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On the weekend July 16-18th some of us went to check out the Freiland Sommerfest and used the opportunity to gather some information and last updates about the condition of the Gelände.

Below, the list of all the info we gathered.

@Mareike @Franzi @Sven Dudink @Jack @Bee @Diarmaid I'm just opening the thread here and writing down what I remember. Please, add/correct whatever I might be missing. Thank you!

Tagging everyone who could have interest in this updates. Please, add whoever may be missing. Tagging @Erin Jeavons-Fellows for Kieze updates. Tagging @Veroca R. Sala because she will find good reasons to be tagged here, mostly, further tagging :)

If you have questions, ask them in this thread and let's hope we have the answers! :)

Here some PICTURES (please, add yours)

  • Toilets @Jack

    • Freiland installed 10 compost toilets, mostly in groups of 3. They come with 2 urinals each on one side and a hand washing station on the other. They are self built and can be moved. The solid waste goes into a big regular wheelie rubbish bin that is exchanged when full. The liquid waste flows through pipes from the urinal and the bottom of the wheelie bin into a barrel that is located lower in the ground (gravity). the barrel has a pump at the bottom to pump out the fluid into a big 1000L IBC container.

  • Water @Sven Dudink

    • The following areas have a hose with running water:

      • Deine Mudda @Max (is this you?)

      • Underworld @Annette

      • Zerzura / Prometheans @Professor Kaos

      • Blanket Fort / Kunst Kuns / Kinky Camp @Erin Jeavons-Fellows

      • The top of the hill.

  • Grey Water @Friso (see pics)

    • They built a septic tank by the entrance to Nubicuculia to gather the water form the showers by Drug Sluts.

  • Showers @Major Tom

    • The shower container from Drug Sluts/Deine Mudda were completely restored, with running water and working!

    • The showers from the top of the hill weren't in use. No water connexion, trashy state, most of the showers weren't complete.

  • New Structures @Natacha Kromatik (see pics)

    • In the Prometheans Area there were some new structures! @Professor Kaos

      • a cool DJ booth! aprox 5x6,5m platform with a 2x2,5m DJ booth area.

      • Distance between poles approx 8-9m to center. 12m between the outside posts. 4 posts in total.

      • The central post got a nice wooden bench all around it.

    • Between Prometheans and Pirates there's a big new structure: a rhombus/boat shaped bar! 6,5 x 6,5 m

    • By Drug Sluts, in front of the shower container, there's a trashy camper van with bio-hazard! A bees colony found it to be a good place to build their bee-hive!

  • Safety check (see pics)

    • The staircase down to Prometheans is new!

    • The staircase down to Blanket Fort/Kinky Camp/Kunst Kunts is repaired.

    • The staircase down to Underworld is in good condition.

    • The trash in Nubicuculia was still there! A big pile of wood, and the 2 old cars :/ Who's the Nubicuculia Kiez Lead? @Roko

      • the pile of wood is fine, some camps will take this as building material

      • they will clear up the trash, the car has been moved on top of one container and will stay there – we need to check if its needs to be secured @Cris

    • Electric fences around the edge of site (signs needed to warn folk? @Ancka )

  • Gate & Covid @Mareike @Hanna-Maija (Animal) @Jan-Christian Kaspareit (see pics)

    • They organized the Gate in 4 stations: check in (ticket, ID and corona schnelltest check) Test Tent, Waiting for the results-tent, QR ticket code scanning and wristband check.

    • At the first check in tent, you'd get a "Geländepass", with your personal data and the result of every test. Everyone was requested to keep this with them at all times and don't

    • They had 2 test stations, one at Gate, which closed on Saturday in the afternoon, and one close to the Tool House, for the "after 24 hours tests". You would get a simple "paper" wristband after your negative test, in a different color everyday.

    • They had an online system of booking slots for the test, to avoid concentrations. Both on the day of arrival and for the consecutive tests after 24 hours. Although, no one was really checking this and people would arrive more or less whenever.

    • You need a phone with reception to register with your personal details and receive the result of your test.

    • If you leave the Gelände, eben for some minutes, you have to get tested again! And security would check!

  • Rangers @Jessie

    • in the Rangers spot there's a big metal container. There's still space for the tent (see pic)

  • Welfare @River Aleks

    • Blankets were picked up from storage and brought back to Berlin (@Bee has them)

  • Cell phone signal

    • Most of us had phone and internet signal in practically every corner! Who had it and who hand't was, to our understanding, quite random.

