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👌Welcome to the Advice Process Group. Read up!

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In case you have just joined this group here is important info you should be aware of. If you have input or wish to improve this process, feel free to propose a new one/ better one following the current Advice Process Guidelines (read below).

Note: The content of this thread used to be the description of the group, this happen to be too long so that has now become a thread.


Kiez Burn is co-created through the principle of Consensual Do-ocracy. Through this principle and its methods we attempt to live the Kiez Burn principles. It is not easy. We fuck up, we make mistakes, we learn and we improve. We are not here to make a perfect burn with perfect individuals. We are here to grow, together.

The short definition

You are able to make any decision regarding Kiez Burn, if

  • you have sought advice from experts on the subject and the people who will be affected by your decision,

  • you are willing to take responsibility for the actions & consequences coming from the decision or have the support needed to make it happen,

  • you got consent from other event realizers that are affected by your decision.

This short definition is usually sufficient in enabling anyone to take on responsibility. Hundreds of decisions are taken at Kiez Burn. Examples include how to set up an efficient electrical power grid, designing a shift schedule for rangers or welfare leads, or how to make a fun & informative greeting experience at the gate


The principle of consentual do-ocracy means the power to decide on an idea, should be with those who carry out the idea (a.k.a. realizers). Sufficient energy should be put into (1) exploring if this idea will truly benefit Kiez Burn as a whole, and (2) making sure this idea is consented to by other Kiez Burn leaders who would be affected by a decision on this idea.

By learning more about the topic and connecting with people that are dependent on a decision of the idea, they become the best qualified in the community to take on or take over responsibility.

Structured Advice Process

For important decisions, we ask you to follow this more structured advice process (e.g. decisions that affect a lot of people, the budget or are contentious). It helps us reach better decisions while keeping a co-operative atmosphere within the community of fellow event realizers. Transparency = default. Below is a summary, click here for the full process description.

The IDEA phase

1. You, possibly with some other people, have an IDEA that addresses a problem or opportunity

2. You talk about this IDEA with friends and other people you know within Kiez Burn. 

3. You seek advice from experts on the topic and other event realizers that might be affected by your decision on the IDEA. This might mean picking up the phone or writing a private message to make sure you get advice from those you identify as important.

The PROPOSAL phase

4. When you feel confident about the extent of advice you've considered, post a PROPOSAL of the idea on Talk, using this PROPOSAL template. Make sure to clearly state what problem or opportunity you are addressing (e.g. “accidents happen because the roads do not have enough light”).

5. Recruit & engage interaction on the PROPOSAL, particularly from experts on the topic and event realizers that might be affected by your decision on the IDEA. You can use Realities (PlatoProject) to identify Realizers of Needs that are dependent on your decision.

6. Modify the PROPOSAL as appropriate based on the advice given before. Event realizers that are (strongly) affected by your decision must consent to go through with the PROPOSAL.

The ACTION phase

7. Once you've made a DECISION, update your Talk post as the PROPOSAL template advises.

8. Make the DECISION public and transparent and link to it in relevant discussions on Talk, Facebook, email etc.

9. Drive the ACTION based on the proposal. You are now responsible for the actions & consequences coming from this proposal or/and have the support needed to make this proposal happen


A well-functioning community is not a community where everyone always agrees with everyone else, but instead, where disagreements or conflicts are handled in a productive way. We have 2 processes in place that help us come to decisions and nurture relationships. They are the alternative to people withdrawing from the community frustrated, too-long-to-read Talk threads or big shouting matches.

If you have input or wish to improve this process, feel free to propose a new one/ better one following the current Advice Process Guidelines


Alex Kaos Sat 4 Feb 2023 5:48PM

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Cris Tue 7 Feb 2023 12:53PM

Excellent!! 'Gracias, Vero!!

One detail always remains forgotten: Advice Processesesss need a due DATE!

I just modified the template somewhere to add that. (There's "when will it be implemented", but never until when it's the advice process open)