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Dear Runners!
Last-last-minute changes before we meet on-site, please spread the word! The opening times of the Test Tent were announced: Wednesday open from 10.30 am and Friday from 10 am. That means that our 7k run on Wednesday and our 10k run on Friday can NOT start at 10 am at our camp. Why? We need to get tested BEFORE the runs (Kiezburn Covid requirements) as we want to leave the site and re-enter without being stopped (please read below). Instead, we meet at the Test Tent, get tested, and start the run after. Sorry for the last-minute changes.

Sadly the information in the printed program is now no longer correct ( @Jarrod Wright can you update the online version, please?).

Here's how we align our program with the opening times of the Test Tent:

FUN RUN PREPARATION on Wednesday, 11th of August
10 am starting from out camp, please come tested
🏃‍♀️🏃Meet us at 11 am at our camp for survey walk & placement of kilometer signs for 10k FUN RUN, followed by pancakes and fruit salad at our camp!

10k FUN RUN on Friday, 13th of August
10 am starting from out camp, please come tested
🏃🏃‍♀️We meet shortly before 10 am at the Test Tent where we will get tested first ( ❤️ @Hanna-Maija (Animal)) and start the run from there. We finish at our camp followed by post-run delights aka pancakes and fruit salad!

5k FUN RUN on Sunday, 15th of August will happen as planned.
We start at 10 am at our camp, stay on-site AND as it's tradition: feed you after!

Questions? Hit me: 0171-6848347
Super excited to run with you!

DECISION (22nd of July 2021)

  • The route of the 7-k Wednesday and 10-k Friday will exit KB site through main gate and re-enter through "back gate".

  • To re-enter the site a negative Covid test of the same day is required. Read more here: Kiez Burn 2021 & Covid. Therefore Runners will be required to swing by the Covid Test Tent prior to the run and get their new colorful wristbands for the day, only then they can join the FUN RUN. (Opening times of the Test Tent to be announced. We imagine a morning Runner's "meet and test" at 9am at the Test Tent - yay! And start the runs at 10am from our camp.)

  • Re-entry times will be communicated with @Purzel who's communicating them with security to create a smooth "run through" (with no stopping).

  • Runners will be further required to wear a FUN RUN batch (provided by our camp), so security can easily recognize the runners and let them re-enter.


PROPOSAL (16th of July 2021)

What’s this about?
Let me introduce you to a new camp: Runner’s High. We would LOVE to run with you, Kiez Burn Family! And we’re very eager to start a new tradition: 🏃‍♀️ KIEZ BURN FUN RUNS 🏃. Yes, literally, running. We like to host a 7k on Wednesday 10k on Friday and 5k on Sunday. All runs start and finish at our camp.

Looking at the site plan (Thank you @Cairn (Clément) for visualizing what means KB-ground and what is off-site) we will need to leave the site to make kilometers for the 7k on Wednesday 10k on Friday. The 5k run on Sunday will happen on-site only.

While re-entering the site wasn’t a concern in the past years, this year Covid requirements have to take place to keep us healthy and to create a safe(r) space. So it makes total sense to us that re-entry is very likely only possible with a negative test or, I guess, proof of valid vaccination. I can’t find thoughts on re-entry in the current Kiezburn Covid requirements but it had been to my attention by @Erin Jeavons-Fellows (Thank you for pointing that out!).

However, leaving the site as part of the run and needing to stop the run when re-entering is a big bummer for the events. Heart rate goes down, muscles cool down, demotivation kicks in to restart, timing is fucked… That’s why I like to propose the following procedure for re-entering the site on Wednesday, 11th of August approximately between 10:30 am and 11:00 am as well as Friday, 13th of August approximately between 10:30 am and 11:30 am

We at Runner's High like to create a running route for the 7k-Wednesday and 10k-Friday that takes place at KB site and close around it. The running group would like to exit and re-enter KB ground at Gate. We start the run together at our camp. All runners will register for the run in our camp. Next to the name, we will check if the runner is fully vaccinated or if rapid negative tested before the run (Note: I am writing this proposal with reservations, should federal government or states adopt new regulations and therefore we at KB, of course, we adjust.). The route off-site goes along fields for few kilometers: through nature ONLY! No contact with humans! There a NO stops along the route. We re-enter at gate approximately 25-35 minutes after exiting it and run back to our camp. To make us clearly visible as 🏃‍♀️ KIEZ BURN FUN RUN 🏃group we’ll prepare colorful batches that each participant will wear on their chest. This way gate can clearly identify us and let us re-enter without stopping us. (We would also be very excited to receive some cheering - by the gate and everyone on site seeing us :)

Site Note: You might wonder how many ppl will participate in the runs. Well, this is the first year we’re doing it and it’s really hard to say as we just started sharing about the beauty of a runner’s high! I’m supported by @Amihay & @Benjamin Langholz in this mission! If you want my guess I say something between 4-15 ppl at each run (7k-Wednesday/10k-Friday).

