Thu 8 Jul 2021 7:05AM

Kiez Burn Retrospective 2021

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馃憣Kiez Burn retrospective will take place on the Sat Nov 6 13:00

Where? TBD

Here is the link to the facebook event <3

Retrospective Meeting notes

After the burn is before the next burn.. or something along this lines :) I wanna organize this years retrospective. We have done them historically in autumn to kick off the next planning period. I think it would also be cool to connect this with the census. Is there a census lead already?

I am thinking to invite all leads, korgies, boardies, lead shifts etc to have an offline meeting (if possible) in Werkstatt (where burner embassy is). This would be a half day workshop, which I facilitate (maybe with a co-moderator).

Date wise: I ll doodle, I guess :)


Mareike Sun 7 Nov 2021 1:35PM

added the Retro Meeting notes in the description


Franzi Thu 9 Sep 2021 10:26AM

Hey folks, quick update: I have just asked Werkstatt at Haus der Statistik if they are open. Will keep you posted here


Veroca R. Sala Tue 24 Aug 2021 11:05AM

Updated the thread with the final date on the body of the thread and will extend the invite to this thread.

@Franzi BTW do we have a place or how can we start with that? any list of possible places? also, thinking that probably the new variant virus will not let us gather in person by November...

馃憣Kiez Burn retrospective will take place on the Sat Nov 6 13:00

Where? TBD


Franzi Sat 10 Jul 2021 8:32PM

I think we can do both :) I still would like to do a half day retrospective which is accessible for everyone and can be joined remotely as well. I would also like to connect the retro with the census and have already been chatting with @Saskia (The Fuzzy Facilitator) <3


Purzel Sat 10 Jul 2021 11:47AM

Sounds great could be harder to gather people for more than one day out of berlin but it would be much more time and fun. 鉂

I actually love to camp when it's colder but that's maybe just me being crazy 馃槈


Bee Fri 9 Jul 2021 11:30PM

I was hoping we could do a post burn campout (depending on covid) like Spark but in reverse where we can gather and maybe sprinkle in some workshops too hehe. Obviously November would be way too cold for this though, was thinking more like end of Sept.


walto Thu 8 Jul 2021 8:22PM

what a great initiative, you folks have fun letting off the steam at the end :)

It really helped in the past to voice frustrations, share amazing memories and have an overall better feeling about the planning and realization journey you are going through.

Since I am not part of this year's journey, I am not going to participate here.


Pablo Sun 25 Jul 2021 3:21PM

@Saskia (The Fuzzy Facilitator) I understand that only the census lead is needed, and not the whole team. If you need any kind of support from me let me know!


Saskia Thu 8 Jul 2021 9:20AM

Yes. And I have school on weekends every 2nd or third weekend (sat & sun) but I don't know which weekends it is going to be yet. (cries in psychotherapeutenausbildung)

Oh i see the confusion, I wrote "thursday" for some reason. Haha


Franzi Thu 8 Jul 2021 9:11AM

aehm it will be on the worries

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