Fri 4 Jun 2021 6:56AM


F Franzi Public Seen by 218

Hey Kiezies,

next newsletter is planned to go out Tuesday 7th of September. Drop info here until 10 am that day.

Drop PHOTOS or VIDEOS in here that you'd like to be added to your content:

We will organize newsletter in here :)

Realizer @Daisy @Nora Flora

Create a timeline - newsletter releases

Create a system to Co-create a newsletter


Nora Flora Thu 15 Jul 2021 10:50AM

Hi @Myriam TheWanderer Can you provide your summary (or just the facts and I write the text!) until tomorrow morning please? Thank you.
Ideally, if there is a link to more info on the web then we really just need a small text for the newsletter.


CJ Yetman Mon 7 Jun 2021 11:08AM

Maybe check your spam folder?


Nora Flora Thu 15 Jul 2021 10:54AM

Thank you 🙏 @Veroca R. Sala Will all be included.


Bee Tue 15 Jun 2021 11:27AM

Don't have permission to edit for now so gonna put this here as a placeholder (KORG & Realizers meeting notes). Will write a little synopsis on the document too.


Bee Wed 16 Jun 2021 1:18PM

See Nora's post underneath & add to the document what needs to go out!


Nora Flora Thu 17 Jun 2021 7:05AM

Ok so no other roles at all to advertise?! @Veroca R. Sala
Rangers needed too as it was stated here in the chat @Jessie


Nora Flora Thu 17 Jun 2021 7:06AM

Totally agree about the length, to keep it short, but a reminder for Dreams can be short and a section on open roles is not big either - the ones we really need - so just let me know which.


Bee Thu 17 Jun 2021 7:16AM

Your document is view only still babe, I can't add anything atm. I have to head to therapy pretty soon but will free again at 11 to do a little write up. 💛


Bee Thu 17 Jun 2021 7:17AM

Also need a Toilet Realizer!!! Shit Meister is a very important job and will earn lifetime KB respect!


CJ Yetman Thu 26 Aug 2021 11:44AM

no worries, just thoughts for next time


Diarmaid Wed 23 Jun 2021 10:10AM

Link is


Diarmaid Wed 23 Jun 2021 10:15AM

I will write up a guide on how to vote later today or tomorrow


Nora Flora Thu 24 Jun 2021 3:13PM

Hi can put it together tonight and send out in the morning. 👍


Kaliope Thu 24 Jun 2021 5:13PM

Thank you so much!!!! I didn't want to push, there was only some confusion about when/if the dreams voting will be announced in the newsletter :) Vero sent a few more updates for the newsletter, I will put everything inside your shiny draft document:


Nora Flora Thu 26 Aug 2021 11:41AM

Ok, I understand. I am sorry, like I said above that is my bad then. I offered to put it in, so this was completely on me. Not the organizers at all!


CJ Yetman Thu 26 Aug 2021 11:22AM

I agree... that kind of thing needs to be done with a higher degree of caution.


Veroca R. Sala Thu 24 Jun 2021 8:20PM

Yes dogs and bus can wait! Thanks!!!


Jack Sun 4 Jul 2021 7:34AM

Also could you tell me who i can contact for posting this link on Facebook as well 😃 (once I have worked out how to allow anyone to vote on the poll)


Alex Kaos Mon 12 Jul 2021 9:17AM

Hi @Nora Flora I have sent you an updated ticket list, some of the ticket holders might have purchased tickets recently.


Veroca R. Sala Tue 13 Jul 2021 5:11PM

Sounds good to me!

where do you want us to drop the content? shall we have one drive doc for each upcoming newsletter release so we can all add in as we go? I think hat would be easier, also i can pass on the link to the drive doc to other realizers, better than linking people to the thread as people gets distracted in with the comments and all gets mixed up, content + comments 😆

I would find it useful to add these potential drive doc links to the body of this thread and like with big headings, so that realizers really know where to drop their content and when are the releases.

Like this and linked each to one doc;

Friday 16.7.

Friday 23.7.

Friday 30.7.

Monday 2.8.



Jarrod Wright Tue 13 Jul 2021 8:43PM

@Nora Flora The deadline to have a workshop/performance/DJ set printed in the physical program has been extended to the 18th July 23:59. Camp Leads, make sure your program has been submitted fully and properly through the capture form at the top of the Workshops and Performances talk thread ( This is the absolute final deadline, submissions received after this will ONLY be shown in the digital version of the program. Thank you!!


Nora Flora Thu 26 Aug 2021 11:20AM

Hi @Veroca R. Sala
That is on me then. I offered to put it in the newsletter. The organizers did not approach me/us here.
Althoiugh what Erin initiated was about paid stuff as well, so I don't see as much of a conflict here.
We promoted the Underworld Fundraiser, and last week I "promoted" a free Burner event.
So I just want to say, if there is a problem, it is on me. I offered to put it in as I thought it was a nice offer to decompress.


