January 15th, 2021 16:35

❤️REALIZERS! We need YOU! ❤️

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Here is our overview of the roles we need (event critical) or would hope to fill so that we can plan for an awesome, legal, and safe Burn this year!!

If you see a role that isn't taken yet, but you really want to do it Sign up on the Realizers form here so we have all your contact details etc and join us at our next meeting. Details will be emailed & you can find the details here on this Planning group on Talk, as well as the upcoming agenda. :)

Note: overseeing a Need does not mean co-leading but making regular check-ins to see how things go. It is up to each Orga team member ( Korg team member) if wants to help/contribute in anyway to fulfill the Need. (What is the Korg?)

Some Realizers are also members of the Korg team and they will be reporting updates themselves.

A list of all the roles, needs and specific tasks, with their relevant documentation can be found/edit/added on Realities. (Currently down for maintenance - if you aren't sure about something please ask here for now).





KORG Overseer

Site Liaison

Annette, Kate & Jan

Sonotron Master (Sound Management)




Annette, Kate & Jan


Safety Protocols



First Aid




Event Insurance -




Jack, Dan, Erez





HM + Julian






Site Leads

CJ + Daisy






Alex & Jan


Monkeys (Paul K.)

Clément + Daisy (Mareike)

Build Manager Maestro


Korg, Alex,

Safety Lead (Requirements & Technical)

Steffan ( onsite) & Adrien le Potteinvin (pre event)

Clement & Alex fire

Build Technical Maestro


Korg, Natacha

Comms - Social Media


vero (SM-Telegram)



Bee + JCK





Strike Lead



Non Critical

Volunteer Coordination -















Talk Moderation









Myriam - Alejandro


Human Transport



Production Transport






Site Planning






Kieze Facilitation

Relativity & Erin






Monkeys (Nina F.)





Kiez Burn Programme

Jarrod & Fabian

Erin & Kris

Vero & Bee

Census / Post Burn

Pablo & Saskia

Bee & Cris

KORG overseers:

@Veroca R. Sala
@Hanna-Maija (Animal)

@CJ Yetman
@The Lord of Fire (Schatzmeister) (Alex)
@Cairn (Clément)
@Jan-Christian Kaspareit (JCK)



Christine! July 31st, 2021 13:15

Hey trying to figure out if there are still early entry rolls that need filling. I currently do not have early entry, but, since a lot of things get easier to organize if I am, I am looking for unfulfilled roles for early entry activities.


Jessie July 27th, 2021 21:04

Thx for correcting this, Cris 🤗


Cris July 27th, 2021 13:27

No, no! They are BLUE! Kind of electric blue @Caroline


Alejandro July 25th, 2021 19:35

@CJ Yetman, I will PM you about it.

CJ Yetman

CJ Yetman July 25th, 2021 18:51

I was responding to @Alejandro ‘s comment about


Caroline July 25th, 2021 15:21

Really? It is marked as a public thread though.
If you want to look at the survival guide here is a link to the document

Any remark welcome

CJ Yetman

CJ Yetman July 25th, 2021 14:50

I do not have access to this group. “You don't have permission to access this content”

Veroca R. Sala

Veroca R. Sala July 25th, 2021 07:08

@Caroline we can use that one is monitored!

admin/moderator tip: You could use the Survival Guide thread to make all questions there + tag the people you need attention from. The Names of all Realizers are listed on the top of this very thread.

I am now moving this little survival-guide-conversation to the survival Guide thread to have it as reference and documentation for the future,( this thread is to track down recruitment state for Realizer roles). You are doing awesome! talk is not the best tool we could use but it is what we have atm 🤓

Thanks !!


Caroline July 24th, 2021 11:41

I've put both :)

Le sam. 24 juil. 2021 à 12:05, Alejandro ( ( )) a écrit :


Alejandro July 24th, 2021 10:04

We can also add a talk link. The only difficulty is for the printed version. People with questions will need to manually copy the link so the sorter the link the better. If it's talk or email. Now is the preference of the content writers of the guide.


Purzel July 24th, 2021 10:02

Wouldn't it be better to direct people to talk? Most questions have been answered here and want people to participate here anyway 😊


Alejandro July 23rd, 2021 16:00

Ok, I understood the situation now. You can use '' instead of '' and the Korg members can check the emails here ( In my opinion the Korg should be responsible to answer these questions. I think all the Korgis already have access to the mailbox, in case someone doesn't, please let me know.


Franzi July 23rd, 2021 15:47

People start usually when they arrive.. most people though arrive Friday after work. There is no official start time.


Caroline July 23rd, 2021 15:33

Thanks @Alejandro . Do you mean that in can put "" as contact address for stuff like photo and dogs in the survival guide?

