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Event Program Coordination

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Realizer: @Jarrod Wright & @Fabi 馃Ε @Kris @Erin Jeavons-Fellows

Why is important?

to enable sing-up for all performers, musicians, and participants that want to give workshops to make the event fun and interesting!

The Role

Create a Program / Booklet / Spreadsheet for What is on Kiez Burn.


  • Create a System where to register the Workshops ( this can be a google form !)

  • If printed, carry out the printing

  • Budget/payment? It needs to be a dream, Dream guides help you in the process.

  • Listing the events, workshops & activities, time, and placement so hippies know all they need to know to not miss out on stuff during the event!


To reach out to all participants via Newsletter realizer @Nora Flora , Social Media & to all Kieze through the Kieze Facilitation team ( Erin & @Relativity Rltvty ) and let them sign up!.

For more info about how can this better be done contact the previous Realizer of this role @Erin Jeavons-Fellows

How is the process this year?

The Kieze pass by the program thread > and leave a comment offering a space for workshops and performances + a link to sign up for performers to get a timeslot. Once the performer has a time and space to perform, they can sign up to appear in the program ( register).

Documentation and previous years Docs here




Rangers (aka Wanderers or Wonderers) are there to make sure that everybody is safe and having a good time, having the backs of those who might be having a little too good of a time, and weave the idea of taking care of each other even deeper into our community.

- Feeling safe is what enables everyone to radically express themselves -

Rangers do indeed wander around the location, doing things like making sure someone who is injured finds their way to the First Aid Station, or ensure that participants handle everything related to fire with care. We encourage people to have good LNT (Leave No Trace) practices and in case of a dispute, can offer mediation.

Rangers are the people who know who to call if something goes wrong. In the case of a serious event, Rangers know how to stay calm and help facilitate the best resolution or outcome. @Cris @Veroca R. Sala


Jarrod Wright Fri 30 Jul 2021 12:38PM

@Veroca R. Sala you are fucking amaazing! suuuch a life saver :)


Jarrod Wright Fri 11 Jun 2021 9:23AM

Hey hey, I'm still working on a timeline. I'm intending to have that side of things mapped out by the end of this weekend. I did send him a text to the number Veroca gave me, but I don't think he's received it. I'll try to call him tomorrow/def pass on my number, it'll be great to put this together with him!


Jarrod Wright Sun 13 Jun 2021 1:02PM

On point, danke!


Alex Kaos Mon 14 Jun 2021 9:32AM

There is 300鈧 in the budget for workshops @Veroca R. Sala and @Jarrod Wright.

We have never printed a booklet for each participant. 50% is more than enough, 30-40% also suffices.

In the past 2 years our budget has not been anywhere near 800鈧.... I'm not sure where this price came from....


Veroca R. Sala Mon 5 Jul 2021 12:53PM

@Jarrod Wright would you open a collaborative document to start working on this content, please? deadline for the printed version in n the 11th this should be in there. Use this kiez burn folder 馃 Thanks!!!鉂わ笍


CJ Yetman Mon 5 Jul 2021 12:54PM

also guidance about fire... though we may not know the final word on that in time for the program @Purzel


Purzel Mon 5 Jul 2021 1:02PM

I'd just mention what the most likely scenario will look like, in the end it's easier to loosen up rules rather than tighten them while the event.

In the first aid sektion I'd also like to remind people to be self reliant when it comes to simple pain Killers and Bandages.


Veroca R. Sala Mon 5 Jul 2021 1:06PM

added that to the body of the thread. thanks!


walto Tue 6 Jul 2021 11:23AM

Nice to see. Would agree that the more you write, the less people will read it


Veroca R. Sala Tue 6 Jul 2021 11:29AM

IMO it wouldnt hurt to have this info in the digital version at least


Mareike Wed 7 Jul 2021 7:28AM

@Jarrod Wright is this document that @Veroca R. Sala talks about somewhere already? The folder was empty.. I wanted to put the Gate info somewhere, so i created this document in the folder that Vero shared. Please feel free to delete this doc again if there is a better place for me to put the information that I didn't find 馃檲Or edit it as much as you like to use to gather the infos. (I really don't want to interfere in the booklet planning just with all the telegram texts and threads I needed to leave the info somewhere where it won't get lost immediately)


Veroca R. Sala Thu 22 Jul 2021 11:33PM

Happy to have a call about this later if you want 馃


Bee Fri 11 Jun 2021 6:19AM

Heya, have you already figured out a time line for yourself with your own deadlines for when folk need to have given you the info for the programme? Did you get in touch with Fabian yet? He is happy to create the programme (with easy access to discounted printing options).


Bee Fri 11 Jun 2021 2:22PM

Heya. :) Ok cool. On Monday evening we will have a joint Realizers & KORG meeting - where you can also meet the other Realizers in person. (Though Fabi won't be there as he's at the Fusion site for the next few days). I'll be in part guiding him through his first KB volunteering process but also happy to help you also if you need any feedback or guidance on your plans. In terms of people on site we would be maximum 1000 but in the past I don't think anyone has assumed it should be 1 programme per person (and 2019 KB had mostly e-programmes).


Veroca R. Sala Mon 14 Jun 2021 10:10AM

i think tis a price list: 800euro x1000 copies, 669 euro x 500 copies. I guess there might be other print shops of course..


Jarrod Wright Mon 14 Jun 2021 10:54AM

As far as printing costs are concerned, I'm confident that Fabi will be able to get us a really great deal. He's currently uncontactable due to being at Fusion. I'm currently drafting a dream proposal so that once I know per item cost we can submit our Dream asap.


walto Tue 15 Jun 2021 10:35AM

In terms of prioritization you could consider key locations of program booklets:

  • Kieze

  • Rangers/welfare/...

  • arbeitsamt

What I have seen work well too at Nowhere, was to just go around camps regularly and give a couple to every camp every time (they usually get lost sometime during the event)


CJ Yetman Mon 5 Jul 2021 12:38PM

maybe also something about the sound protocols? @Quentin @Cairn (Cl茅ment)


Bee Mon 5 Jul 2021 12:49PM

Thanks for this! :) I also suggested we have a space for the Dog Protocol/Rules and details of the dogs & dog lead in there too. @Sunniva @Hanna-Maija (Animal)

Probably necessary to put something in there about not swimming in the lake & not going onto the nature-y reserve parts of the gel盲nde ( @Fabi 馃Ε )

Also happy to proof-read texts here or otherwise when written in English.

Item removed


Franzi Mon 5 Jul 2021 3:38PM

@Veroca R. Sala @CJ Yetman @Bee most of the things you mentioned we would put in the survival guide or? In the past this has been a separate document then the event program. Shall I share more info or do you have access to it?


CJ Yetman Mon 5 Jul 2021 4:07PM

I don't think the survival guide was ever printed though, was it? I don't think it hurts to have a few snippets of important info in the program even if similar, more detailed info is in the survival guide. Let's be honest... I bet more people read the program than the survival guide. But, I'm happy to be overruled by the spanking queen.


Franzi Mon 5 Jul 2021 4:09PM

Yeah I think the thought in the past where: printing is really really expensive and moopy. Lets print as lil' as possible and send out as much info as possible before hands


Jarrod Wright Tue 6 Jul 2021 7:48PM

Yo @Fabi 馃Ε this seems like something that fits into your scope, perhaps it's better for you set this up in a way that fits your system?


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Wed 7 Jul 2021 8:32AM

What happened was that people were quick to jump in with great suggestions for inside the program but no one was prepared to write it鈥 so it didn鈥檛 go in. My suggestion to jarrad would be to make space for it and plan it but its not his responsibility to write content on these topics that he doesn鈥檛 own. Ie, its super good to write sound protocol stuff in it, but a summary of that needs to be done by the sound team. Have a deadline and if people haven鈥檛 added the content, it doesn鈥檛 go in!

In 2019, we didnt have an introduction for that reason and you can see it in the content doc 馃檪 And in the end as a result there was less content but i think it worked out great and agree with what waldo says that the more contents is in there, the less people read it. So it will be what it will be! 馃檶


Veroca R. Sala Wed 7 Jul 2021 9:24AM

yes, sometimes less is more,

But also not always.... that is why I tagged the realizers, IF they want to include 3 lines about their areas in the booklet, otherwise could be let fail.

What I did requested is to open a drive doc to enable collaboration. But tbh, this was just an idea that I put on the table and it could be totally forgotten here and I wouldn't care less. 馃槅

Im happy we have a program, the rest are just things I have been collecting from meetings and things ppl wanted to make more visible, like the no-photo policy. But again, the program doesnt need to be THE PLACE for it However im not sure how to actually make this info altogether accessible for newcomers. The Survival guide doesnt really have it all, like the principles for instance, or what is welfare...I let it run, people is tagged if they want to make it happen. 馃


Fabi 馃Ε Fri 9 Jul 2021 12:34PM

thank you! :)


Sunniva Fri 9 Jul 2021 12:35PM

Also please just let me know if you need it to be shorter!


Veroca R. Sala Fri 9 Jul 2021 4:52PM

You are the best 鉂わ笍


Jarrod Wright Fri 9 Jul 2021 7:42PM

All is good @Mareike I appreciate your get it done approach, I was trying to co-ordinate with @Fabi 馃Ε about this but I think we both got a bit stuck with outside work beginning to mid week. So thank you for just doing it!


Jarrod Wright Thu 22 Jul 2021 6:22PM

@Veroca R. Sala oh. I see. I need to read everything in the thread that is related to my area of responsibility. kmt. ;)


Veroca R. Sala Thu 22 Jul 2021 8:08AM

Well in that case if you want to reach out to realizers and Kieze Leads

  • Kiez Leads you can reach them out by contacting the Kieze Facilitator, but Erin is out til Monday, maybe you could contact @Relativity Rltvty for this purpose.

    I dont think this would be a call-out we want to have in the open Social Media as it is directed to those that have an area of responsibility only. As Kiez Burn is decentralized, we dont really have a point of contact to all these people, but one has to do the job of collecting all these data from that thread. And not even all of it is in there, cause Kiez Leads aren't there...

    I could send a message n the Korg chat so all korg members reach out to their areas of support.

    When is the deadline for this? (i always find it useful to give people a deadline) I know the digital event program doesnt have a deadline, but considering this material is not part of the PROGRAM of Kiez burn but, the info that you guys might want to have in there by the launching?

  • When is the digital launching by the way?

    I move this comment to the Program thread to continue conversations in there

I believe that in the Initial thread of program coordination realizers had dropped information they wanted to add to the program, I believe that is the most important info, but of course, you can reach out to all ppl you want, you risk it to have very random information hard to allocate and that will make the program, a bible, which is not bad鉂わ笍


@Jarrod Wright also take into consideration that we have the survival guide that is an extense document for all this random info for all realizers, maybe its just good to incorporate a link to it in the program digital version and that is it! the survival guide is being updated these days by @Caroline on this document work in progress on this thread



Sunniva Fri 9 Jul 2021 12:32PM

Dear @Jarrod Wright, @Fabi 馃Ε, @Kris and @Erin Jeavons-Fellows,

here's our contribution about dogs to the event program! If you'd like me to fill this into a document or somewhere else more appropriate, please let me know and I'll abide!

With links for digital version:

We鈥檙e gonna give dogs a chance to join us for this wild ride! Unlike many other burn environments, Kiez Burn offers a particularly dog-friendly environment at Freiland. For this year鈥檚 Kiez Burn, there will be a test run with up to 6 registered dogs onsite as well as a Dog Lead present at all times. You can find the detailed agreements and guidelines for this arrangement on Talk. All dogs will be supervised by a Responsible Human at any given time, and on leash when walking around onsite. Dogs will not be allowed in the First Aid Tent, Welfare or any kitchen areas. Camps and art installations can choose if their area is dog-friendly or not.

If you see a dog, no matter how cute and fluffy it looks, do not try to pet or feed it without permission. If you have any concerns about dogs at Kiez Burn, please reach out to Dog Leads Sunniva or Hanna-Maija."

Without links for paper version:

We鈥檙e gonna give dogs a chance to join us for this wild ride! Unlike many other burn environments, Kiez Burn offers a particularly dog-friendly environment at Freiland. For this year鈥檚 Kiez Burn, there will be a test run with up to 6 registered dogs onsite as well as a Dog Lead present at all times. You can find the detailed agreements and guidelines for this at the Gate and on Talk. All dogs will be supervised by a Responsible Human at any given time, and on leash when walking around onsite. Dogs will not be allowed in the First Aid Tent, Welfare or any kitchen areas. Camps and art installations can choose if their area is dog-friendly or not.

If you see a dog, no matter how cute and fluffy it looks, do not try to pet or feed it without permission. If you have any concerns about dogs at Kiez Burn, please reach out to Dog Leads Sunniva or Hanna-Maija either in person while onsite or on Talk."


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Tue 6 Jul 2021 11:20AM

I provided the copy document from 2019 in a previous discussion. the 2018 guide had more info in it. In 2019 we had less and it was enough.

2019 copy document (review tabs along the bottom):


Veroca R. Sala Mon 5 Jul 2021 12:07PM

@Jarrod Wright @Erin Jeavons-Fellows @Fabi 馃Ε In 2018 event program there was a few pages to describe the Kiez Burn "services" (welfare, first aid etc) Are we including these this year as well?

  • Welfare @River Aleks would you share a 2, 3 lines description of Welfare tent?

  • @Cris suggested a real NO-GO for photos (cameras in general)

  • include the new definition of the Kiez Burn Principle by laws ( find here) there has been some changes since 2018

  • First Aid: remind people to be self reliant when it comes to simple pain Killers and Bandages.

  • Dogs: @Sunniva could you makea 2-3 lines about the dog policy, and what you want participants to know about this at the event? thanks!

  • Gate: @Mareike we need to add here opening times of the gate and small description of the experience at gate greeters.

  • Rangers: small description of it @Cris & @Jessie

  • Theme: 3 lines about it @Erin Jeavons-Fellows or @Bee ?

  • We need a proofreader for this content. Anyone willing to do it?

  • There was also a section about the rules like quiet hours, leave no trace, fire restrictions

  • Do we list all Kieze as we did in 2018? I think that is nice, but up to you.

this is what we had in 2018 besides the program itself.


Veroca R. Sala Mon 21 Jun 2021 6:21PM

@Erin Jeavons-Fellows says:

Hey hey聽馃憢馃徏
Jus had an amazing chat with Kris, who we鈥檝e added here too.
He has built the what when where guide for the borderland and will be assisting with the program.
1. It will mostly be digital to help squeeze the max amount of time we have and also save the environment. Workshops can also be added quite late.
2. The what when where guide has its own ability to build your own program using the favorites feature and has an offline mode so the guide is cached in your phone for offline viewing
3. Each kiez will need to allocate a program lead who will facilitate the workshops in that camp. I will communicate this in the next meeting
4. people who wish to put on a workshop will need to reach out to kids and get a time and placement in a kiez and then fill out the form with the info. Its also to help jay with time spent on trying to place workshops as this was the most painful and overwhelming part in previous years.
5. Form link will be promoted with steps to follow to explain what to do.
6. We still can do printing of the physical booklet, but fewer copies and have a few programs tied on string in each camp. Even though we were forced to do this in 2019, it worked pretty well. Borderland also does this. Environment聽馃寧鉂わ笍
7. The Kieze will need to fill out all their workshops into the form also if they want to be shown in the program guide
8. Music will need to be entered into the form if they want to be shown in the program.
9. Once the printing deadline is upon us, fabian can do a data merge in indesign and create the program to be downloaded and printed themselves or also sent to the printer.

@Jarrod Wright 聽the list of registered kieze is here. It lists the type of space they are, if they have space for workshops and how big their space is. We also requested the details of the person in charge of workshop allocation as part of the registration form which is good聽馃槑

I have created a kieze FAQ guide, so we can update this document aswell once we have the flow and form created

Any website updates can also come through me. This is the page we can work together to beef up and communicate to people

Social page updates can go through @Rafa or myself

Any program stuff i will communicate to Kieze on Thursday's meeting. If you want to join, link in the Kieze faq document


would be:
1. Create form (we have old ones for reference)
2. create the flows and communication to people to get camps to register in the form and people outside camps to contact camps
3. Get list together of camp program contact on website and talk so people can contact the camps for placement
4. I will communicate camps the process this year


Fabi 馃Ε Thu 17 Jun 2021 8:21PM

hey everyone, sorry for being offline until now.

from what i understand so far i'll be doing the layout of the program and site map and potentially doing some or all of the printing of those at the print shop where i work. i imagine i'll be seeing at least some of you this weekend; otherwise i'll be available and actively getting in touch starting monday/tuesday to get a hold of any templates, style guides or other resources to start putting something together.

i'm looking forward to meeting you guys; have a good weekend and talk soon.


Veroca R. Sala Fri 11 Jun 2021 12:38PM

  • This is from 2019 @Professor Kaos how is the budget this year...maybe we don't even need a dream.

  • We would need like 70 pages, If we have as many workshops as 2019 ( 300) probbly less this year given the short notice (?)

  • I Have reached to the Kieze facilitator today so to tell the kieze start planning their workshops and activities so Jay can collect these data soon.


Veroca R. Sala Fri 11 Jun 2021 8:45AM

I wouldn't aim for 1 booklet per participant, we have a no-show rate, plus people only showing up on Friday or Saturday, so if this is a 1000 participants event, I would print 500 ( too few?). Maybe you can budget it for 500 -700 units (not sure). @Jarrod Wright . BTW subscribe to this thread to receive updates when someone makes comments. This is for al program coordination stuff =) 鉂わ笍


walto Wed 9 Jun 2021 10:26PM


Jarrod Wright Tue 8 Jun 2021 6:53PM

Exciting! @Veroca R. Sala just to confirm this is the role that I am taking on correct?


walto Fri 4 Jun 2021 3:37PM

In the past we have noticed that a workshop coordinator linking creative people with spaces, and especially the incentive to be in a (printed) booklet, increases people's desire & commitment to contribute something special to Kiez Burn, resulting in an overall richer experience.

So thank you so much to the person taking on this role!