Purzel Thu 15 Jul 2021 11:19AM

Will the part about cooking include the fire regulations that I wrote up? I don't remember exactly in which of our many shout out thread I posted the text 😉


Veroca R. Sala Thu 15 Jul 2021 12:31PM

Also the invitation fundriasers 🤗

I personally consider all in the drive doc has to go. Except for the dogs that could wait till next edition . Thanks thanks thanks!!!

We are linking them to talk threads not sure which FAQ you mean (?) Website?

I know we want to keep info short but we just have a lot to say and I trust participants can/want to take 5 minutes reading considering it is not a promotional email I think they will read. No?


Nora Flora Fri 16 Jul 2021 10:51AM

it is uploaded


Nora Flora Thu 29 Jul 2021 9:28PM

@Caroline Yes, no problem.


Nora Flora Thu 29 Jul 2021 10:06PM

Question regarding the survival translation to german - "only" the updates need to be translated right? Might be good to specify this in the newsletter. or is it the whole thing?
If we do not find anyone for that through the newsletter then I can help with that, but not this week - next week. @Caroline @Veroca R. Sala


Veroca R. Sala Thu 29 Jul 2021 10:15PM

I think Caro has someone already to work on ot but still the German version is not ready to go. We could mention that this time... like " German version in the pipeline" While the English version should be ready to go once Caro adds in the single update left about a taxi company. Hoping we can get that in before the release! Thank you!!!


Caroline Fri 30 Jul 2021 11:42AM

@Veroca R. Sala I do not have anyone for the german version yet (i was just looking for someone to make a phone call to the taxi company). So @Nora Flora we are still looking for a german speaker to translate.
I'm ready in about 20min to send the newsletter. Sorry for the delay, taxi company was hard to reach


Caroline Fri 30 Jul 2021 11:58AM

@Nora Flora ready to sent thank you so much !!


Caroline Fri 30 Jul 2021 9:42PM

Hey @Nora Flora

I did not recieve any newsletter today. I'm almost sure that i checked the box to get it when someone gave me their ticket...

It is not in the spam or promotion folder

Sending you a pm with my email address


Purzel Sun 8 Aug 2021 10:46AM

Yes please, I'll contact you via telegram 😊


Veroca R. Sala Wed 4 Aug 2021 5:30PM

The special edition covid is coming out from the Korg i think it's @Bee or @Jan-Christian Kaspareit sending this out. You dont need to send it out. Correct e if wrong bee and Jan


Nora Flora Sun 8 Aug 2021 9:44AM

Any info about fire level indicator or any fire update that I should put in the last newsletter? @Purzel


Nora Flora Sun 8 Aug 2021 9:42AM

@Professor Kaos @Jan-Christian Kaspareit
last topics (KORG/welfare...) for the last newsletter prior to the event as mentioned in Veros comment?


Bee Fri 20 Aug 2021 9:56AM

If there's still time to add...

This is where discussion about the census is happening - get involved to find out or contribute some of your own afterthoughts.

For any Realizers, Kieze Leads, Shift Leads etc that would like to join our Retrospective in September to discuss our experiences of planning & enacting roles at the event please follow this thread for updates.

& A very big thank you to everyone who came and helped to create an amazing Kiez Burn! Hope you find time to rest & decompress this week and hope to see you all again soon!


Veroca R. Sala Tue 24 Aug 2021 8:06AM

also we can add an invitation to participate in organizing the decom "Kiez Burn Night" ( we dont call it "decompression" party). link people to this thread


Kaliope Wed 8 Sep 2021 7:48PM

Dear @Nora Flora, did you already send the newsletter? I didn't receive it yet so maybe it's still possible to include one more update... (I don't have edit access to the doc, so I'm just copy&pasting it here)

The decom orga team is looking for volunteers & realizers ––> sign up here

Thank you so much for all your beautiful work here 🌈


Veroca R. Sala Sat 5 Jun 2021 9:25AM

@Nora Flora would you take this plis!!! thanks❤️


Nora Flora Fri 6 Aug 2021 2:33PM

Talked to Jan. I am just getting it ready and am sending the COVID newsletter out today.
Also our regular newsletter. 👍
Just FYI @Veroca R. Sala @Bee


Mareike Mon 7 Jun 2021 2:03PM

Realizer for Greeting is also Monkey Camp - I will get back with the contact of the Lead Monkey for this


Bee Sun 13 Jun 2021 12:56PM

Heya. No, in terms of roles we just need the Census Realizer & a Safety Lead (someone with construction/math/engineering technical knowledge) who would asses the structures on site before event begins.

