Advice Processes

TL:DR: use this template when opening a thread in this group.

Welcome Welcome! this is a place to make proposals to specific ideas and reach decisions together.

This group is open to anyone. It is used for all Kiez Burn-related matters including but not exclusively to the main Burn event.

A bit of context:

Kiez Burn is co-created through the principle of Consensual Do-ocracy. Through this principle and its methods, we attempt to live the聽Kiez Burn principles.

At Kiez Burn you are able to make any decision if:

  • you have sought advice from experts on the subject and the people who will be affected by your decision,

  • you are willing to take responsibility for the actions & consequences coming from the decision or have the support needed to make it happen,

  • you got consent from other event realizers that are affected by your decision.

To learn more about how to carry out proposals please read:

The 3 phases of the Advice Process

Proposal Template

Consensual Do-ocracy definition

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