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2021 Call out for helpers - Burn Olympics

Martin K
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CALL for helpers / contributors / artists to make Burn Olympics a participatory, creative and joyful event for everyone

Have you stopped training yet? Be as unprepared as possible for the competitive sports event of the century! The first official BURN OLYMPICS are here! Get ready to let go of all hopes!

This is an immersive performance for everyone to join in – or just watch the madness. You can take part in ten athletic disciplines or become a performing actor in the piece yourself. Pick a role, dress up, bring a gadget, improvise, use your imagination and help us with creating a different perspective on success and winning.

Because winning is for losers. This mantra of the BOC (Burning Olympic Committee) will guide you through this experience. We don't care about measurements, we want to put fun and games back into fun and games. Therefore we developed preposterous disciplines like paper bag distance kicking, cotton ball blowing and towel throwing to test your inabilities to the max. Our hosts will judge your performance perfectly and according to the official BOC guidelines.

Sounds interesting?! Become an announcer, record holder, autograph-chasing stalker fan, scandal-hungry paparazzi, trainer, masseur, doping dealer, doping controller, mafia boss, sponsor partner – or even a member of the BOC! The possibilities are endless and only limited by your cocoa-clouded consciousness!

Or do you have the chimerical, cracked categorisation capabilities to be a host? Grab a measuring mechanism and muster in!

Sign up today, you will know you fucked up when that gold medal hangs around your neck.

General Rules

1. Fuck all rules

2. Fuck fight club

3. Fuck quantification

4. Winning is for losers

5. Obey the BOC and Deine Mudda

Athletic Rules

1. Build a team of up to 5 people

2. You have 3 attempts per athlete and discipline

3. Best attempt counts

4. Extra points for style, costumes and cheating

5. Your score will be judged perfectly by your host

Ready to RUMBLE?

1. Create a team name

2. Create a team slogan

3. Create a team hymn

4. Create a team logo

When? Acid friday 13-16

Where? The Arena (Ex-Zerzura)

Who? You and your crew

Why? Bring your set, we provide the setting

What? Love

I opened this TELEGRAM GROUP if you are interested in contributing in any way:

See the dream here:

If you have any questions feel free to ask them here or per pm.

Thanks for sharing & caring

Cheers from Martin

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Martin K

Martin K August 5th, 2021 12:38

I updated this thread! Let's get ready to rumble!

Martin K

Martin K July 2nd, 2021 00:24

great! wanna join the telegram channel? i forward the mail i wrote just today...

Melinda Gonzalez

Melinda Gonzalez June 29th, 2021 07:43

I'd like to be involved with the theatrics of this. Please keep me in the loop!


Leonie June 25th, 2021 21:39

Ha, I was just about to tag you and ask this :D Also: Olympic fire! Maybe this year is the first year, where the olympic fire does just not wanna burn. Or does it...? I'd love to get involved, I'll join the telegram chat, @Martin K :)


Anonymous June 24th, 2021 13:51


Cris June 24th, 2021 09:15

@Till Tailor ?

Professor Kaos

Professor Kaos June 24th, 2021 06:54

Love this Dream. I think we could host it at the Promethean Arena!

That would also fit with the the whole Olympics theme. What do you think @Cairn (Clément) ?