Thank you!! :D


Veroca R. Sala Sun 13 Jun 2021 8:16PM

Hey @Bee i guess we can ask @Max Mutti, if he can take this safety construction role? I think he is skilled enough and studied construction Considering this is a Wednesday or Tuesday role, or maybe an everyday chek-our round. We didn't have that role 2019, so I think that one Hour p day checking these structures should do. He is deine mudda build, but we can share him hehe. We cant feed more people on build. Seriously. let sTalk about this in the korg meeting


Veroca R. Sala Sun 13 Jun 2021 8:19PM

when is the newsletter coming out?

I need to "promote" @Nora Flora the following, for tomorrow Monday´s edition: here some small content as inspiration and explanation of what is a teddy and what is a carebear. ( please request access). I think I pretty much included all ppl have commented

Open Roles pre-event

  • Welfare is recruiting: We are especially keen on people with medical and harm reduction knowledge to step forward, we even offer a direct ticket for this kind human.

  • Census Realizer!

    Contact us and fill us in with your background >>>

Shifts on-site !!!

If you couldn't get involved at kiezburn cause it all happened so fast this year, the best you can do NOW to help us make the event as great as we all want it to be is to sign up for shift!

IMPORTANT announcement from the Korg to all participants:

  • If you are part of your Kiez build crew (limited to 5 people per camp) you can apply for early entry (Wait to get the approval from Franzi).

  • If you are a dreamer: you can apply for early entry too (Wait to get the approval from Franzi)

  • If you randomly apply for early entry but did not get approval from Franzi, you don't have a permit to be onsite. Seriously

  • If you appear in the general volunteer Build Spreadsheet you MUST apply for early entry + you get food tokens. (A mutti will give you a token once you show up on your shift at Deine Mudda Kiez)

  • If you are an old Kiez burner or a dear fella from the ancient Kieze of Freiland, or even the realizer of whatever but you don't appear in the general spreadsheet, then Deine Mudda cant offer you meals. Unfortunately, we've got to put a full stop somewhere.

    No token no food kiddo!

    Coming soon!

  • If you plan to come by car/van you need a car permit! stay tuned. Registration is coming out soon.

  • If you plan to give a workshop/performance/ activity, the registrations will open soon as well. Keep an eye on our communications.

  • Dreams registration period is coming to an end! submit your dream before is too late! 18th of June is your last day!

@Franzi is this correct can you check?

@Nora Flora Probably the "important" announcement can be repeated once again in a couple of weeks


Nora Flora Sun 13 Jun 2021 8:29PM

Thanks @Veroca R. Sala
What does the Census realizer do?! Shall I put in one sentence to explain? (I have no clue personally, sorry...)

Newsletter is ideally coming out tomorrow as soon as possible (/as soon as I put the nl together + finish importing and tagging all the ticket holders in Mailchimp.) 👍


Veroca R. Sala Sun 13 Jun 2021 8:32PM

i just added a couple of more things , for the census you can link them to the role description here on realities >>>

Is not really a big role right now, it can easily be done after the event actually ....meee


Mareike Mon 14 Jun 2021 7:49AM

nice, if max wants to do the assessment on site! great! I was hoping to find someone to help me set up some guidelines to communicate to the camps build teams and gernerally the visitors. pre-event role. @Veroca R. Sala Could this still go in the newsletter @Nora Flora : Looking For: A Safety Requirement Lead: You have experience in Event Safety and/or legal requirements/Law and can set up the safety requirements for Build, Site signage, Camps, Art Cars. This is a pre-event role and can be done remotely!

Tonight at the meeting is also fine to discuss it :)


Bee Mon 14 Jun 2021 7:58AM

Heya, I thought we legally had to have this role at the past burns? (And that Amihay was the one who did it last? I can ask him how long it took).


Mareike Mon 14 Jun 2021 8:30AM

yes that would be great. I am talking to Patrick too for some input. Still I agree we need to have someone committing to this role(s)


Alex Kaos Mon 14 Jun 2021 9:21AM

We already have someone for the on-site safety review = @Stefan Rothenhausler

We just need someone to help with documentation and kieze/dreamer pre-event communication and review. Which Stefan can't help with.


Nora Flora Mon 14 Jun 2021 9:46AM

Hi @Mareike If you want/need to discuss this tonight we can still add it to the newsletter that goes out Thursday. 👍


Mareike Mon 14 Jun 2021 9:51AM

yes great I will be there :) thank you!


Nora Flora Fri 6 Aug 2021 9:45AM

Hi @Sunniva Sorry I only saw your comment now. I will send out the newsletter this afternoon. The COVID update is in it:


Nora Flora Wed 4 Aug 2021 2:41PM

Hi @Veroca R. Sala Just to be sure... is this a special COVID newsletter you would like me to send out today or next week?