Who is affected by this?
The Community
Gate @Mareike @paulk @Cairn (Clément)
Rangers @Jessie @Cris
Covid-19 @Hanna-Maija (Animal)
Security @Purzel
-> In case I forgot someone. Please lovebirds, add them in the comments.

How would this be implemented?
By myself. I would keep the lists, check the tests/vaccine stats and lead the runs. I am also the Covid-Ambassador and lead of my camp.

I would very much value your thoughts/advice/suggestions on this proposal and would love to come to a decision by July 18th until 8 pm with you.

Why so soon? It is the postponed deadline for program submissions. In case I have overlooked something and you strongly disagree with my proposal, I might have to change my program submissions, and also my camp has to rethink the program in general.



Purzel Fri 16 Jul 2021 9:54AM

I don't see an issue with Gate and like the idea to re-enter through the side Gate.

If I know the times beforehand I can arrange an easy run-through-entry 😊


Ann-Kathrin Rudorf Sun 18 Jul 2021 4:17PM

Thank‘s for your thoughts @CJ Yetman & @Purzel

Ok! Found out where the back gate will be! Exiting through main gate and re-entering through back gate would be great and also makes more sense for the possible route I think!

@Purzel once i have the exact route planned I will sent you time windows for re-entering, that you can then communicate with security! thanks!


Ann-Kathrin Rudorf Sun 18 Jul 2021 4:31PM

Well, my suggestion was that the participating runners wear a colourful batch on their chest (for example written KIEZ BURN FUN RUN on it). This way the runner’s can be clearly identified and let in by security (in combination with KB wristband of course).

@Purzel will let them know the time window and how they can identify the runners. A photo of the batches beforehand could help security to know what to look for.

If colourful wristbands make more sense to you Erin, sure. Less work for me. (:


Ann-Kathrin Rudorf Fri 6 Aug 2021 10:07PM

@Purzel Here are the "easy run-through time windows". Wednesday: 11:30am-1pm // Friday 11am-1pm


Ann-Kathrin Rudorf Sun 8 Aug 2021 7:11AM

I can’t say with certainty, Friday 4-15 runners. Update above.


Hanna-Maija (Animal) Sat 7 Aug 2021 7:35AM

Yeah sorry this info was sent out as soon as we got it. Tell the runners to be there before 10 so they can get tested first. How many runners do you have?


Ann-Kathrin Rudorf Sun 8 Aug 2021 11:18PM

10k FUN RUN on Friday, 13th of August
10 am starting from out camp, please come tested
🏃🏃‍♀️We meet shortly before 10 am at the Test Tent where we will get tested first and start the run from there. We finish at our camp followed by post-run delights aka pancakes and fruit salad!


Ann-Kathrin Rudorf Fri 6 Aug 2021 9:40PM

@Hanna-Maija (Animal) Now that I found out about the opening times of the Test Tent (see my update in regard to the runs above). Super bummer it's only starting at 10 am. We now postponed both events which means the info in the printed program is wrong, second bummer. Further, I am worried that an hour for the tests isn't enough... Any chance that there could be a priority line for our little group of runners at the Test Tent?


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Sun 18 Jul 2021 12:02PM

Any chance we should give people a paper wristband or at least flash their kb wristband? And how do we communicate this with the security at the sidegate at the time of the run? I perceive a potential loop hole for outside people or people without a ticket to join a fun run from outside and run on in directly past security. If they wear a hat that looks like a banana, no one will be none the wise. 😂


CJ Yetman Fri 16 Jul 2021 9:40AM

I would suggest that the re-entry occur at the "back gate" rather than the front gate, especially on Wednesday when I suspect there will be a lot of people and activity there, which may not work well with running through without stopping. Front/main gate is ideally designed for crowd control, which is the antithesis of what you want in this case. I suspect this could be arranged with the security team that will be posted at the back gate 24/7... e.g. they could be told what is happening and know that when they see the group of runners returning around a specific time, simply lift the gate for them. That seems like it would be less hassle than dodging people getting out of their cars, lining up for the covid test, getting in line for the gate ritual with all their stuff, etc.

I also would point out that it's looking very likely that we will have a professional, on-site testing team (likely free), which as far as I understand will be placed just outside of Gate, so maybe the ideal route for you would be starting at Gate, everyone gets a test, then run off-site around the land, enter through the back gate, and finish your run through the event to your camp? Just an idea.