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[Decision] Dogs at Kiez Burn 2021

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A decision has been made

  • Who made the decision: @Sunniva, @Veroca R. Sala & @Hanna-Maija (Animal)

  • When the decision was made: 11.6.21

  • Decision Summary: We will have a Dog Lead + up to 6 dogs at Kiez Burn this year! Following a week of community engagement and discussion about our proposal, and after getting in touch with all the leads and positions affected and adjusting our suggested agreements based on the feedback we have received, we have decided that we have sufficient support and agreement to give this test run a try. We will now move forward with organising everything for this to happen as smooth as possible.

  • If you have any concerns about this proposal, please reach out to any of us or comment in this thread!

  • If you would like to bring your dog to Kiez Burn 2021, please get in touch!


Short summary:

This advice process is about a proposal for a test run with up to 6 dogs accompanying their humans for Kiez Burn 2021.


@Sunniva, @Veroca R. Sala & @Hanna-Maija (Animal)

We have all been engaged in the Kiez Burn community at different levels for several years and we are all happy dog parents in the default world. For this year’s Kiez Burn, we would like to propose a test run with having our dogs accompany us and possibly 3 more humans onsite for the duration of the event.


Information gathered before posting

  • We know that Freiland allows dogs on their land, and that the land usually is an area used for dog walks. Unlike many other burn environments, Kiez Burn offers a particularly dog-friendly environment at Freiland.

  • Some of us already brought our dogs to the Kiez Burn Campout in September 2020 and made some great experiences and fruitful lessons from that.

  • Borderland has allowed dogs to their events at Hedeland. 

  • In an advice process in a Facebook post for Borderlings in 2018, a poll was created with the question: “Should dogs be allowed or should we follow the lines of Burning Man and not allow pets at all?”. As a result, 154 people voted “Ban dogs completely - this event is not a suitable environment for pets”, while a majority of 265 people voted for either “Allow dogs” (121 votes), “I don’t have the right to ban other people’s expression of joy, community and love” (78 votes), “I do not mind either alternative” (37 votes), or “Allow dogs BUT on a leash at all times and kept away from crowded spaces” (29 votes). Source:

  • In the case of protecting potential allergic humans, we know that allergens from dogs are commonly spread in indoor environments. Because Kiez Burn takes place outdoors, it is our understanding that the risk of allergic reactions are severely decreased. In having restricted areas for dogs, and providing areas and spaces completely free of dogs, we believe that any allergic burner can peacefully coexist with our dogs during Kiez Burn. Source:

People/roles most affected by this proposal + with the most knowledge and experience relevant to this proposal

  • Safety protocols: @CJ Yetman and @Franzi

  • Rangers: @Jessie and @Cris

  • The community

  • Insurance: @Holger Wessels

  • Site planning: @Cairn (Clément)

@Sunniva will check-in with the leads tagged above if we don't hear back from them within the next week.

The proposal


Freiland is a beautiful dog-friendly area, and the Kiez Burn community consists of many passionate dog owners and friends of dogs. For Kiez Burn 2021, we propose to implement the following agreements for dogs to accompany their humans throughout the event. We see this year’s burn as a great opportunity to test run bringing dogs to Kiez Burn. Allowing some dogs onsite would be an inclusive alteration for some of our community members, and it could make all of us better equipped to welcome service dogs in the future.

Proposal & implementation

These are the agreements we propose in order to allow dogs onsite during Kiez Burn 2021.


  1. There will be a Dog Lead present and available via radio throughout the event. The Dog Lead will be the point of contact in any incident involving a dog onsite, and takes full responsibility in resolving matters, alternatively together with other leads, depending on what the given circumstance requires.

  2. All dogs accompanying their humans shall be registered with the Dog Lead beforehand. This first year a maximum of 6 dogs will be allowed. We will only allow vaccinated dogs with “Hundehaftpflicht” insurance. No female dogs in heat. All dogs will be clearly marked and will carry either electrical lights or reflectives at nighttime.

  3. All dogs shall be supervised by a Responsible Human at any given time, and on leash when walking around onsite. The responsibilities of a Responsible Human includes making sure the dog only goes where it’s allowed to go, collecting dog M(p)OOP and removing it appropriately from site, and covering their dogs needs (shielding from loud sounds/agitated humans, providing sufficient water and food etc.) Dog Lead will provide appropriate and mindful guidelines for all Responsible Humans prior to the event.

  4. Dogs are not to be allowed in the First Aid Tent, Welfare or any kitchen areas. Camps and art installations can choose if their area is dog-friendly or not. Quiet hours also apply to dogs.

  5. One human can be a Responsible Human for several dogs at a time if necessary, for example when helping other Responsible Humans while they do their respective volunteer shifts.