Some questions answered by Freiland:

  • will the trash, cars and wood pile form Nubicuculia be removed as promised?

    • they will remove it – the wood pile will stay as build material for some camps

    • the car has been moved to the top of a container

  • Is there a way to do the Covid testing without phones? Can we check this with Max? @Jan-Christian Kaspareit

    • Eric from Freiland suggested us to work with somebody else, since communication with Max was a bit difficult. We already checked if it's possible with our Sanitätsdienst (first aid) but unfortunately they are not allowed. If we rely on phones, maybe it's possible that e.g. sound camps provide some sort of charging stations...

  • Clarify and confirm the limits of the free camping and parking area.

    • We can use the "wildflower" area for parking @Cairn (Clément)

  • What do freiland do with the “black water” (urine) and the solid waste (shit) after the event?

    • Their shitbox system separates both. They are removing feces themselves, there is a certain area dedicated to get rid of this stuff (Klärgrube). We would need a big Frontlader car and lots of dedicated shit ninjas, so it's easier to ask an external company. @Jack

  • How much volume did they fill (both waste types), how did they dispose of it and how much does it cost? Answer: See toilet thread

  • How many watercubes for the fire department can freiland give us? They didn't know while spark.

  • Will grass area (old kinder kiez) be trimmed before out event?

    • yes

  • Did Frieland own the red / yellow stretch tents & tables and chairs from their Sommerfest? Can we rent from them or get the details of who they rent from?

    • no, we asked for contact details

  • Where they got their hand sanitiser? Some local dealer? We need 200 litres and would make no sense drive it from Berlin

  • Where was their Covid test crew staying? We need to provide them accomodation and have options but quite far away.

  • Will anything be done with the showers on the hill or are these out of use for this year?

    • no showers on the hill, only Deine Mudda area


Annette Tue 20 Jul 2021 8:17AM

It is already on the agenda for todays meeting with Freiland. There are more areas to cut grass apparently.

Item removed


Annette Mon 19 Jul 2021 3:45PM

@Cairn (Clément) We have a call with Freiland tomorrow, will check with them.


Annette Mon 19 Jul 2021 3:42PM

If there is wood left for Kieze, UnderWorld is interested to get some.


CJ Yetman Tue 20 Jul 2021 8:11AM

I told the sound protocol team multiple times that the old Zezura location was one of the primary sound locations that Freiland uses every year and that it doesn't make sense to use other areas instead as the loud zones for KB. 😱


Veroca R. Sala Thu 22 Jul 2021 3:14PM

apparently, the campervan is there but there is a bee hive very big in it. it is not meant to be used. Not sure about the Containers you say... @Cris knows but she will be back next week!


Veroca R. Sala Thu 22 Jul 2021 3:22PM

I would say as long as they dont use soap or a good eco-friendly soap they could shower anywhere. We can't prohibit this without offering a better alternative which we dont really have.

I would phrase it like this " no soap or eco-friendly" other than "please, shower with eco-friendly soap" IMO.

Maybe we can make a note on the survival guide about those shitty commercial fake eco-friendly products that only put a green label on them and claim to be good for the environment (?)

About the greywater, maybe @Friso has something to say?.

  • I ill link this comment to the Survival guide thread so it doesnt get lost.


Kaliope Tue 27 Jul 2021 12:07PM

We now heard from the Amt that there have definitely been complaints @CJ Yetman @Roko


CJ Yetman Tue 27 Jul 2021 12:36PM

thanks Kate... also relevant to @Quentin


Annette Tue 27 Jul 2021 12:56PM

This is not official, not definitely and not confirmed, we know no details. I called the Amt today to ask for permit process and also asked for sound complaints during Freiland. They couldn´t tell me anything but that it is confidential. But it was mentioned in general and in other areas some people complain for no reason and some people do it just to stress the Amt. We will ask Eric on our call on Thursday if he knows more. Sorry @Kate if you understand there have been complaints from another message by me, I really can´t tell.


Cris Mon 19 Jul 2021 11:14AM

More pictures coming from my side! Somehow they're not uploading correctly (?)


Cris Mon 19 Jul 2021 12:12PM

I guess we should ask Erik still, since we couldn't talk to him this weekend. There are some other questions to the, I'll update the Thread.

