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Aligning Comms

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I am the volunteer Uncoordinator and Korg member.

This Thread is to align about the content we need to post on our coms. This thread should be in the Communicorns Group, to gain participation I use the planning group ( Eventually i could move it to the Comms parent group)

We don't really have a communication lead and I see the need to coordinate this because we have a few happenings in the upcoming weeks and we want to avoid spamming our liebe kiezburners.

Our Channels:

  • We have a special newsletter for ticketholders

  • Telegram channel with over 700 subscribers

  • Facebook with over 4000 members

  • @Veroca R. Sala (volunteers uncoordination and recruitment - telegram channel). Will be making the copy for Facebook posts and Telegram.

  • @Rafa, will be proofreading my copy + making the graphics for all FB posts and scheduling the posts as well.

I tag the following humans:

  • @Nora Flora (newsletter) FYI

  • @Cairn (Clément) ( site planning) FYI in case you need to announce site map closing.

  • @Erin Jeavons-Fellows @Relativity Rltvty ( Kieze facilitation ) FYI in case you want to announce Kieze registration period ends or any other initiative to bring together those campers without camp.Add in the comments so we know how comes.

  • Moderating? Nobody & Everybody

  • @Myriam TheWanderer when is the vehicle registration form coming out? And when does it end? So to create graphics and plan posts accordingly

  • @Jarrod Wright when the performances sign up starts and end?

  • @Professor Kaos when does the ticket transfer starts?


If you have important events/dates/ deadlines please add in the comments and we will make it fit in the schedule and prioritize the most urgent info/posts

Important dates in the Upcoming weeks


  • 19.06 - 24.06: announcements on telegram and FB posts for ticket holders to prepare their tokens - the voting period is soon to start.

  • 23.06. no central bus of hippies to Freiland

  • 24.06 Kieze Meeting 7.30 pm

  • 24.06: Performance registration opens ( until 12th July)

  • 24.06 - 30.06: all week about DREAMS VOTING. And somehow promoting dreams.

  • 30.06 - 05.07: all about volunteer shifts to recruiting remaining shifts available.

  • 05.07 - ______

  • 06.08 Kieze Registration ends

@Rafa is making the graphic and scheduling FB posts day by day while Vero is writing the copy of all posts & telegram A.:

  • Tuesday 22.06: copy on the graphic: "Prepare your tokens" "voting starts soon"

  • Wednesday 23.06 copy on the graphic: "No Bus of Hippies"

  • Thursday 24.06. - 00 :00 copy on the graphic: "Vote your Dream" "by 30th June"

  • Thursday 24.06 6pm: "Register your performance"

  • Friday 25.06: post about gas cooker not allowed on-site , no lake, nos bus of hippies, and all those no-go at kiez burn. buuuh

  • Saturday 26.06: copy on the graphic: "Use your tokens" "by 30th June"

  • Sunday 27.06: copy on the graphic: "Workshops Spaces"

  • Monday 28.06: copy on the graphic: "RANGER LEADS"

  • Tuesday: 29.06: Copy on the graphic: "vote still on!"

  • Wednesday 30.06: copy on the graphic: "Last chance!"

  • Friday 09.07: " register your performance" deadline is on the 11th

  • Sunday 11.07 : LAST CHANCE! ( to register your performance)

  • Monday midday12.07 : Kieze transport ( to share the thread about kieze transport and help them organize themselves link to talk thread

  • Monday afternoon: Reminder of checking spam inbox for low incoe

  • Monday eve: free campers come together thread

  • Wednesday Morning: Program registration deadline extension

  • 19.07: opens vehicle registration


Veroca R. Sala Thu 17 Jun 2021 2:54PM

awesome, 24th sounds good so its gonna be a busy week with dreams voting and performances sign up, probably vehicle submission will be opening that week as well. Would you add your own timeline ( event cootd deadlines and stuff) in the event coordination thread please? so other realizers can plan accordingly


Myriam TheWanderer Fri 25 Jun 2021 7:18AM

@Veroca R. Sala - sounds like a plan - I am on holiday without emails etc as of today until the 5th of July. Then we can start working on this.


Veroca R. Sala Thu 24 Jun 2021 8:28PM

Cool. Thanks! @Myriam TheWanderer I would need these:

  • On the 16th/17th the link to registration form to prepare the blast fb and newsletter

  • I need you guys to open a thread by the 16th about this so we can link ppl to that thread if any questions.

  • The thread should contain (ideally) some material/doc/pdf/whatever with info or rules about what they can't and cannot do bla bla so to avoid ppl asking basics on social media. I could forward them to the thread with this potential document and they can find their way to the truth ❤️

    Sounds this good? What are your thought's?


Veroca R. Sala Thu 8 Jul 2021 6:46PM

Yess.. Will do that! Thanks for the reminder... I completly forgot I was in charge doing telegram announcements lol !!!


Veroca R. Sala Fri 9 Jul 2021 9:24AM

went out yesterday!, will make a new announcement later as well


Diarmaid Fri 9 Jul 2021 10:16AM

The date for refunds is Tuesday 13th July. I can just edit it myself


Bee Thu 8 Jul 2021 5:27PM

Heya would be good if you and/or @Fabi 🦥 could please put out some kind of reminder if you can with the printed booklet deadline with details of what & where etc. :)


Jarrod Wright Fri 9 Jul 2021 7:32PM

Yeah yeah word up to the wise bird, if you wanna wiggle yah worm in the midst of the storm, you gotta wake up earlier in the morn than before you were born. - Translation: Come on hippies, make sure you meet the 11th July 23:59 Deadline to register YOUR workshop and performance for the Kiezburn 2021 Physical Program Booklet. 😄


Jarrod Wright Fri 9 Jul 2021 7:36PM

As always @Veroca R. Sala ballin true! If it's not too late to edit the register your performance deadline to 11th July 23:59 for clarity ;)


Veroca R. Sala Fri 9 Jul 2021 8:46PM

Yes ill actually do it tomorrow midday 🤗

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