Sat 13 Mar 2021 3:54PM

A little bit lost

DU xav Public Seen by 85

I m coming from a different background in burn, more centralised around the orga and i must admit i m lost with what is happening here with this borderlands format.

All the links seems in progress now (realities, ...) sadly my technical skills are not this great.
I tried to put a post on facebook about a stage to check the motivation of the burner from kiez burn but not sure if it was not updated or if i forgot to press enter (which is possible also i admit).
Apparently from what i understand, I ll have to organize (ooh bad word for me :/) everything to make a stage happen but i m not sure where to start (like i said, in the other burn i do, the org takes full part of helping providing a stage, i build it and (try to to my best to)entertain it, but they help a lot with budget and transport for material.

So i dont want also to overburden talk so once soemone shows me the way i need to go, i m happy to erase this post to ease the org


xav Sun 14 Mar 2021 10:11PM

Check your messenger. I may set up a proper email later for the project but i take any tips.


xav Sat 13 Mar 2021 4:56PM

thanks for the answer (both of you but you provide a little bit more details ;p) i ll keep an eye on it so, can we find partner in crime or associate on the dream platform or should i start promote more by myself on social media)?


Karlo Sun 14 Mar 2021 5:37PM


I would like to join a team for building a stage or at least I would like to support it.
My main reason for this is that I would like to do a performance with either a theatre play or an art performance - I am not really in the mood for any entertainment.
If you want XAV we can have a call and I will explain you what I know from this process.. (at least I realized already 2-3 dreams and one camp at kiezburn.
Just send me a note by Email or in Facebook (Karlo Walz) - I am not really checking the talk platform very often.


Veroca R. Sala Sun 14 Mar 2021 9:55AM

We will be announcing this process soon, you could follow up on Talk, although it can be a bit confusing with so many threads, instead, you could join the telegram channel or our Newsletter ( see links at the bottom) there we will announce and link you to the right place to present your project and get funds for it.

Details about funds for logistics to set up art projects/ installations will be published ( Dreamers Manual - guidelines).

After submitting your dream you will also be assigned a Dream Guide person who will walk you through the process. So far, how it was done before, Kiez Burn orga only provides a system (Dreams Platform ) to present projects and get funds through token allocation by ticket holders, besides that, the artists may arrange and organize the installations and taking down structures + LNT.

Hoping this throws some light on this matter, if not, do not worry, it will be clear when guidelines are ready and the Dreams submission starts officially.

Finding partners:

Feel free to use the Kiez Burn Facebook group to find hippies interested in your project, get volunteers or a partner. Make sure you specify this is a kiez burn-related project so that the post is approved by moderators 😏

Telegram Channel:

Newsletter subscribe:


Daniel Klein Sat 13 Mar 2021 4:50PM

A stage sounds like a Dream, and we highly encourage you to register it as such. This is even technically already possibly at

The platform is currently a bit bare, but a handy guide/manual for using it (and making your dreams happen in general) will be coming out in the next week or two :-)


CJ Yetman Sat 13 Mar 2021 4:13PM

This sounds like something for the Dreams platform in the Kiez Burn/Borderland context.

There's not much info there at the moment, so for more context here's the Talk thread about getting Dreams running