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Khan we invest 200 euros in our Consent Culture?

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Title: Khan we invest 200 euros in our Consent Culture

This advice process is about donating 200 euros to Consent Academy - the non-profit that has offered us Consent Basics training.


Olivia Fucking Khan

@Olivia khan-Do

Proposer’s role:

I was a member of the RAD for a yearish. I have taken many lead roles at KB and related events. I am an active and baddass member of the community.

The advice process

  • Advice Process ending date: 22/04/2023

  • Information gathered before posting

People/roles most affected by this proposal

  • RAD @Hanna-Maija (Animal)

  • Finance @Kathleen

  • Kiez Kon lead @Alex Kaos

The proposal


It has almost been one entire year since KB offered Consent Basics Training at Kiez Kon 2022. I personally paid 1000 euros to cover this training. Kiez Kon in the end had 200 euros to contribute from their budget and the community covered most of the rest through donations.

I think this training made a huge difference to the understanding and awareness of good consent practice during Kiez Burn 2022. Y'all are legends.

The Consent Academy is an educational collective based out of Seattle, WA with volunteers all over the world. Our mission is to teach consent in all of its complexity, aspects, and potential. With over 60 years of education experience collectively, our approach incorporates disciplines of psychology, sociology, public health, psychotherapy, and personal coaching to create a systemic view of how consent impacts everyone, from the bedroom to the boardroom. We believe consent is part of everyday life and its practice builds stronger, safer, and more connected communities. For more information, visit us at

How would the proposal be implemented

A date has been picked - May the 4th (be with you) Thursday June 1st 1400-1600 online. Arianna from Consent Academy agreed that if we get people to donate the equivalent to 100 euros she will do this private session for us.

I would like to have this decision made ASAP so that we do not have to ask the community to pay for this training. (Deadline 22/04/2023 ((less than 2 weeks before the proposed training))

No more effort will be needed from any other Realizers or leads. I will write comms and share it in the wiki to get people to sign up to the training.

What are the advantages of this proposal

  • Consent is our 11th principle. Last but certainly not least.

  • I have signed up to be trained as a trainer with Consent Academy and I Khan run the workshop AND train others next year or sooner

  • Having good consent understanding has a compounding positive effect. By having strong boundaries and clear communication you Khan help others do the same.

  • Kiez Burn and related community events can be and are intense spaces for many reasons. I believe that because of that we have a higher than normal duty to support each other in good consent practice

  • This training (particularly the Psychological First Aid section) is excellent for Wellfairys, Awareness, Site Leads and Rangers in any burn not to mention good for general life in supporting others around us!

What are the disadvantages of this proposal

  • The System will be pissed because self love is a revolutionary act 🤘

  • People who intimidated by a consent focused community will be upset


I think a decision should be taken to donate a "thank you" amount of 200 euros to Consent Academy from the KB budget.

I think this decision should be reached with:

  • the support of three Realizers or a community leaders

  • agreement from someone who has the ability to make the donation (financey people)

  • no serious vetos

When a decision was reached, write on top of the thread:

A decision has been made

  • Who made the decision: Your name

  • When was the decision made: Date

  • Decision Summary: Short version of what you have decided


Olivia khan-Do Sat 15 Apr 2023 10:02AM

If you would already like to register your interest in the workshop you Khan already use this form that I copied from last year :)


Alex Kaos Sat 15 Apr 2023 10:11AM

Hi, I love this proposal.

I believe that what we need is to train 'in-house' kiezburners on this topic well, and allow them to repropogate the information and training internally. This seems to me the most effective technique for a long term consent-orientated community.

After working with Olivia in the RAD for a year, I personally think she is already ready to fullfill this role. However 200€ is a minimal expense when it comes to supporting our consent culture. Every breach of consent causes damage that needs repair, and there is no amount of money that 'fixes' such situations. We have to be investing in prevention via education.

I have seen first hand, whiclst working witht the RAD, the board and in other projects, how powerful effectivley educating consent offenders can be. I have also seen that some individuals cannot be reached in a such a way, and that they have to be asked to stand outside of our spaces until they prove otherwise, luckily, this is the minority case in this community.

So whilst we need means for addressing behaviours in hindsight, and having those individuals follow a suitable accountability process, there should be a spearheaded operation diving directly into the effective education of the community as a whole on the topic of consent.

For context, I beleive the most successfully Kiez Burn is when we have reached such a stage of understanding and broad-community training that we no longer need specific shifts for Rangers, Welfare, Shit NInjas etc. The community collectivley fullfills those roles and purposes without having to be on any shift-plan.

This is one vital branch on that quest.


CJ Yetman Sun 16 Apr 2023 1:05PM

This sounds like not much money and totally worth it! 👍🏻


walto Wed 19 Apr 2023 9:18AM

Seems like a reasonable amount of €€ for an important topic.

Maybe we can spend a couple of Euros on Listerated Pepsin Chewing Gum as well? 😉


Jack Wed 19 Apr 2023 10:50PM

I would also endorse this for the small amount of funding that would be required, considering how important of a subject it is. Well done Olivia! My only slight concern would be, how do you get the people who would benefit from this (i.e. need this the most) to attend the workshop?


Alex Kaos Thu 20 Apr 2023 6:43AM

@Jack That has always been the important question indeed!