Nora Flora Thu 17 Jun 2021 6:41AM

@Jarrod Wright Please put your text or pictures in here before 12.


Nora Flora Thu 17 Jun 2021 6:42AM

@Jessie Do you have 1 or 2 more sentences you'd like to communicate regarding the role or team?
Please add here before 12.


Nora Flora Thu 17 Jun 2021 6:42AM

@Bee Can you throw in what to put in the Newsletter here before 12?
Thank you!!!


Veroca R. Sala Thu 17 Jun 2021 7:00AM

don't have access I would only announce dreams submit ends + the following and nothing else

Kiez Burn needs a Safety Requirement Lead, a direct ticket for this Unicorn!

You have experience in Event Safety and/or legal requirements/Law and can set up the safety requirements for Build, Site signage, Camps, Art Cars. This is a pre-event role and can be done remotely. Read more about the role here, hit the comments on that thread, or contact if you are interested in the role.

more information ppl might not read it, we had already a very long newsletter last time, lets keep it short, no?


Jessie Thu 17 Jun 2021 10:33AM

Would have been great to tell me that earlier. I was working :-/


Nora Flora Mon 2 Aug 2021 8:25PM

sorry there was a mistake in the schedule. Newsletter release was planned for this Friday as usual, and then next one Monday 9th.
I updated this above.

I could send the one from this week out earlier if the topics need to go out now?! @Vero ?


Caroline Fri 30 Jul 2021 3:00PM

@Nora Flora if not too late, can you change the text from the survival guide and suggest to people to save it as a pdf on their phone and/or print it ?


Veroca R. Sala Fri 30 Jul 2021 12:11PM

Ooh I see my confusion 😕 sorry for the misunderstanding. Hope all went well. I am out and about for the day. Thank you two!!


Nora Flora Fri 30 Jul 2021 9:40AM

@Caroline @Veroca R. Sala Would you then want me to take out the part where it says we are looking for a german speaker to translate? Do you have someone @Caroline?
@Caro Were you able to make you changes in the survival guide? I was planning to send the newsletter around 12 or 1.

Item removed


Veroca R. Sala Mon 26 Jul 2021 4:36PM

Hey thanks for the update,❤️ I asked @Bee and maybe she could send it out tonight. If not then will be later!


Myriam TheWanderer Thu 15 Jul 2021 4:42PM

@Nora Flora - I updated the spreadsheet for tomorrow, all the information is included. If anything is unclear or missing please do let me know. Thank you!


Myriam TheWanderer Thu 15 Jul 2021 4:28PM

@Nora Flora - great, I will finish up my information and put it in the Newsletter doc above. Thank you!


Nora Flora Thu 15 Jul 2021 1:53PM

Yes all in the Doc including Fundraiser/Precomp. I just forgot that here in my list on talk. Sorry.


Nora Flora Thu 15 Jul 2021 1:47PM


Yes will be included. Your input is here. I will check your text and the other text and combine or see what makes sense...


Jack Tue 6 Jul 2021 6:17PM

Hi @Nora Flora please mention in the newsletter this poll: Please also mention that in order to vote people need to use their talk account (or sign up), join the Toilet Group (05) and the subgroup in order to vote. If they have joined the group and still cant vote we will manually invite them so their voice is heard :) The poll closes on the 17. July


Nora Flora Sun 11 Jul 2021 12:02PM

Hi @Jack I've just included the poll in the newsletter. Sorry for the late reply. I have been offline for a while and I do not get talk notifications in time it seems.


Myriam TheWanderer Sun 11 Jul 2021 12:40PM

Hi Nora - sorry if I missed it, but when is the next newsletter going out?

Item removed


Nora Flora Sun 11 Jul 2021 7:52PM

Hi @Kate. There is one list for ticket holders that was given to me and the last few mails went to everyone on that list.
You are welcome of course to check in Mailchimp if you see a problem.

I think the mails might be in the Spam or (or Promotion folder in Gmail) or it is possible that some email providers bounce Mailchimp emails if they landed in Spam too often/were unopened.
These people should definitely check Spam folder. If there is nothing there let me know which email addresses so we can check.


Myriam TheWanderer Mon 12 Jul 2021 10:09AM

Hi @Veroca R. Sala @Nora Flora - The vehicle permit registration will be from the 19th to the 28th of July - I want to write a small summary this week for the newsletter and FB - I just should know when the next one goes out for the deadline. I will post in on FB with link on Saturday or Sunday


Veroca R. Sala Mon 12 Jul 2021 10:32AM

I also don't know when exactly are the next newsletter releases


Franzi Mon 12 Jul 2021 10:35AM

@Nora Flora @Daisy it would be great to have a newsletter schedule set up between now and post event. It feels it's a bit chaotic and too spontaneous right now. Could you set this up? Maybe this could be combined with a process to co-create the newsletter? so the info arrives for you in a structured way.

