Mon 22 Mar 2021 11:26AM

PROPOSAL Temple Build

K Karlo Public Seen by 180

I would like to organize a temple build for Kiezburn. This is not really about a dream or get money from dreams and so on.. but to spread the idea that I would like to have a build team and creators group for a temple burn.
This is about a build team, creators team, spiritual guidance team, temple guards..
a save space for our inner child and starving souls, loss of friends and close humans or just a place to recover the emotions by putting these on this place.
The idea is also to have something to burn, maybe not everything but at least more then a symbolic piece..


Sun 8 Aug 2021 3:56PM

We agreed on telegram and it all looks solid to me 馃槉


[deactivated account]
Thu 29 Jul 2021 8:58AM

just add a lighter!


Poll Created Thu 29 Jul 2021 8:52AM

Butterfly Burn on the plateau - Saturday After the burn Closed Tue 10 Aug 2021 10:00PM

origami workshop for making a butterfly, and on this butterfly would be what you want released into the world.

~Each butterfly would be burned individually by workshop participants, and every participant would need to bring a pen to write their wish, dream or fear, and a ceramic plate to burn their butterfly to ensure we don't damage the environment.

paper is provided.


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[deactivated account] Sun 8 Aug 2021 3:56PM

Only at the workshop site so we can contain everything... and I'll be on site Friday!


Purzel Sun 8 Aug 2021 3:47PM

Are you on site already? I am and not so well reachable anymore, if you're here we could have a relaxed chat over a beer. I'm at the prometheons.

My concern was not so much the grass being damaged and rather that we're not allowed to burn anything because of the drought.

Currently the weather and fire hazard level look more promising than before.

Will the burning of the butterflies happen in one spot or all over the area?


[deactivated account] Sun 8 Aug 2021 3:37PM

hey @Purzel - this is a temple things not a burn night thing - it's purpose is to release the thoughts you want.
Let me clarify:
you're giving this a hard pass if the gras is damaged - what if each person brought a ceramic plate as a burn barrier?


Purzel Thu 29 Jul 2021 10:55PM

Burning them in the Gras would get a hard no from me but have you talked to the effigy Crew. If I remember correctly the effigy is prepared to contain small items that would get burned with it (if we're able to burn it). Tagging @Daisy

If you do it without them you would need some form of container to have it of the ground and avoid brazier flying around.

Sorry to make it difficult but we have legal requirements that we have to abide.


[deactivated account] Thu 29 Jul 2021 10:12PM

I would say people would just hold them or possibly let the burn on the grass


[deactivated account] Thu 29 Jul 2021 10:10PM

@jan had an idea to do it on the plateau I think? It鈥檚 better to like watch it in a pot, but I has going to see the viability of a brazier?


Purzel Thu 29 Jul 2021 5:23PM

Where do you plan to do it and what do you want to use to burn the paper in?


Alex Kaos Thu 29 Jul 2021 4:47PM

I think that should be fine. So long as we have the entire fire department on standby, with 1000L of water, 6 fire extinguishers spaced at with a diamater of at least 6,6m between them, and an extra TARDIS to jump back to the beginning of the ceremony and stop that time line in the event we accidently burn down Underworld.

What do you think @Purzel ?


Bee Thu 29 Jul 2021 2:31PM

Oooh super cute idea. Tagging @Purzel and @Professor Kaos for the a-okay on setting fire to things ;)


[deactivated account] Thu 29 Jul 2021 8:46AM

hey guys

I had an idea for a temple event that might circumnavigate the fire regulaltions?
The Butterfly burn
I will build a small structure Not to burn, and run an origami workshop of making a butterfly. You write what you want to release on the paper, and then I'll go through how to do the Butterfly, and the everyone can burn a small piece of paper ?


Purzel Fri 25 Jun 2021 11:04AM

Hey Henrik, feel free to bring an effigy but please remember that you will most likely not be able to burn it, due to our tough fire regulations in August.


Karlo Fri 25 Jun 2021 10:45AM

Hallo Henrik

danke f眉r die Info..Ich hatte mich vor einigen Wochen entschieden als sich beim Kiezburn noch nichts getan hatte, kurz bevor ihr entschieden habt doch einen KB zu veranstalten, den Tempel beim Northern Light zu bauen und habe dann dort einen Dream beantragt und werde den nun dort bauen. Beides kann ich leider nicht wuppen.
Deswegen w盲re es evtl am Besten diesen Thread jetzt erstmal einzumotten, damit er nicht im Weg steht.
Super gerne h盲tte ich das auch auf dem Freigel盲nde gemacht und geplant. Da ich den nicht niederbrennen werden kann man den allerdings auch wieder benutzen und nochmal aufbauen.. dann noch gr枚sser und sch枚ner:

gruss Karlo


Henrik 馃 Tue 8 Jun 2021 1:51PM

hey @Karlo !

whether you need funding for the temple or not, I think you will get more publicity if you're looking for co-creators when adding the temple project to Dreams as more people will see it there.

I love your idea and would like to volunteer on-site! (I can't come to meetings in berlin, as I live in NRW right now) btw: I'm thinking about bringing an effigy but I'm not sure yet if I can pull it off.