  6. Designated areas for dogs in enclosed spaces and structures where the dogs can play or rest safely and unleashed while supervised by at least one Responsible Human can be provided. Dog Lead will make sure that these designated areas are sufficiently secured.

  7. Dogs come second to meeting the needs of other humans in physical areas and activities throughout the event. Concerns, wishes and needs shall be respected without any further questions in all areas that are not designated areas for dogs.

  8. All Responsible Humans are completely liable for the actions of their dog. If an incident occurs where a dog have caused fear or harm during the event, such an incident is initially the responsibility of the Dog Lead. Depending on severity, Site Lead will make the final call, and the Responsible Human and their dog must leave the event. Protocols for these scenarios will be cleared with Site Lead and Ranger Lead prior to the event.

  9. Dog Lead will make sure that all protocols, agreements and guidelines as well as a bullet list with crucial details for dogs at Kiez Burn is available and communicated to Gate, Welfare, First Aid, Site Leads and Rangers. A list with contact details, photos of dogs and their Responsible Humans will also be provided.

  10. Dog Lead will have close contact with all Responsible Humans prior to and throughout the event. Dog Lead is also responsible to collect feedback, experiences and register incidents involving dogs at Kiez Burn. In order to summarise this test run, a report will be presented to the community sometime after the event. If we manage to go through with this test run without any serious incidents, complaints or objections, we propose to continue with our arrangement in the future, and adjust the Kiez Burn regulation excluding dogs from our event accordingly.

Who would implement this proposal

@Sunniva and @Hanna-Maija (Animal) will volunteer as this year’s Dog Leads. @Veroca R. Sala will support when necessary.

When this proposal would be implemented

We would like to close the advice process within a week’s time: Friday 11th of June at 15.00. The proposal would be set in action immediately after.

The cost (time, money, effort, etc.) of this proposal

Our proposal should have no direct impact on the finances of Kiez Burn. In regards to time and effort, our goal is to be as independent as possible from other functions during the burn, and that we will only include other leads in the event of a severe incident.

Dog Lead will make sure that all protocols, agreements and guidelines as well as a bullet list with crucial details for dogs at Kiez Burn is available and communicated to Gate, Welfare, First Aid, Site Leads and Rangers. A list with contact details, photos of dogs and their Responsible Humans will also be provided.

What some advantages of this proposal are

Our understanding is that this proposal is in line with the Kiez Burn principles, and that it especially honors the principles of Inclusion, Immediacy and Radical Self-Expression. We would be able to welcome and include community members together with their canine companions.

What some disadvantages of this proposal are

At the time of making this proposal, Kiez Burn has a strict NO PETS POLICY (with the exception of service dogs) that is listed under “inclusion” in one of the eleven Kiez Burn principles. The goal of a test run with dogs accompanying their humans to Kiez Burn in 2021 is an alteration to the no pets policy in the Kiez Burn principles IF this year’s test run is successful.



We would like to make a decision about this proposal by next Friday 11th of June.

Thank you for reading through!

Are there any disadvantages you think we should consider? Any advantages we didn't think of yet? Do you think we forgot to consider something crucial? We are curious to receive your feedback on this proposal within the next week!


Sunniva Fri 6 Aug 2021 11:50AM

I’m out of capacity to offer a mediation process until after the event, and I can assure you the same is true for @Hanna-Maija (Animal). We definitely won’t have a mediation without you. If it’s your preference I can help organize for a third party to be present when we do finally find an appropriate and agreeable time to talk. Unfortunately we cannot help you any further right now. We still hope that you will find a way to enjoy this year’s Kiez Burn nevertheless!


Aly Fri 6 Aug 2021 11:12AM

Unfortunately, i am not really comfortable going to the burn without mediation towards the beginning of the event. But i respect your wishes. I would greatly appreciate if you all did not discuss about me or my dog at the burn even if i will not attend.


Sunniva Fri 6 Aug 2021 10:02AM

Thank you @Professor Kaos.

I would be happy to volunteer my time to talk with @Aly and @Carnelian King sometime after the burn. Just let me know if that's something you both would want. I'm online and available again from the 23rd of August. You have my contact details and invitation to reach out.


Alex Kaos Fri 6 Aug 2021 9:51AM

I'm reaching out in response to the troubling situation that has occurred with the whole 'Dog's at Kiez Burn' experiment.

I understand this has been confusing and troubling for everyone who has been apart of the discussion. It is clear there has been some miscommunication and/or misunderstandings during the discussion, and it is not my place to decide on where those faults lie.

In the light of a lack of any evidence to either parties claim, and with the event being so close and everyone's time and energy being so limited and focused on much more dangerous and pressing matters, we do not have enough time to go through a full second advice process to allow Kudra to join Kiez Burn. The people that need to give it the time and energy simply don't have that available in the next 2 days that would be required.

