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馃帹Workshops & Performances - Registration Process

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馃幁This thread is for all workshop and performers that want to come to Kiez Burn to register and/or to ask all kinds of questions (related)

馃帾And for all Kieze that want offer space, stage, to other artists.

Deadline to register activities and appear on the Booklet printed Version: EXTENDED DEADLINE 18th July 23:59

馃幎To register activities :

If you don't know where to perform check out the sheet down below, new spaces will appear as we go. Try Facebook or contact Kieze, etc. You need to seek it yourself. Once you have space and time you can register with the form 馃憞

Kiez Burn 2021Program Submission form

The activity must be in accordance with covid requirements for the event.
Need to edit your event info? Open the confirmation email you will receive after submitting it through the submission form linked above. You will find there a link to edit your submission for the digital program.

馃帾To offer space for activities

If you or your Kiez wants to host activities, performances, and musicians:

  • Hit the comments and tell others which Kiez, theme, and kind of setup you offer.

  • Feel free to share a timesheet to let artists know which is the time and date available so they can reserve a timeslot for their performance and finally appear in the program!

  • Make sure the space you offer is in accordance with the covid requirement for the event, ask your Kiez Covid Ambassador, or read this protocol.

If you have any questions about this process please, comment here with your question, or direct message @Jarrod Wright 馃帀

List of spaces (updated 15.07.21)


psychedelic sound-stage dancefloor,Cosy workshop space, & projections

Sign up Link to comment -

Mellow Submarine

@Cecilia Petersen

stretch tent 7x11 - a variety of events from "Exploring consent" to "Kidz yoga"

Sign up - More info
3 slots available

Camp Schlampagne

@Andre Nik

open-air stage - events/workshops about gender identity, love, kinks, flirting, game shows + ?

We are full. No more workshops!

Kunst Kunts

@Erin Jeavons-Fellows

Art space - creative expression and artistic deep talks and movement

We are full. No more workshops!

@Annette @Kate

Interactive art stage, sonic playground, workshop & community space

Apply for music until 8 July

Workshops please register here:



ritualistic,mythological A dome and the Arena

Sign Up

More info

D*Monkey Yurt


small workshop space, 5m diameter with open sides, there is no strategy for this workshop space

Register your Workshop here

@Kiku K.

Saloon Kiez

Wild west workshops. WildWest themed Kiez with a bar and a dancefloor.
We offer Whisky and Music in the evening and some shade during the day.

sign up form

@Freya Daro

Pirate Kiez

Workshop space in Pirate camp

sign up form

Cafe Wonderland


Magic crazy teaparty wonderland 馃馃鈥嶁檪锔忦煂睺rippy hippie tipi town

sign up form


Ania Fri 25 Jun 2021 12:02PM

would be kids allowed to participate, if yes from what age?


Ania Fri 25 Jun 2021 12:01PM

the same question from me


Oneunitedflower Sat 26 Jun 2021 7:35PM

For sure!

It's fitting for any inner child.

And specialy for kids it's magical to mix the own inks etc.

No worries about repeating spots.



Oneunitedflower Sat 26 Jun 2021 7:36PM

Hey Erin.

Pleasure to sign up, as soon I will get definitely access to the ticket, I'm little late bloomer for now ;)


Mareike Tue 29 Jun 2021 1:43PM

would it be too dramatic to do it in THE ARENA ? 馃敟


Jarrod Wright Fri 25 Jun 2021 8:09PM

Hi Ania, are you asking this question about the participation age specifically for @Oneunitedflower 's Calligraphy workshop? Or as a general question about workshops?

Once all workshops/performances ar scheduled, they will state if they are family friendly or not. Naturally, unless specifically stated any children at a workshop will need to be accompanied by a responsible adult. ;)


Stefan Thu 1 Jul 2021 6:22PM

Nubicuculia welcomes you warmly and might have everything you need

Here's our link for registration and requests


Jarrod Wright Thu 1 Jul 2021 6:39PM

Hi Berni, as you can no doubt see at the in the main body of this thread there are a bunch of possible spaces provided by camps. The first step is to investigate each's bio about themselves to see where you feel your workshop would best fit, and then to reach out to them using the links provided. Once you have agreed on a space and time together, to have your workshop published for all to see you just need to fill out the form advising our team of your particulars. ;)


Jarrod Wright Thu 1 Jul 2021 6:52PM

niiiice!! Yes yes yes! I'm totally there!


Bernhard Sat 3 Jul 2021 7:28AM

thanks a lot!

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