these into the official GA. But bringing them up as as voluntary topic afterwards is possible.

Land is a huge question, and with a single-year-term board has proven very challenging. Imo the drive to purchase land should be handled by private members of the community in a different model (i.e. a cooperative), and the Verein supports with larger rent and other financial support to have the event and storage and other perks.
Otherwise you have 'new' owners of the land every year, and the board role comes with a lot more responsibility.

I am super excited to test the Dream Machine out, but it is an advice process. We should definitely inform the GA at the correct time, but it's implementation is either A - an advice process or B - a decision for specific teams to utilize (i.e. korg or board).
Ultimately users will use what they want, but if the 6 organizers putting in the most juice all commit to it, many others should get on board.


Mareike Tue 19 Oct 2021 6:52PM

Hi Alex, Thank you for bringing these to super interesting topics to the GA :) The agenda including all motions that will be presented and voted on, has been finalized on sunday as it has to be sent to the members one week before the GA. The Agenda is pretty full already, but is of course still possible to share these two topics with the assembly at the end to get feedback and maybe recruit a team. We will ask in the beginning for extra topics to be added to the agenda. But any decision (f.ex. implementing this tool) would rather take place here on talk as an Advice Process. See you sunday!


Alex Tue 19 Oct 2021 5:25PM

Hey there,
I have one question. Where can I bring in topics for the general assembly? I would have two I would like to discuss:

1. Buying land

I would like to ask the Verein how we feel about buying land as a Verein as Boarderland did (or tried). I think it would not only solve a lot of problems, but also would raise a lot of new possibilities (and would create a lot of work of course)... but I would like to see if there might will form a group who is willing to push this topic and if the Verein would back such a group.

2. Kooperation with our development of Dream Machine

I have a personal request to ask. I founded a company with two other dudes this year called "Dream Machine". We want to build a tool which can be described as a mix of a social network and a project management tool. With this tool every user can create their own interface, information is there where it is needed (not where it was posted) and with the help of an algorithm it will be possible for people with a very sturctured approach and people with a very unstructured approach to work together easyly - with noone having to change their approach. We currently are working on a MVP (minimum viable product) which is like the very basic set of functionalities. This MVP should be ready in January. With this development KB e.V. could help us a lot with the following:
a) usertesting for the need of KB - which could lead to the implementation of functions wich could be especially useful for KB Orga.
b) giving us access to the things written here in talk (anonymously) so we could have a real use case of real problems and discussion concerning projectmanagemant from which we could learn while designing the tool and take real world examples into account.

We can offer a lifelong free use for the Verein once the tool is up and running (and of all versions before of course)

I would be very happy and grateful if these two topics could be discussed and decided short and brief in the assembly. Or also here! Thanks my dears!


Nicki Tue 12 Oct 2021 1:14PM

Who was responsible for the rabbit hole at the cafe wonderland? I would love to get in touch with that person regarding some of the artwork at display there.


Nicki Tue 17 Aug 2021 6:18PM

I unsubscribed twice from getting email notifications from this thread, however, I still get email notifications. Question: How can I unsubscribe for good or who can take me off the list?


Arthur G Tue 17 Aug 2021 5:31PM

Thanks Veroca! Do you know if we have a regional Burning Man contact here in Berlin?


Veroca R. Sala Tue 17 Aug 2021 5:28PM

Hi Arthur,

I have no idea whether is happening, but for sure that question belongs somewhere else. Here we answer anything related to Kiez Burn. I hope you find where to virtually play your music. Good luck ❤️

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