As such, the board voted on whether we can or should interfere with this situation or not, and decided the we should not interfere, and as such we cannot make any further changes to our current safety protocols and regulations, which have been recently finalized and the site leads have been trained upon. That means that we can't support an exception to the Dog proposal, which has been active for months, we will respect the decision of the Dog Leads, and the general rule of 'No pets at Kiez Burn' applies. Which unfortunately means Kudra cannot be welcomed at Kiez Burn this year.

In remaining neutral on the topic, the previously well-executed Dog proposal stands and is set in place in the on-site protocols.

I understand this will be heavy blow for Kudra's humans, and I send this message solemnly and with empathy. And I hope that everyone can empathize that this decision was not taken lightly, in spite of all the other craziness we are having to deal with this close to being on site.

I am also aware that this decision might affect some participants participation in Kiez Burn. And have already reached out to provide whatever support I can to assist in their continued inclusion, at both the Burn, and in the Camp we share.

<OPINION - Do with as you wish>

I would finish by highly recommending that the affected parties who have all felt harm throughout this recent discussion to consider following our conflict escalation process in order to clear the air. Whilst the decision can't be changed or overturned at this stage, by addressing the emotional harm all parties have felt, directly and respectfully, may make space for a beautiful growth experience at the burn we are all working so hard to make happen.

If you believe a mediator would be preferred I am happy to volunteer, but I look up to all of you as skilled and experienced mediators and non-violent communicators in your own right, when talking face-to-face. And as such, I do not believe it necessary to jump to phase 3 (mediated discussion) of the conflict escalation process. But I'm happy to assist in any way I am able.

Much love to you all.

@Aly @Carnelian King @Hanna-Maija (Animal) @Sunniva


Mi Go Thu 5 Aug 2021 5:05PM

If I understand you correctly, the whole proposal disrespects, and does not take into account people with a dog phobia (but you yourself do not have such a phobia). Allowing dogs at all disrespects people with phobias and lacks accountability. Despite the participation of people with phobias. Despite a well-formed and vouched-for proposal that went through many rounds of feedback leading to a trial implementation of a very limited group of dogs controlled at all times, with explicit human veto power in any space, and an immediate assumption of responsibility and accountability by responsible humans for any issues, etc.


Bee Thu 5 Aug 2021 5:01PM

Inclusion is shown here through active discussion, listening to feedback and compromise. There is nothing wrong with having a different opinion but the Dog Proposal/Leads specifically asked for these opinions 2 months ago when they were creating the protocols to shape them and with time to reflect on the feedback they received to consider what harm reduction could be done to make humans with phobias or concerns feel comfortable.


Deleted User Thu 5 Aug 2021 4:41PM

How does allowing dogs respect people with dog phobias? Can I have a different opinion here or not? And with this I will eject myself from this conversation as it seems I cannot think the way I do here Bye!!!!


Mi Go Thu 5 Aug 2021 3:34PM

Complaining in this context as others have said, isn't really helpful. IF the thrust of the complaint is the feedback "if any dogs can come, all dogs should be able to come" or "no dogs should come because some people have phobias", 1) it should have been offered as feedback weeks ago, and 2) the dog leads have reasonably and explicitly addressed those, and as far as I can tell, remain very open to hearing such concerns

"if any dogs can come, all dogs should be able to come" : Kiez Burn has a no-pets policy and a trial is proposed, with a limited number of dogs. They are aware that a limited test is the best approach to possibly opening the event to dogs in the future.

"no dogs should come because some people have phobias": The dog leads are very aware that some people have phobias, and that human needs come first at a Burn. For example, in the proposal:

"Dogs come second to meeting the needs of other humans in physical areas and activities throughout the event. Concerns, wishes and needs shall be respected without any further questions..."

Now I am aware, living in Berlin, that there are a ton of dog owners that do not really subscribe to that ethic - it is common to encounter unleashed dogs running at you, the dog owners assuming that it is my issue if I am not "cool with it" etc - and I am not even phobic. How, without some framework of cooperation, communication, and limits, can dog leads ensure that every responsible human at the Burn will comply with that ethic, let alone agree to it? This proposal absolutely respects people with phobias and it seems an uncritical complaint to suggest otherwise

Burning Man takes place in a desert where the weather is often violent. It is in the middle of Nowhere, 100K+ people in an area of 7 square miles. Kiez Burn takes place in a tiny green wonderland that is partly wooded, and is equally tiny in by most measures.


CJ Yetman Thu 5 Aug 2021 3:31PM

Guess we have very different sense of what it means to “take into account” something. I see explicit discussion of this concern, and a person who said they were afraid of dogs participating.


Deleted User Thu 5 Aug 2021 2:26PM

Fair enough. This is when I read the comment so this is why I shared my view only now.

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