To be clear: i don't escpcially want any address for me, i just have to know wich one to put in the survival guide for people who have questions (about photography and pets)
If no one manages anything we can remove it and people will maybe figure out how to contact someone


Alejandro July 23rd, 2021 15:24

@Caroline, the account is not being maintained at the moment. If you would like to keep that email address as it is I will setup the account. I'm not sure who should answer to that address, let me know your thoughts about it. If you want to have another one like you can have it too. Let me know your preference. Cheers!


Caroline July 23rd, 2021 15:13

Thanks @Franzi. To clarify, "starts then" = starts saturday 11am ou start after arrival friday afternoon ?


Franzi July 23rd, 2021 09:22

@Caroline yes build arrival is Friday afternoon and starts then.

KiezBurn start is Wednesday. @Veroca R. Sala I am not sure Gate opens Wednesday already at 10am. Usually it was in the afternoon. @Mareike can you clarify?


Franzi July 23rd, 2021 09:20

@Veroca R. Sala I think @Sven Dudink is talking to him. I have no more info/involvement other than that I seem to be the only person having memory of Saturday night :D

Professor Kaos

Professor Kaos July 23rd, 2021 07:32

Not in my access. Also perhaps our tech god @Alejandro ?

Veroca R. Sala

Veroca R. Sala July 22nd, 2021 14:04

Does anyone knows if the mail is monitored? Because a lot of things in the survival guide end up with "ask any question to production@...". Like photography and pets

Tagging @Professor Kaos @Bee @Mareike (?)


Jessie July 22nd, 2021 12:29

According to the Inventory, we have yellow vests. Right @Cris ?


Caroline July 22nd, 2021 11:20

@Jessie what color are the wandering rangers vest. It is described as "blue vest/gilet" in the survival guide but someone commented with a "?" so i don't want to make any mistake


Caroline July 22nd, 2021 11:17

Does anyone knows if the mail is monitored? Because a lot of things in the survival guide end up with "ask any question to production@...". Like photography and pets

Veroca R. Sala

Veroca R. Sala July 21st, 2021 09:14

thanks for doing this Caro, here i have some of the info.

  • Build starts officially on Saturday 7th at 11 am, who comes early ( needs to be part of the build crew of either the Kiez or Gral Oga Build, and will have to be radical self reliant since nothing will be onsite, maybe a few toilets.

  • Kieze Build starts whenever they want to come. If they want to start on Saturday that is fine! tagging @Franzi for confirmation but Im a pretty sure this info is right.

  • Gate opening hours as in the general volunteer sheet, opens from 10am to 10 pm fro the Wednesday 11th til Saturday - reference volunteer sheet here


Caroline July 21st, 2021 08:37


I'm updating the survival guide and i'm missing some info

When does build for kiez start?

What are the gate opening hours?

I'll probably bother you more innthe following days <3

Veroca R. Sala

Veroca R. Sala July 15th, 2021 08:22

Updated this thread: census realizer is not an open role anymore.

As a lightning realizer I have put down Sven since he has been coordinating it. If this information is incorrect please, update this thread and communicate the role is still open.

@Sven Dudink @Franzi what is the situation with Ponk?

Myriam TheWanderer

Myriam TheWanderer June 25th, 2021 07:16

@Erin Jeavons-Fellows - We want to have it ready by the 16th of July, including a registration form and link and information who / when and how. Hope this helps

Veroca R. Sala

Veroca R. Sala June 22nd, 2021 10:41

Updated the thread, toilets realizers are ALMOST on board, LIGHTENING realizer is needed again

Veroca R. Sala

Veroca R. Sala June 21st, 2021 09:12

Added safety requirement lead Adrien le Potteinvin

Veroca R. Sala

Veroca R. Sala June 15th, 2021 07:39

added toilet lead as open role

Erin Jeavons-Fellows

Erin Jeavons-Fellows June 14th, 2021 11:02

@Myriam TheWanderer ! Hello! Erin from Kieze Facilitation. Please let me know when the Parking permit application is ready so I can add it to our Kieze FAQ.

Veroca R. Sala

Veroca R. Sala June 9th, 2021 11:02

Updated this thread, new roles taken are noted on the chart, Build role divided in two =)


Mareike June 7th, 2021 14:42

Also are we/should we also recruit a Safety Lead? (checking all camps have Feuerlöscher, all Stairs secured, Lamps in place etc.) Or does that fall under Security or Safety Procotcols? (Or Board duty because of liability?)


Bee June 7th, 2021 10:29

Added census Realizer to needs.

Veroca R. Sala

Veroca R. Sala June 4th, 2021 12:02

updated this thread. Added program realizer needed.

Rremoved Strike lead and power/water support,storage (all sorted)

Veroca R. Sala

Veroca R. Sala June 4th, 2021 07:12



Franzi June 4th, 2021 06:23

Is anyone taking care of the census? and the post mortem documentation?

Erin Jeavons-Fellows

Erin Jeavons-Fellows April 26th, 2021 09:56

I can help with kieze facilitation since I'm doing the website and had experience in this in previous years organising the things for the program. Ive put my name there.