For example @Saskia (The Fuzzy Facilitator) and I would like to send out the census via newsletter right after the burn. but I dont know where to put this? when this would be? what you need? and so on

Item removed


Nora Flora Tue 13 Jul 2021 11:49AM

Hi @Franzi @Veroca R. Sala I suppose as we are really close to the event now we could plan 1 newsletter a week. Deadline for content the day before at 12 noon.
Friday 16.7./Friday 23.7./Friday 30.7./Monday 2.8.
After the event:
Friday 23.8./Friday 30.8.

If we have more to communicate we could of course send an extra one some weeks.
I don't know yet what will be communicated when, but I can set up a structure of a weekly one up until 2 weeks after the event and content contributions via Google Sheets. Does that sound ok? Other suggestions welcome.

Item removed


Nora Flora Thu 15 Jul 2021 10:49AM

Will be included tomorrow. Thank you! @Jarrod Wright


Nora Flora Tue 31 Aug 2021 11:39AM

Next newsletter is planned to go out Tuesday 7th of September. Drop info here until 10 am that day.


Veroca R. Sala Wed 25 Aug 2021 1:20PM

Hi, im bringing a small concern that maybe would be up to the communicons team to discuss and create guidelines for the future maybe???

Is about promoting satellite events in our official Newsletter. Can we discuss that? IMO technically this kind of announcement doesnt belong there, however, I find it cool and nice to cooperate with satellite initiatives from kb community members ( as long as these are legal for instance etc etc )

If we are to use the newsletter to reach out to the Kiez Burn subscribers, then It would be nice to create a window where others could fairly promote too so it is not an exclusive thing left up to the decision of a pair of humans. Something like what @Erin Jeavons-Fellows did with the Facebook group (the monthly promotion thread), otherwise, how it came out with the last newsletter, it this seems a bit unfair.
Nothing personal with the might burn organizers (please, dont read me wrong), more about opening a discussion and hear other opinions on how could we best and fairly "promote" community initiatives within our comms and reaching to a wider audience ( not only Facebook and through the community monthly promotions).

i believe we would need a guideline to ensure whatever is promoted is aligned with our principles, is legal - define what is legal, no?) etc etc... I leave it here if someone wishes to pick it up in the future.

thanks for reading.


Nora Flora Tue 24 Aug 2021 9:03AM

Next newsletter is planned to go out this Friday - 27.08. -
Please add your content until Thursday ✌️

Drop PHOTOS/GIFS/VIDEOS in here that you'd like to be added to your content:


Nora Flora Wed 18 Aug 2021 11:29AM

What do you need to/want to communicate in the 1st post-event newsletter this Friday?! let me know. ❤️

@Veroca R. Sala @Franzi or anyone else?

I can add the telegram announcement (looking for people to help with last LNT). Do you have a little more info on this @Jan-Christian Kaspareit ?

TOPICS so far:
- LNT call for Sunday at Freiland/Berlin Monday morning


Nora Flora Sun 8 Aug 2021 9:33AM

Topics for the last newsletter before the official event start?

So far we only have 1 topic.

- Is there another KORG statement?
- I saw a nice post from welfare/care bears on FB - I can add that.
- Update fire safety/fire level indicator?
(I cannot tag anyone on talk, what is up with that?)

I am extending the DEADLINE: If you have any topics please add them UNTIL MONDAY MIDNIGHT - Newsletter will be sent Tuesday morning.

If there are no more topics I will put a couple of important links from the last few newsletters in or sth. (survival guide, corona test booking, covid faq doc...)

See you soon ❤️


Nora Flora Fri 6 Aug 2021 5:42PM

Last newsletter before the event (if we don't count build :-) ) is on Monday.
Let me know what to put in until Sunday night ideally, or last little changes until Monday 10 am.
Will be sent around noon on Monday. Thanks.


Nora Flora Fri 6 Aug 2021 9:53AM

Regular newsletter will be going out this afternoon. Is the separate COVID update mail going out too? In that case I will shorten the COVID content in the regular newsletter.

If you would like me to also prepare and send the COVID mail just let me know and give me the content. I have time this afternoon and could prepare and send today or schedule sending time...
@Veroca R. Sala @Bee @Jan-Christian Kaspareit


Sunniva Wed 4 Aug 2021 10:37AM

Hi @Nora Flora! Here's a picture file and a text from the Dog Leads to include in the newsletter on Monday 9.8. if possible! 💕

Here's the proposed text:

This year we will have a small handful of rescue pups joining our adventure at Freiland ✨  These 3 dogs + 2 human Dog Leads will be part of this year's trial run for dogs at Kiez Burn! 