Also, there may be some interest in the wood, though (@Alex for Welfare, @Ancka for signs? @Natacha Kromatik for build) Although I don'w know where it should be put.


Cris Mon 26 Jul 2021 11:33PM

At Drug Sluts there's just one shower container, fully restored, that can be used.

The sweet wood camper van in the Deine Mudda area is not there anymore.

There's a new camper van trailer (more like in the pic) right in front of the shower container, kind of blocking the way across the hill towards Underworld, which is the one containing the beehive. Probably the 3th structure in the map picture, but placed where I draw the red lines.


River Aleks Mon 19 Jul 2021 1:57PM

yes, we are interested in wood, is there wood? @Cairn (Clément) @Alex


Jan Thomas Thu 29 Jul 2021 9:11PM

@Bee Which covid equipment is that about? Afaik Freiland didn't have any of their own, they had that provider doing the testing for them...


Annette Tue 27 Jul 2021 1:01PM

By the way, they definetly will. They also take away all rubbish besides the wood - because we might want it.


Roko Mon 19 Jul 2021 7:02PM

if we come and there is still all this trash (reusable material), we will try to recycle it. all wood is welcome. but real real trash should not be there...


Jan Thomas Tue 27 Jul 2021 12:57PM

No need to stress about this. We're in comms with the Amt to find out more - just because someone complained doesn't yet mean that there's a problem. There are some people that always complain about whatever is out of the ordinary, and the Amt knows how to handle this. Problem is getting complaints early during the event and getting a lot of them from a range of people, which is why our sound concept is structured the way it is (ref


Cris Mon 26 Jul 2021 11:38PM

Besides the soap thing mentioned by Vero, and regarding the greywater, I'd just suggest a bit of common sense (yeah.., I know..) to redirect the water into bushes or little trench, so no muddy path make burners slip. The soil absorbs water quite fast there.

And: thanks a lot for updating the survival guide!!! 🙌


Annette Tue 20 Jul 2021 8:16AM

For several reasons (especially discussion with Freiland, but also the demand for more quiet areas, a more centralized sound zone that in total is bigger then old Zerzura spot and direction of sound) that spot/area was not dedicated as sound zone anymore. We have a meeting today with Freiland and will ask for sound complaints. Also for sound protocol with Amt (how to act if we get complaints) we have some proposals from the Amt we will follow up with and add to protocol.


Bee Thu 29 Jul 2021 5:34PM

@Kate @Annette @Jan Thomas

Any info on the covid equipment from Freiland? :) (also tagging @Hanna-Maija (Animal))


Cairn (Clément) Thu 22 Jul 2021 10:29AM

A question regarding the showers at Drug Sluts / Deine Mudda, is there still 2 containers and a campervan there, or was the campervan moved?


Caroline Wed 21 Jul 2021 8:14AM

Hola !

I'm updating the survival guide and i would like to inform people about the "only 6 shower" situation so they can plan accordingly.

Keeping people clean-ish is probably important this year with corona.

If we encourage people to bring their own shower, what should we do about grey water ? It' difficult to collect it. Can we ask people to dig a little trench to avoid to mud the whole camp? Or should showers be banned because of grey water ?


Roko Mon 19 Jul 2021 9:44PM

another question. did freiland get any sound complaints? because they use our old zerzurian spot, which was not said to be suited for sound, which is why we moved..


Roko Mon 19 Jul 2021 8:08PM

did they cut the grass at nubicuculia? also promised. (i saw the pictures, didnt look like they cut everything...)


Purzel Mon 19 Jul 2021 7:26PM

Thank you lovelies for the research ❤

Did you get to count the water cubes for me?


Mareike Mon 19 Jul 2021 3:46PM

Thanks! I tagged JCK for the Covid Testing Updates and open questions regarding the phones.


Cairn (Clément) Mon 19 Jul 2021 11:19AM

Regarding the Nubicuculia area, is Freiland going to remove the trash and cars, as they promised?
Tagging @Roko, camp lead of Nubicuculia


Cairn (Clément) Mon 19 Jul 2021 11:08AM

Thank you for the updates!
Looking forward to see all the pictures of the different areas that were taken, will be very useful for the camps planning :)


Alex Kaos Mon 19 Jul 2021 10:38AM

Thank you Cris! Excellent summary.

Can whoever has pictures of the Promethean space please add them? We need to plan our build!!!