Wed 3 May 2023 11:39AM

Cyber Spring Cleaning

K Kris Public Seen by 55

Information Overload, Information Fatigue Syndrome, whatever McLuhanism you'd like to employ, the ratio of signposts telling you to go somewhere to actual information is extremely high at the moment.

This is bad for people wanting to be involved, making it difficult to find relevant information. The following is proposed

1 Discord

1.1 Automatically archive channels that have been inactive for more than 3 months

You'll have ample warning to write "bekrjbsfdsdf" into a channel you'd like to keep, marking at as your territory

1.2 Permanently delete archived channels after a reasonable amount of time

People and conversations have the right to be forgotten. It's our collective responsibility to archive important things in the wiki. Archiving everything is not an acceptable strategy.

1.3 Create any channel and category requested

Ask for a channel and you'll get it. It'll get removed if not used.

2 Wiki

2.1 Maintain information in a hierarchical fashion, one collection per year plus one collection for the Verein

The Verein collection for timeless information, the year ones for what's going on in that year. These are the official ones, private collections e.g. for camps are OK. Search is excellent on the wiki, it's easy to surface deeply nested information

3 Talk

3.1 Archive every organisation except Advice Processes

This is the only one in use. Organisations in Talk are made to correspond to an actual organisation, not a subdivision, making it significantly easier for people to onboard to Talk. Archive shall not be publicly available but retained for legitimate uses by the Verein.


B r i Tue 9 May 2023 5:27PM

I like


Kitt Mon 15 May 2023 12:02PM

This sounds good. I wanna know how better to record some info in the wiki.


CJ Yetman Mon 15 May 2023 2:57PM

We probably need a concerted effort to communicate broadly that threads will disappear and are not archived on Discord. To me, it seems pretty clear that not everyone understands that. I’ve seen many conversations over the past that should likely be transferred or copied into the wiki somehow if that were the case.

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