You will find the detailed agreements and guidelines for this at the Gate onsite and on Talk. 

If you see a dog onsite, please always ask before trying to pet or feed them, no matter how cute and fluffy they look! If you have any concerns about dogs at Kiez Burn, please reach out to Dog Leads Sunniva or Hanna-Maija. With a decent amount of responsibility, considerations and do-ocracy and plenty of fluffy love, we're excited to give this a try!


Veroca R. Sala Wed 4 Aug 2021 8:27AM

HEY HEY, little update fro the last Korg meeting, we will be releasing a special covid update on Wed, only covid content. This will come out from the Korg. Jan Christian K is preparing the content for it.

Korg Meeting notes as reference


Veroca R. Sala Mon 2 Aug 2021 10:09AM

Wondering if we also have a release on Friday? that would be good to release the Event program digital version


Sunniva Mon 2 Aug 2021 8:23AM

Hi all! Writing here to offer my availability to help with the COVID update in today's newsletter. When is the absolute final deadline for today? @Nora Flora? <3


Caroline Thu 29 Jul 2021 2:52PM

Hey @Nora Flora

Survival guide realiser here. I have an important info from the taxi company that should come tomorow friday 30th at 11am... Can you wait for me so i can update the survval guide before sending it to everyone? Thanks a lot <3


Nora Flora Mon 26 Jul 2021 10:24AM

@Veroca R. Sala I will include the topics you added and send the newsletter when I have fast internet tonight, latest tomorrow with the topics below. Before I can send it I will need to see if I can remove some (inactive) subscribers. @Professor Kaos We have gone above 2000 subscribers to our (general) newsletter now. I need to see if I can kick some out again but I recently just cleaned up that list as you know.
Maybe we need to switch to a paid plan. I will look into it today.

Sorry for the delays with the newsletter. I am in Usedom/Ostsee with terribly slow internet coverage but arriving at a proper camping ground with wifi later today.

Newsletter planned to go out today (or tomorrow depending on the subscriber issue we have now?! I will update.)
- driver wanted
- luggage shuttle
- first aid
- dogs

Next newsletter friday :-) Insert topics for Friday here:


Nora Flora Fri 23 Jul 2021 10:27AM

For today's newsletter so far I only have two topics (dogs + first aid).
I am currently at the baltic sea and the internet here is really slow. I will try to find a spot with better internet.
Until then I will postpone sending the newsletter until Monday. I hope that is ok, but it looks like there was nothing urgent to communicate until today luckily. So Monday latest we will have this one going out.

Next newsletter as planned next Friday.


Nora Flora Tue 20 Jul 2021 5:05PM

Hello hello, what else do we need in this weeks newsletter?
If you know already it would be great to insert it as soon as possible here:

So far I know of these topics:

+Dogs at Kiez Burn
+First Aid

What else? @Veroca R. Sala @Franzi ? :-)


Nora Flora Thu 15 Jul 2021 1:58PM

Regarding the topic of people saying they do not receive the newsletter...

Please always check Spam and Promotional Folders.
Before the next newsletter goes out tomorrow I will upload our most up-to-date ticketholder list.
If you encounter people that don't get the NL... ask them to check Spam/Promotional Folders and if there is really nothing I need their email address. So far I did not receive any concrete cases but I am happy to look into it.


Nora Flora Thu 15 Jul 2021 10:57AM

In tomorrows newsletter we have planned so far:

Extension for the Performance & Workshop registration deadline
Transport info for Kieze
Info regarding cooking (or last-minute camp creation) for free campers
Fire safety
Vehicle registration info
Reminder low-income tickets
Survival guide callout
Pussoirs voting

Anything else super important that I missed or that cannot wait until next week? Otherwise looks super full already. Is all this info saved somewheres people can check without searching in old newsletters? Could we still make this available in an FAQ or do I just not know that this exists?
@Veroca R. Sala @Myriam TheWanderer @Jarrod Wright @Franzi @everyoneelse ... Let me know and comment here or insert directly into the doc for 16.07. above. . :-)
Thank you.


Veroca R. Sala Wed 14 Jul 2021 11:03AM

Hey @Nora Flora i took the advantage to update this thread with the docs for the next releases to ease the work, ill share the link with other realizers if they want to add in something.

Would be nice to add in the body of the thread which is the hard deadline for us realizers (?)

