Thu 17 Jun 2021 6:36AM

Volunteer Kitchen

VRS Veroca R. Sala Public Seen by 107

This thread is to give some light to the process of organizing the kitchen for volunteers.

  • This task has been historically managed by a number of very dedicated people, members of Deine Mudda Kiez, which have always hosted the kitchen for volunteers.

  • Deine Mudda feeds volunteers during Build and Strike only

  • The Volunteers Kitchen lead usually also takes the kitchen lead role for the camp as well.

  • Volunteer kitchen lead 2021 is @Melinda Gonzalez

I open this space to provide all materials, spreadsheets as documentation for the future and current realizers.

@Otto @Franzi

What does the Volunteer kitchen Lead do?

  • cook & Feed people! how many? 25-35 on Build / 15 -25 during strike.

  • budgeting - Model sheet? @Franzi

  • Coordinate with the kitchen co-lead + kitchen helpers onsite

  • communications with volunteer coordinator @Veroca R. Sala

  • communications with finance lead - keeping all receipts @Professor Kaos

  • collecting data about food allergies etc through @Veroca R. Sala & Deine Mudda camp lead @Cris

  • organizing groceries purchase - How? do we use prod van? @Franzi explains how this works usually

  • improving the recipes book ( where is the recipe book? @Franzi )


A partial list of 2021 kitchen supplies (in storage) can be found here.


Food tokens for hippie onsite get their meals will be organized by @Veroca R. Sala


Veroca R. Sala Thu 24 Jun 2021 12:13PM

only for volunteers on build and strike, nothing else, nothing less!!!


Relativity Rltvty Thu 24 Jun 2021 11:41AM

is volunteer kitchen only for build and strike this year? In previous years I thought it also fed people on active shifts during the event.