Sun 13 Dec 2020 6:11PM

How will music be organized: artist lineups, sound camps, audio-visuals, etc.?

AG Arthur G Public Seen by 77

Probably too soon to discuss, but I figure it's good to open discussions about the artistic direction of the audio-visual experience. I've helped organize sound and artistry at Burning Man for 4 years and am quite heavily entrenched in the international melodic house & techno/progressive/deep house scene as an artist myself – based between LA and Berlin. Happy to contribute within this capacity however possible.

Curious to hear your thoughts on music. This would be my first Kiez Burn outside of Burning Man in Nevada. Hopeful that everything will be ok for this event to happen in the summer of 2021!

All my best and looking forward to meeting a lot of you IRL.


CJ Yetman Sun 13 Dec 2020 6:36PM

These things are not typically organized centrally by the Kiez Burn org. They are organized (or not) by the kieze/camps.


Arthur G Sun 13 Dec 2020 6:55PM

Got it — just like BM! Any particular sound camps you might recommend? This would be my first Kiez Burn so thanks for being patient as I wrap my head around this.


CJ Yetman Sun 13 Dec 2020 9:11PM

It’s hard to say what if any sound camps will come this year, especially with the potential heavy restrictions on sound if the event is at Freiland again.


Veroca R. Sala Mon 14 Dec 2020 11:29AM

HI @Arthur G i like that you are motivated to start this discussion.

Until the Korg (Kaos Organization Team ) is formed, many things aren't rolling yet, if you wish you could take a look at how this was handled earlier this year on this Sound of Music ProposalThread (regulations) as a reference and also this Thread about Location 2020, since both location and sound are very much depending on each other.

I know it is a lot to read, but at the moment is how I can best take you to a source of info from the past, of course, you could, later on, host a meet up with those that were involved last year to hear a summary and connect wit them.

 This would be my first Kiez Burn so thanks for being patient as I wrap my head around this.

Welcome, Welcome! as a first step to understanding how we move things forward on Kiez Burn through Talk, you could also join this Group --> How we Work Together, where you would find some guidance to eventually propose your ideas and start planning, planning planning, we love planning! 🤓.

So far you seem to be on the right path, gathering input and information.

Thanks for passing by, you are awesome!❤️


Veroca R. Sala Wed 20 Jan 2021 10:54AM

Hey @Arthur G I link you to a comment in another thread so you are in the know about what is that we need this year in regards of sound. This info comes from jan Thomas, our Site Liaison and Permit Realizer (Lead).

Is it of your interest to take on this or some of these responsibilities he points out? Check out Jan comment and reach out if any questions

FYI the Orga team (a.K.a KORG)is formed and things are moving forward.

Here we are also talking about dates 🎉



Kaliope Wed 20 Jan 2021 3:03PM

FYI There's some updates from our Freiland contact on the "potential heavy restrictions on sound – @Annette @Jan Thomas and I just had a call with some members of their organisation crew.

The restrictions will not be too heavy, but reasonably severe in the sense that we should not play music loudly 24/7. Freiland doesn't want to "censor" us there, but they also rely on continued good relations with the neighbours! There have been several theories about the extent to which sound exposure is weather dependent, whether loud bass is more of a problem during the day or at night (our experience: more of a problem at night), or for nearby or more distant locations.

They wish us to work out a good sound concept and coordinate it together with them – it would be great if the first draft is up in 14 days (that's when our site liaison update call takes place) so we can move on here. Would anyone like to support us work out these proposals? Their main ideas on this are (still to be discussed):

  • Large quiet periods would be nice according to Freiland, but a rave is still possible :) E.g. they have a single day where music runs continuously, then the next day there is less loud sound (the people in the surrounding area).

  • It's better if we don't turn our basses up full already on Wednesday/Thursday – then the lovely neighbours will possibly be more tolerant and not already frustrated before the weekend.

  • Strategically it makes sense to give them some additional rest from time to time (e.g. with some music breaks during the day). They recommend us to plan extra time slots for "quiet" activities such as workshops, theatre...

  • With a family-friendly program, the people who may come to visit us at the site will complain less according to Freiland.


Kaliope Tue 2 Feb 2021 6:43PM

So we might need really harsh punishments when someone is being naughty! 😂 Should we set up a proper sound patrol, fully equipped with volume meter and the absolute power to turn down the bass??

  • One thing is the sound concept that we agree on together with Freiland. I had already written down their ideas above, and I think we can't deviate too much from them anyway. @Quentin feugere is interested in working this out, are there more volunteers? He would also run the proposal again for a vote on Talk before we make our agreements with Freiland, so we can avoid disagreements and make it more transparent.

    • To be discussed at the next meeting: How do they define limits for loud, semi-loud, and quiet? Decibels measured from the site or the village(s)? How many days/nights of "loud" would they allow at maximum? Do they recommend, by experience, some spots that would be more suitable for "louder" music?

  • The other thing is: how do we deal as a community with these rules and motivate "naughty" burners to comply with them? Is this the responsibility of the sound lead/camp/DJ? Do we need a sound patrol? How do we communicate with the neighbors and the authorities? Other ideas? (We can worry about that later – step 1 is the "official" concept for Freiland. Step 2 will follow)


Quentin Thu 4 Feb 2021 8:17AM

The site liaison team had a meeting with Freiland and Kate listed the questions that I had for them in order to understand better what's possible to do.

Agree with the confusion and transparency need on Talk. After exchanging with different people, I will suggest a proposal and put into into a new dedicated thread. :)


Roko Fri 5 Mar 2021 1:22PM

measuring sound with a soundmeter around the villages turned out to be impossible to mirror where the complaints come from. we were in the formal green, when i measured! this means the complaints are done even though we hold true to regulations. we need to accept that even though we align to freiland's needs, there will be a neighbour who just does not like hippies. sound is a complex topic and to know where the wave ends up even more. i made a post in the fb group to gather some experienced folks, because i would like to bring a sound soaking hay floor.

a sound patrol ... idk if people actually know what they are doing then? i don't want naughty sound-haters telling sound-affine people to lower the volume, because they want to sleep haha. let's make clear what soundcamps need to obey in the first place. maybe we can actually find a better way to measure than with these soundmeters? don't know..


CJ Yetman Wed 20 Jan 2021 8:03PM

Just a small warning here... whatever plan/strategy/concept we come up with here is only as good as how well it is actually adhered to during the event, which can be easier said than done (ahem underworld a.k.a. "someone's got to be naughty" 🤔).... so it would be good to consider mechanisms that KBers will want to follow on their own.

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