Until what time could we make last-minute changes before the newsletter is sent out? There are always final adjustments. A time would be very nice to have.
This is the file for the Friday 16.07 edition



Veroca R. Sala Mon 12 Jul 2021 9:56AM

Yes @Nora Flora there is a lot to read😱: I paste here all information that I've seen around talk

  • We also have vehicle registration coming soon (on the 17th if im not mistaken @Myriam TheWanderer

  • We also wanna tell participant they can still register activities for the program digital version. The printed version submission ended yesterday . They can do this in the same thread

  • Also a message for dreamers as it says In this link :

  • For the kieze: 🏕️Attention Kieze!

    Do you need to organize the logistics to move all the Kiez gear to the site? keep reading, this is gonna be of your interest!

    🌿There is an initiative from the Kieze to the Kieze to self organize this,

    🚛Participate to get a spot in the transport and move your gear to site, get involved in the Talk thread to help pull communal effort for the benefit of your Kiez and your neighboring Kieze.

    🌸As usual: Find the glorious Spreadsheet linked in there to list your needs.

    go to > Kieze Shared trasport Talk

  • And a big message for free campers:

    We heard some rumors that these creatures are eager to cook but can't use a gas cooker! Then, they shall come together and work some magic to survive!

    How hard do you think it could be to set up a kitchen? Not that much really! We facilitate some information on the Freecampers Thread here.

    You might be asking yourself, "Well, if we're getting together to build a kitchen, how hard would it be to push it a bit further and create a camp?"

    We like your thinking!

    Find some information on this in the same thread, and find out how you can step up your game and create a stronger experience for yourself, your friends and the community, while securing a beautiful spot on site!

    (Free campers will have to be on the field next to the parking this year)


Kaliope Sun 11 Jul 2021 12:56PM

Hi @Nora Flora, there is feedback from some burners that they don't receive all newsletters (for me the mails arrive, for some others too). This is really weird... 📫 Maybe the mailing lists are the problem, or some mails get stuck because we need to upgrade our plan? Are we sending the messages to Verein members/the general list and/or ticket holders? It could be that too few lists have been selected and/or some email addresses have not yet landed on the distribution list (Verteiler). If you don't have so much time atm to double check, I can have a look as well (only I don't have access data). Perhaps the solution is also quite simple and they need to check their spam folder.


Jack Sun 4 Jul 2021 7:24AM

Hi @Nora Flora and @Daisy do you know when the next newsletter is going out? I have this poll that I created which I would like to be “promoted”, ie giving people going to kiezburn the opportunity to vote on it. As I’m relatively new to talk, do I need to do anything special to “open up” the poll for voting?


Nora Flora Thu 24 Jun 2021 8:04PM

Below are the collected newsletter topics for tomorrow.
It is a lot and we had 2 newsletters last week. If something can really wait let me know. (Maybe dogs or bus can wait till next one?)

--> Dreams voting starts
→ Workshops & performances registration opens
--> Rangers needed
--> Updated fire safety
--> Underworld Fundraiser
--> Dogs
--> No bus - organise who you get there!

Otherwise, I will try to make each subject short and concise. 👍

Please add text/content/photos in the doc here if you haven't yet regarding your topic.

Keep it simple and sweet so people will read ;-)


Cris Thu 24 Jun 2021 5:36PM

Liebe @Daisy & @Nora Flora

Rangers Leads Heroes still being search for Friday evening, Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday morning.

It'd be great, if you could put this in the newsletter again (until we fill them)

RANGER LEAD - Unfold your superpower 
You are an experienced Ranger? We need you! Take on a shift and join the Ranger-Crew.




Kaliope Thu 24 Jun 2021 2:23PM

Dear @Daisy & @Nora Flora, do you need support for the upcoming newsletter? 📫 It would be super important to inform all ticket holders on time that voting for dreams starts tomorrow (the voting period is very short, and only announcing it via FB & Telegram would exclude the burners who only use old-fashioned email). 💰 Let's motivate everyone to spend their shiny coins! If you've got a lot on your plate right now, I can totally offer you help with this – I did most of the mailings back in 2019 and we could duplicate last time's newsletter for the basic structure. Just get in touch with me 😽

Also, there have been some hot discussions about fire & safety on social media... especially critical for free campers. Unfortunately, we have to be very restrictive because of the expected fire hazard level of 4 or 5. @Hans updated the rules here: would be great if we can include this as well!


Sunniva Wed 23 Jun 2021 3:43PM

Dear @Daisy & @Nora Flora, could you please include the following in an upcoming newsletter? Not urgent, but at latest some weeks before the event would be great.


We will have a Dog Lead + 6 dogs at Kiez Burn this year! Unlike many other burn environments, Kiez Burn offers a particularly dog-friendly environment at Freiland. For this year’s Kiez Burn, there will be a test run with up to 6 registered dogs onsite as well as a Dog Lead present at all times. 