Bee April 19th, 2021 10:29

Hey Karlo! Super cool, I would love to see a temple! :) If you didn't yet, I would recommend starting your own Temple thread with a call out for volunteers to join you in making your vision reality. I

f you would you like to make an announcement for the Newsletter also rallying people you can contact @Nora Flora who is in charge of sending those out. :) Finally, if you are not making the temple into Dreams then I would urge you to think about how this will be funded.


Karlo April 16th, 2021 12:24


I would like to build a temple on Kiezburn. I do understand this is not critical, of course, but I also see this as important. I am not sure how exactly to realize this but I guess with some common effort this is possible. I do not want to just plug it into the dreams and then after several weeks it might be noticed.. What I would like to do is Awareness and Consultency.. some Advice and some real realizers as we face that support is required.
Finally with this in mind I am done and do not have any other capacity..

Relativity Rltvty

Relativity Rltvty April 15th, 2021 19:58

sorry for the long delay. yes i would be up for a chat. maybe early next week? ill ping you on WhatsApp too.

Veroca R. Sala

Veroca R. Sala April 6th, 2021 09:33

awesome!!! @Cairn (Clément) someone that you think could be co-leading? any name out of the realizers sign-up form so we can put them in touch?

I can make a small onboarding meeting and hand over links and materials to slowly start planning the Kieze registration.

Of course, a few things to discuss and to coordinate as well with site planning but we could start making small moves in despite the uncertainties. I can invite @Sven Dudink to the onboarding to also give his input about how was handled the comms about power with the Kieze.

@Relativity Rltvty are you up for a chat? +49 17675440286 telegram/WhatsApp



Bee April 5th, 2021 17:42

Excellent news. :)

Relativity Rltvty

Relativity Rltvty March 26th, 2021 17:23

Id be a co-kieze-lead with someone else, but I'd rather not take it on solely by myself.

Veroca R. Sala

Veroca R. Sala February 25th, 2021 16:04

Hi @fox , thanks for writing in. I don't know how do you envision this role, but feel free to make up your own role, here we welcome initiatives =)

As FYI a "Dream Team" is being formed these days, this is a group of people that will help and guide dreamers ( Artists) to make their dreams come true. Would you like to join in or learn more about it? Take a look at this thread, if this interests you let me know or reach out to anybody from the team ( they are all tagged there).

Daniel Klein

Daniel Klein February 25th, 2021 05:14

Is there any plan to coordinate or at least encourage participant-made art? Is there need of a realizer role for this task?

Veroca R. Sala

Veroca R. Sala February 13th, 2021 08:51

can we put the link to the signup form right at the top of this thread? as this thread is pinned at the top we can eventually have some peeps to fill in the form? does this make sense for you @Cairn (Clément) ?


Cris January 21st, 2021 11:12

added a link to realities in the description


Cris January 21st, 2021 10:38

@Kate @Annette or @Jan Thomas wouldn't any of you, or you all as a team, be up for the Sonotron Master position (aka Sound Management) given you're already on the track 😬 (from the KB International School of Voluntelling)

Edit: I know you're on top of sth big already. I just try how far this voluntelling actually goes


Cris January 21st, 2021 10:35

@Hanna-Maija (Animal)

Veroca R. Sala

Veroca R. Sala January 20th, 2021 21:34

I also heard water will be event critical this year (covid reasons) and that general build and strike will be merged together those are also not reflected on Realities. Not sure how official is this information though

Veroca R. Sala

Veroca R. Sala January 20th, 2021 21:25

I guess Realities is on everybody's hands 🙌 If covid regulations is not there as a Need then it needs to be added. Probably who took on that responsibility knows in more details what that Need entitles.

CJ Yetman

CJ Yetman January 20th, 2021 19:55

@Veroca R. Sala is there a Covid need and responsibilities in realities somewhere that I'm not seeing?


Kate January 20th, 2021 15:06

Whoever wants to take care of sound management – there's some fresh updates in this thread

Veroca R. Sala

Veroca R. Sala January 20th, 2021 10:59

Will update realities as soon as is back online (now is down😔)


Jan Thomas January 19th, 2021 13:19

I would like to point out that based on the 2019 experience we will need to treat the sound topic with care. My suggestion would be to extend the role currently titled "sound guidelines" into a more generic "sound management" role, which needs to include how this will integrate with site planning, how we enforce following the sound guidelines - e.g. preventing a camp on the edge of the quiet zone arriving with a big and not previously registered sound system, or how to organize a technical solution like limiters on all large sound systems to prevent going over the decibel limits, and how to measure and ensure we stay within sound restrictions during the event and what we do in case of issues. I'm happy to help guide whoever takes on this crucial role!

I believe it's important to have this as a dedicated role, which looks at this holistically and liaises with all the other functions like site leads etc. to make sure we execute well on this during the event.