It seems like for the time being, we are better making progress with 'trickle-down consentanomics';

by continually and activley training the engaged and swing-consenters, we shift the overton-window on the topic in the direction of an improved culture of consent. This is turn helps the community to maintain it's own equillibrium around this evolving cultural-center, and discourage or condemn behaviours outside of that deemed 'culturally appropriate'.

Or we could for future events we can force people to watch a 5 minute video on consent before they can purchase a ticket (i..e would you like a cup of tea?)


Olivia khan-Do Thu 20 Apr 2023 10:28AM

@Jack It's always the question. Folks often think they don't need this training because they have good intentions.

I think this is a step forward in having a more consent culture. The early adopters and community leaders solidify their own understanding and it trickles down. Even having Consent Training in our KB comms is a positive move in this direction.

I would also love support and ideas about how we share this training. Personally I find with Burn info it takes talking to people in small groups. Speaking to your camps and your friends and supporting them to understand why this is important 🤘

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Meghan Thu 20 Apr 2023 10:26PM

Sounds like a wonderful investment!


Cris Wed 26 Apr 2023 12:45PM

Absolutely worth it!

Thank you for the initiative!

Probably this is a worthy sum of money for a starter, but I'd also be very happy if we'd spend more in Consent. Maybe when we've solved the Storage business.

In my mind, and for perspective: 200€ receive Dreams that don't have such an important impact in our community, nor strive to solve problems we've been facing, nor make us grow as much, or have such a potentiality for replication. All good with Dreams, but no, I'm not neutral.

Also, fantastisch that this AP also became its own excellent meme gallery.

And yes, I'm a bit late to the game, but this hasn't been "decided" yet anyway :)


Bee Wed 26 Apr 2023 12:56PM

Late to the party here a little but had big logging in problems before when I tried to comment.

Very much support this and would love to be personally trained so I can ensure the site lead training is positively be influenced by it! Also think it would be good to trickle down for training more and more of our volunteers in this especially welfare and rangers 🤘 @Jessie


Kris Wed 26 Apr 2023 1:12PM

I’d like to know:

  1. What was the experience of people doing it last year?

  2. What are the measurable outcomes for Kiez Burn to determine the return we get?

  3. How is this better than, say, offering self-defense training?


Meghan Wed 26 Apr 2023 1:50PM

I don't think I understand the intent behind your point #3. Maybe you could explain a bit more about why you're suggesting this?


Ale Wed 26 Apr 2023 2:12PM


  1. Very good. Helpful, interesting conversations afterwards, sharing of knowledge and facts further than kiezburn community

  2. Is this something we also measure with dreams? Its investing in our community, knowledge, awareness and culture. Also that we invest and promote this, shows the importance we attribute to this, which is good marketing for interested burners. Ideally it makes the jobs of other people easier if consent awareness and training is part of the community (rangers, welfare, site leads, RAD,...)

  3. The concept of empowerment often starts with information. We are also advertisting a consent aware community and supporting it in getting there. Lots of people maybe never got into contact with consent training and are unaware of finer details or their own impact and behaviour.


Cris Thu 27 Apr 2023 10:39AM


3. Besides what Ale says:

  • Knowledge about consent promotes self consciousness, entitlement and prevents insecurities, which are the first step of self-defense.

  • Physical training doesn't necessarily and automatically imply entitlement. As in: not because you're black belt in taekwondo, you'd ever be able to hit someone in real life. It takes something that it's inside.

  • For a physical training to be absorb by the body in a way that allows a fast and automatic response, you need to repeat the moves over and over during several months or years. You don't learn anything really in some hours.

  • And more importantly: teaching consent goes closer to the core and origin of the problem, instead of to the receiving end, avoiding again putting the responsability onto the victim.

    "Instead of teaching your daughters how to defend themselves, why wouldn't you teach your sons not to abuse".

(As context: I'm saying this from the perspective of training in a feminist and self organized Kampfsport group since 8 years)


Kris Thu 27 Apr 2023 2:03PM

Wasn't my intention to push buttons with that one, for the third point it might as well been "a different provider of consent training". What I'm trying to get at is the criticism that this isn't reaching the right audience if what you're offering is a 101 course on zoom, and whether we can determine how valid that criticism is. (Intervention training is another good example of a different kind of training, specifically for people interested in acting in ranger/welfare/site capacities and are likely to show up on zoom.)

There's a very interesting event response maturity graphic that I can't find (I've posted it here before somewhere), but if we think of the Rape Culture Pyramid from normalisation to assault, I want to know how what on the pyramid we're targeting and why. If we had a survey, the questions might range from "how many reports of assault did we get" to "did you experience degrading acts" to "do feel free to be naked or sexually expressive without getting unwanted attention". My guess is that we're doing well on the two first, but less so on the last. I want those numbers, and I want to see them improve.

Having this as "marketing", as "ooh, look we do consent here", in the worst case, makes us complicit if the event is not actually safer or more liberated.


Bee Thu 27 Apr 2023 4:49PM

@Kris@Kris would like to point out that consent doesn't just relate directly to sexual type of interactions. As well as obviously supporting the principle of consent, I think this training could (hopefully) also address the Inclusion principle. Since I haven't done the training I can't be sure but i also think that there is no negative consequence of having more training in general. I would also whole heartedly support an advice process putting forward intervention training too if someone was stepping up to propose this.


Kris Thu 27 Apr 2023 5:14PM

Nowhere am I saying I’m against this, 200 eur is a pittance. I just want to make sure we’re not being sanctimonious.