You can find the detailed agreements and guidelines for this arrangement on Talk. All dogs will be supervised by a Responsible Human at any given time, and on leash when walking around onsite. They will not be allowed in the First Aid Tent, Welfare or any kitchen areas. Camps and art installations can choose if their area is dog-friendly or not. If you have any concerns about dogs at Kiez Burn, please reach out to Dog Leads Sunniva or Hanna-Maija."

Thanks ❤️


Veroca R. Sala Mon 21 Jun 2021 8:20PM

@Nora Flora next newsletter edition

@Professor Kaos @Diarmaid shall we announce the next newsletter to ticket holders on the 24th of June?
Dream voting is PRIMER INFO on the newsletter!

Dream voting starts today! You have only one week to vote.

- Link to the platform @Diarmaid which exact link to use?

- let's write up with @Melinda Gonzalez @Ariel @Daniel Klein a good copy for this. Short and concise on how to use the tokens (?)

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In eget.

  • Gas cookers will not be allowed to free campers because of fire hazard risk. Hippie-free camper find your way around the gas cooker! we recommend you make use of your radical self-reliance skills or train your communal effort and create or join a camp. Visit the kieze thread for more info. more info coming via survival guide

  • Announce there will not be a general/ central bus ride. Hippies can start to organize their ride here

  • Are you an experienced Ranger? sign up to rangers lead shifts here . To do so please not only put your name down on the list but also send an email requesting your shift to


Veroca R. Sala Fri 18 Jun 2021 1:58PM

Next newsletter: To announce there will not be a general bus. So hippies can start organize their ride. I dont think ppl is in the know about this. Thanks ❤️


Jessie Thu 17 Jun 2021 10:46AM

Since the call for Ranger-Leads didn't make it in the newsletter, I apply again:
RANGER LEAD - Unfold your superpower
You are an experienced Ranger? We need you! Take on a shift and join the Ranger-Crew. @Nora Flora @Cris


Nora Flora Thu 17 Jun 2021 6:45AM

Which roles are still to fill and should be communicated in the newsletter today? @Bee @Veroca R. Sala @Franzi Otherwise, I can also just repeat the call from Monday.

Do you still need a Dream Guide call??? I will put the call to submit Dreams in the newsletter. @lord

In case of changes, please add info directly here:


Veroca R. Sala Wed 16 Jun 2021 4:18PM

@Cairn (Clément)


Jarrod Wright Tue 15 Jun 2021 7:50PM

Hey @Daisy @Nora Flora As the Program Realizer I'd like to add to the newsletter to ticket holders that is due to be released on the 17.06. What is the best way for me to provide this bitte? Danke!🤗


Jessie Tue 15 Jun 2021 9:47AM

Dear lovely Newsletter-Team,
I'm the Ranger Realizer and it would be great, if you guys could give out the information in the next newsletter, that we desperately looking for Ranger-Leads. They need to have Ranger Experience (no matter which Burn). Thanks in advance.


Nora Flora Mon 14 Jun 2021 11:51PM

Ok, hope my dry humour in the intro was not too much in the newsletter. 🙈 (But we got a lot of clicks.) Let me know if there's complaints.

Otherwise gimme stuff for the next nl, going out this Thursday morning.
Drop it in here until Wednesday night.


Nora Flora Mon 14 Jun 2021 10:10AM

Here is the content for the newsletter to the ticketholders today (as I put it in Mailchimp I might make little edits).

Please shout within the next 2 hours for minor or super important changes.
(I think it is enough content - We have another newsletter on Thursday.)


Alex Kaos Sun 13 Jun 2021 1:01PM

Hey @Nora Flora, I think we'll need another ticket-holder newsletter on Thursday 17th with:

- updated ticket holder list
- final reminder to upload dreams
- Any korg updates (including potential for more directed tickets for specifically needed realizer roles.
-anything else?.....@everyone


Nora Flora Sun 13 Jun 2021 12:15PM

I have the info for the dreams deadlines newsletter tomorrow.

Need info for the
telegram channel
--> will add the link below @Bee (roles are up-to-date still?)

Anything else that needs to go out asap?
Should we add the --> volunteer form (I think you made @Veroca R. Sala ?)


Bee Mon 7 Jun 2021 10:37AM

@Nora Flora Please can you add a link directing people who are looking to get involved in orga still to the Realizers Open roles to the newsletter?


LNT Lead
Build Lead - preferably you have some sort of craftsmanship background
Kiez Burn Program Realizer
Car Parking
Human Transport - Bus of Hippies
Greeters Realizer
Census Realizer


Daniel Klein Sat 5 Jun 2021 7:19AM

Heya 👋 I don't get the newsletter. And when I try to sign up for it it tells me my email is already on a list. Plez halp🐱