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2021 Talk moderation

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Welcome! this is @Kate and Hans (@Purzel)

Current team for each group:

Kiez Burn Planning group: @Kate & @Purzel

Kiez Burn e.V group: (Kate & Purzel)

Advice process group: OPEN ROLE

This thread is to: 

Become part of the team of Moderators & Guides

If you wish to be part of the team and contribute to making Talk a  better place to discuss things that matter to us, please read the description of the role below, and reach out in the comments. The team will contact you and offer you an onboarding.  

The role of Admin:

Admins have technically the same permissions as Admin-moderators, however, they are not to intervene in conflicts. They could and they should, as well as all Talk users, flag issues to moderators. We have enough Admins on each group at the moment and is not so much more to organize on the Talk skeleton.

The role of Admin-Moderators:

  • Label threads

  • Read threads and spot red flags, and traffic lights  flagged by participants/users

  • Spot issues themselves (🚩 🚥) 

  • Receive incidents reports through the form

  • Take action when conflict arises within discussions  (unacceptable behavior)

  • Move threads to different groups ( e.g. to Advice process) 

  • Move comments to corresponding discussions if they were misplaced.

  • Keep group descriptions and links up to date.

  • Provide links to relevant subgroups of the Kiez Burn Planning group to the website curators to update the content in the production website.

  • Manage and distribute threads to archive according to the model proposed on the Talk site map thread (AP)

  • In addition, they could and are encouraged to: 

    • Spot comments that are not crossing boundaries but are mildly offensive/aggressive. (🚩 🚥) based on the best practices of our  Netiquette

    • Work to prevent discussions from being unpleasant and unconstructive.

The role of Talk  Guides: 

These do not necessarily need to have admin rights ( they are still labeled), however, they flag issues and work closely with Admin-moderators. They also could be the same person ( Admin + Moderator + Guide) 

  • Spot comments that mislead the discussions.

  • Guide the discussion towards an outcome by: 

    • Tagging people/leads that haven’t been tagged and are relevant to the topic.

    • Suggesting best practices:  like polls, and all that is in the Netiquette.

    • Quote and rephrase when comments and opinions are not clear, guiding the conversation to light.

    • Flag to moderators to move threads to AP group when needed.

Hit the comments and tag the current moderators if you wish to join!


Cris Mon 13 Jun 2022 4:07PM

Dears, could anyone with admin rights for the 2022 group change the Header to the new design, plis? This one, or this other one, whichever you prefer.
@Purzel @Kaliope


Veroca R. Sala Wed 17 Nov 2021 11:05AM

Updated this thread with the link to the Netiquette recently approved via AP


Veroca R. Sala Sun 25 Jul 2021 7:40AM

Hey Im trying to moderate the space but I find it challenging some of the features on Talk dont work or perhaps I dont really know how to use them, Can someone help me?

I have gone through the Gide from Loomio and I couldn't find how to move comments from one thread to the other within the same group.

I am admin of Planning 2021 group. Often times conversations are misplaced in the wrong threads. I wish to move them but I end up taking captures of threads and pasting them in the "correct" thread, but the best practice would be to move the comments so as to also be able to use the links in the comments and continue the conversation/ replies etc.

The problem:

1st step, selecting the comment to be moved to another thread.

Im aware this comment should be in the Robot Ministry as well. I Will bring this there too. But I thought would be good to make the issue more visible to future moderators, in case the problem doesnt have a solution for any reason.


Veroca R. Sala Thu 21 Jan 2021 10:31AM

Added this:

Update: Here is a proposal thread to Organize Talk - note: you have to join the Advice Process group to see this thread, only a clink on "JOIN" and you are in!


Veroca R. Sala Thu 12 Mar 2020 12:22AM

Realities updated with this content.


walto Wed 11 Mar 2020 1:07AM


walto Tue 10 Mar 2020 9:31PM

thread description updated.


walto Thu 27 Feb 2020 1:24AM

Would be lovely if someone takes over tbh... Actions taken recently:

  • moved all dreams related threads to the Dreams group

  • updated the KB 2020 event group description with links to the new group(s)

  • created a new subgroup for location and moved relevant threads there

This feels a bit more like repairing and is not vision based. I believe someone who has a look at Loomio best practices, maybe checks how Borderland organizes their Talk,... will probably come up with much better structures and a much better way of moderating all this.


walto Tue 25 Feb 2020 6:18PM

This is an interesting source for a facilitator role through Loomio: