Tue 24 Aug 2021 11:02AM

Documentation from Realizers 2021

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This thread is to real quick organize how we collect information from leads about their role when planning Kiez Burn 2021.

Realizer: myself

Why "Documentation"?

We do this to request all realizers to share their learnings, pains, and awesomeness to later have it available for future realizers. This way we avoid making the same mistakes and we copy models that had worked well in the past. This is important to make our lives easier when planning the main event.

  • For Kiez Burn Wild at Heart - 2019, we did this with Cris Olano around January 2020. IMO it was too late. Even though all Leads answered, it is clear at that point in time people are rather disconnected from what has happened 6 months earlier.

  • For Forest of Arden 2021, I have the intention to do the documentation at this point in time (late August, a couple of weeks after the event )

Procedure to collect Documentation from Realizers 2021

  1. I will simply send via email to all realizers, the same doc we used for 2019 after I made some updates.

  2. The doc is here and you are welcome to make some comments on it.

  3. i will Send it over to all realizers via email on the 30th of August with a deadline on the 13th of September

  4. The Realizers must upload the doc onto the documentation drive folder themselves. I will only send a reminder before the deadline.

  5. I also will extend an invitation to all of them to the retrospective session.

If you have any radical changes to what I am intending to do I am super happy to completely hand over the task to someone that has more mind space and creativity to do it better. Atm, I am only interested in getting the info from realizers before it gets forgotten. I dont have time to meet up and co create with a team how to move forward with documentation 2021 so this is what i can do, nothing more, nothing less


Veroca R. Sala Tue 24 Aug 2021 2:58PM

I am sending you the form anyways!


Veroca R. Sala Tue 24 Aug 2021 3:07PM

Lol surprisingly im not burned out at all! I took a break cause I was physically tired and sick, but im back! ( not full-on tho 馃槅)

In regards to Finance, I guess the role is not over along with the event as many other roles, so I could cut you some slack and let you deliver your documentation when you hand over to the next realizer. Does that make more sense?


Veroca R. Sala Wed 25 Aug 2021 7:39PM

I I will give a deadline and will remind the realizers a few days before that deadline is up.

I Offer my help and support within that time. After that I consider my job done and will be up for to all realizers to do it or not whenever they want. The deadline has to do with giving it some structure and also me offering help with Realities etc. As i dont wish to be tied up to this "project" for months. But you can take your time


River Aleks Wed 25 Aug 2021 1:40PM

I would like to fill it out but I might need more time to do it.


Saskia Tue 24 Aug 2021 12:12PM

I was no formal realizer in any way, but ended up coordinating with a bunch of realizers (LNT, toilet, storage) and kinda picking up loose threats here and there.

Can I write a retrospective as well or are my observations and comments best parked elsewhere?


Alex Kaos Tue 24 Aug 2021 11:16AM

You are legendary.

And just as a little input, I think the fact that we have some core Kiez Burn orga persons already using Talk again is an indicator that this was one of the easiest and least burn-out Kiez Burns ever.

I'm also currently feeling the burn of being slightly underprepared for finance, so I can add my notes as I'm feeling them.