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Realities Setup 2021

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What is this Thread for?

This Thread is to get Realities 2021 up to date to enable Realizers to sign up ( for all those that wish to take on a responsibility in any pre-event / year-round task).

Find out more about "What is Realities"

To keep the ball rolling I'm gonna hang here the Realities Setup thread 2020 as a reference. There you might see all that was done last year to have Realities listing all the needs for the event to happen.

There are in that thread also, some detailed features requested to the Robot Ministry that wasn't finished. Perhaps who takes on this Need wants to push them forward ( or not)

Current Realities Link:

Call Out:

I have done this last year and it is not my intention to do it again for 2021, however, I am keen to assist, help, and co-lead this with the Realities Realizer 2021. That is why I am writing this now...

  • Ideally, someone from the Korg Team is Realizing this since these tasks offer a great overview of all the Needs while keeps track of which Needs are fulfilled.

What needs to be done so far?

We can recycle most of what is there already however there are some things that should be updated and followed up through the year 2021.

  • Make sure all Realizers fields are empty and not with the previous Realizer's name. ( I might have done that already but this needs to be double-checked Need by Need). If Realizers for 2020 are still there, this means new Realizers will not be able to sign up. =(

  • Make sure previous Realizers are added to the Guides field ( This is a list of the Realizers that signed up in 2020 even though we didn't have a Burn, we did have some Needs fulfilled )

  • Make sure every Need has got its correspondent folder in the Kiez Burn Drive, linked on the dependencies ( all to be explained, you don't need to understand this at once). These folders will have to be created and are meant to be used for each Realizer to file any documentation/sheets etc. to avoid having information stored in personal drives.

  • Add links to relevant Talk Threads if there were links missing.

  • Check as we go if are there Needs of last year that are not Needed for 2021. Reach out and discuss.

    What this role entitles along the year

  • make sure the platform runs, if not, flag it to the Robot Ministry chat

  • encourage Realizers to sign up and complete the descriptions of the Need they are fulfilling if necessary.

  • Check Talk and be up to date if dependencies in between certain needs should be mapped or encourage Realizers to do so once they have taken on a Responsibility.

Realities is not perfect and it is not the responsibility of the Realities Set up Realizer to make it perfect but as accurate as possible.

Please if you take on this Need, feel free to make this thread more complete and write up here all Realities set up related information to have a source of documentation for the future. Also, you might want to change the title of this Thread by removing "call out".馃.


  • The robot ministry added a description "About" Realities ( button). The text/content might need some polishing, if you have suggestions or think this could be done better, hit the comments and /or request changes by contacting the Robot Ministry.

Refining the tool

@Henrik 馃

  • There is a feature request from the Realities team to be able to list the Needs on relevance orderplacing the Event Critical Needs on the top,  followed by the rest OR Create sub-groups within the needs ( Communication; Event Critical; On Site; Orga OR event critical, nice to haves. Depending on the complexity that this means to the Robot Ministry.

  • Enable ( in Adm Mode) to move the needs & responsibilities up and down. ->

  • We want to track the usage of Realities so we can see if we are reaching the people we want to reach.


Diarmaid Fri 23 Apr 2021 11:23AM

Hi Sven, did you get this sorted out?


Sven Dudink Tue 16 Mar 2021 9:14PM

@Diarmaid @Henrik 馃

Hi There great builders of the robot ministry,

today I tried to register myself on the realities' website, my login from last year does not work anymore, I don't know if this is on purpose?

I tried to register my email address from my own domain, which often has a delay before I see it in my mailbox, I received it 15 minutes later, the activation link send needs to be clicked in 5 minutes, so my token got expired, and I couldn't activate my realities account, than I tried to register again, but now my email address is already ''in use'', so there is for me no visible way to register with my email address, I hope this info will be useful to you guys

thank you guys for building all of this

Hugs and kisses


Veroca R. Sala Tue 16 Mar 2021 6:55PM

Sooo @Bee , @Diarmaid @The Lord of Fire (Schatzmeister) @Henrik 馃 Realities is almost done:

  • All responsibilities are listed

  • Descriptions are there ( not perfect but you know...)

  • Links to "related discussions" added ( those are links to post mortem 2019, drive folders 2021 to keep new docs, some relevant Talk threads.

Guides & Realizers: I have named the guides and realizers on the description coz these ppl haven't signed in, therefore the platform doesn't let me leave it blank nor just type the name. So we have to find a solution for that otherwise, Bee, alex & me will appear as guides of all Needs: 馃槅

Dependencies: I haven't done it and I dont think I will.

check how you see it


Veroca R. Sala Sun 7 Mar 2021 5:20PM

yeah, now it is like this, we can not sign up for a Need but for all responsibilities within it. once they are all taken, the red dots disappear.


CJ Yetman Sun 7 Mar 2021 4:30PM

FYI... I've copied over all the Site Leads stuff from the sheet into the new Realities


CJ Yetman Sun 7 Mar 2021 4:07PM

In the new Realities... "Needs" no longer have a "realizer", only a "guide"... is that known/intended?


Diarmaid Sun 7 Mar 2021 3:05PM



CJ Yetman Sun 7 Mar 2021 3:00PM

Can we get this thread description up to date with the current Realities link etc. I'd do it myself, but I'm actually searching for that info myself right now and keep finding old, out-of-date info.


Diarmaid Sat 27 Feb 2021 7:22PM

I don't think that you need both me and Henrik for this - I'll just read the meeting notes.


Bee Sat 27 Feb 2021 3:55PM

Hey sorry I was too late for the poll haha but will be joining y'all on Tuesday. :)

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