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Seeking Advice: How to reallocate Storage space to Kieze for the year 2021/22?

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Starting this thread for Storage Lead @Thomas Hohe (who is currently on the road🚌)

Initial storage thread as reference > Storage Thread

Kiez Burn Org and Kieze are storing their stuff in a barn close to Freiland. This space is now super packed and will be emptied out by us until Kiez Burn Wednesday.

After Kiez Burn many Kieze have already stated they would want to store their stuff there again. Right now it looks like there might not be enough space for everyone and most Kieze will probably have MORE stuff after this Kiez Burn.

This thread is to collect ideas about how to reallocate the limited storage space for the upcoming year transparently and as fair as possible.

Some ideas:

  1. Kieze can apply for storage space until a certain date. Divide the available storage space by the number of Kieze. Every Kiez gets the same amount of space (probably quiet small) and has to take care of storing everything else somewhere else or disposing of it.

  2. Kieze can apply for storage space until a certain date. They state if they need a small (1), medium (2) or large space (3). The space will then be distributed by Storage Lead.

  3. There is a storage space map with the available storage space slots. Kieze can pick out their slots (like picking a seat in the airplane). First come first serve.

Feedback/Ideas/Suggestions would be appreciated. Thomas is taking it from here:)

@Erin Jeavons-Fellows for Kieze

Some Kieze (Leads) I know:

@Annette @Cris @Jan-Christian Kaspareit @Jan Thomas @Professor Kaos please tag more!

@Veroca R. Sala @Bee

@Thomas Hohe please add all info like costs per m2, available space etc. - if you have this information already


Can we use the other half of the Barn???


(information comes from this comment)

The barn has a total of 177,6 sqm and Kiezburn pays €1000/p.a. for that. This comes down to €5,63/sqm for the Camps.


Purzel Wed 21 Jul 2021 10:35PM

Maybe @Professor Kaos , since he is handling the rent?


Thomas Hohe Wed 21 Jul 2021 7:27PM

From what I understand it’s one building and we rent all of it 🤷‍♂️ So no is the answer I guess - but there’s also nothing more to rent


Alex Kaos Thu 22 Jul 2021 6:22PM

I like option 2. It would be good to have someone at storage throughout yes l strike anyways to watch over the process.

We could take deposits, in cash.

Otherwise I will need to ask the Steuerberater how that would work financially. I expect we'd take it as income and lose 19% in tax (which the camps would lose effectively.

So if they pay a 100€ deposit, they will only get 81€ back the next year..

Fine by me, even as a camp that would pay that money, it's worth my while to have that storage space. (I expect other camps will feel the same)


Thomas Hohe Sat 24 Jul 2021 11:57PM

The deposit won’t be a problem, maybe it’s best to keep it separate from other Kb-Money for transparency reasons. I’m happy to research this more but it should be fine.


Thomas Hohe Sat 24 Jul 2021 3:01PM

1) We’ll have to pay VAT if we make more than a certain amount of money, (which we quite likely do, I don’t know the books of the e.V. though).

2) Default VAT is going to be 19%. if we are “gemeinnützig” (roughly translates to altruistic/non-profit) and if the Burn-Event is part of the altruistic/non-profit purpose, it’s going to be 7%.

3) deposits are not subject to VAT, because they don’t qualify as income in the balance sheets.


Veroca R. Sala Sun 25 Jul 2021 8:18PM

yes, to my understanding the problem is that we dont want to make a profit out of it, right? the price is so cheap that Kieze will request larger cause it is cheap and why not to have more space at storage. Then we have a lot of Kieze in the need of storage


CJ Yetman Sun 25 Jul 2021 8:49PM

yes, but.... if you charge them by the square meter floor space instead of cubic meter area, then they have a very strong incentive to stack their stuff very efficiently, i.e. use as much vertical space as possible to avoid paying for more horizontal space... am I getting the point across?


Ale Mon 26 Jul 2021 6:42PM

So for 178 qm in the bigger barn, 1.602€ per year, right?

Higher could be useful though? And encourages burners to use their space more conscious. Second barn sounds nice. Can’t tell if option 1 would be enough though. Maybe it can be mixed? Use the rest of barn 1, plus whatever space is needed at barn 2. then split the price on everyone?


Ale Mon 26 Jul 2021 6:44PM

Thank you so much for checking and delivering @Annette 💪🏻 🔥


Annette Mon 26 Jul 2021 6:47PM

More like 4.500 EUR: If we need more space (maybe 250m2) for around 12 month (1 year) it would be: 250x1,5x12= 4.500 EUR.

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