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FINALISED: Kiez Burn Code of Conduct & Radical Accountability Department

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This advice process was about creating and implementing a Code of Conduct and founding a Conflict Awareness team for the Kiez Burn community

The Code of Conduct can be found here:


@Hanna-Maija (Animal) she/her

Proposer’s role:

I have been part of the Kiez Burn community from the first year on and have been involved in several lead positions throughout the years. I have been taking part in some conflict resolving processes within the community and I am a semi professional consent educator. I strongly believe that Kiez Burn would benefit from a Code of Conduct that would set some basic standards on what is expected from people participating in the community and its events.

The advice process

Information gathered before posting

I hosted a Code of Conduct workshop at the Workshop event we had last August and gathered some notes and ideas from people. I went through several Code of Conduct documents form different communities (burner and other) and used them as a base of this document, most importantly to mention the Code of Conduct of Nowhere:

People/roles most affected by this proposal

  • Rangers: @Jessie and @Cris

  • Welfare: @River Aleks

  • Site Leads: @CJ YetmanYetman @Daisy

  • The e.V. Board @Bee @Alejandro Pereda @Veroca R. Sala @Mareike @Jan-Christian Kaspareit @Alex @Cris

  • The whole community

People/roles with the most knowledge and experience relevant to this proposal:

  • Contributors: @Sunniva @sadie + all the people in the workshop last August

  • All stars: @Franzi @Remy Schneider @waldo



At the moment Kiez Burn has no Code of Conduct. The community of our size would benefit from having some guidelines on what is expected from us. Code of Conduct would also make the work of the people involved in conflict solving easier, stating a clear guidelines on what is ok and what is not. What is the current situation? What are the problems with this? Are there any assumptions in your proposal?

The proposal

I propose that we collect feedback on this Code of Conduct draft, finish it, found a Conflict Awareness Team and then implement it all in our community.

How would the proposal be implemented

First we need to finish this document. Then we need a Conflict Awareness Team which will create the reporting tools for misconducts and processes for handling them. Once the Code of Conduct is taken into use it needs to be communicated to the community and especially the people working at ranger, welfare or site lead positions need to be trained on how the processes work. In the end the Code of Conduct, the Conflict Answering team and its processes and the reporting tool should be made available on the Kiez Burn website.

Who would implement this proposal

I am happy to drive this proposal forward and start forming the Conflict Awareness Team. If you are interested joining please contact me. I am also hoping support from the rangers and welfare team and the current e.V. board.

When would this proposal be implemented

I would like to have the Code of Conduct written, the processes defined and a Conflict Awareness team at place in time for the next Kiez Burn General Assembly (in the fall 2021). I would like to present this at the GA and have it implemented after an approval.

What would be the cost (time, money, effort, etc.) of this proposal

At the moment there is no financial costs. We need some efforts to finalise the document and some volunteers for the Conflict Awareness Team.

What are the advantages of this proposal (relative to the current situation and/or counter-proposals)

Since at the moment we have no Code of Conduct this would be a great step forward. The Code of Conduct addresses many of our principles including Consent, Inclusion and LNT.

What are the disadvantages of this proposal (relative to the current situation and/or counter-proposals)

It requires work and collaboration between different teams in the time when we are already short of time.

//EDIT 8.1.2022
This advice process is closed. As a result Kiez Burn now has A Code of Conduct and Radical Accountability Department (RAD)


Cris Tue 29 Jun 2021 4:04PM

Thanks sooo much for bringing this forward!!! I'm super happy to finally have the "legal frame"!

Even though I like ours better, the Nowhere document has the excellent advantage, that is very short and concise (and visually attractive) perfect to hang on a wall, and read fast on the way. I think it'd be really useful to have a simplified version.

I could try to help with that, once the CoC it's ready, if I have the bandwidth. But would also need a supervision, if you're up for that, @Hanna-Maija (Animal)

As a suggestion, I would actually add a deadline for this Advice Process, so we can use it during the event, maybe 2 weeks before or a bit more. We can always adapt and modify it, but to have it for the event it's the shit!

Gracias nochmal :)


Cris Thu 1 Jul 2021 6:11PM

So, the "fleißige" and experienced Nowhere people (Krevette and Aleta de Tiburón) offered this online presentation on their Nowhere Consent Project called "How to respond to consent violations in the burner community? Pan-Europeans sharing of best practices.

Here's the facebook event for reference.

Here's Krevette's (Nowhere) presentation for joy and inspiration.

And here are some notes I took, including some other notes and Links from Light House and Schloss Schönburn. Feel free to use them, add sth, adapt them, whatever.

I would resume it somehow like this:

  • Nowhere has a "no wrong/no right" approach, but a code of conduct, a scale and a restorative justice approach.

  • Their Framework is:

    • the participant code of conduct, which every ticket holder signs (including giving their consent to keep their name, if they get reported!!) It's treated as a contract between all parties.

    • the consent scale, to determine the severity of the consent violation (decided by the Consent Committee)

    • Consent Volunteers

  • They created this Consent Committee of skilled and very motivated burners (like the Consent Awareness Team here proposed) with a very clear distribution of tasks all around the year.


walto Tue 6 Jul 2021 12:10AM

Thanks for starting this process again. I find that especially in the online spaces, we need more of a code of conduct, that participants agree to and is also moderated. We have no such code of conduct for Talk or the Facebook group.

However, this code of conduct document has some internal inconsistencies in regards to what spaces it aims to control. In the introduction, it specifies actual gatherings, whereas in the "unacceptable behavior" it specifies offline & online spaces. Could you clarify the scope of control you aim to go for?

Why should we have a code of conduct?

Given this code of conduct document focuses on physical gatherings, I feel it needs to be more clear why this is relevant. On first read and reflecting, I was largely thinking: what does it add to the principles & safety protocols? But.. then I realized that the principles require more specification and the protocols clearer communication.

Therefore, could we maybe phrase it more as a codification of the principles? I would suggest headlining these more explicitly- basing ourselves on our existing principles? "Collaboration" is well reflected in "communal effort", while "supporting each other" is reflected in "community", and "environment" is "Leave no Trace" (proposal: let's replace the headers with our current principles?)

Btw, are we maybe not giving enough attention to self-expression & self-reliance?

Putting existing well-working tools more in the spotlight

When it comes to actual gatherings, and let's be honest: it is mainly Kiez Burn - could we explicitly link and make our Safety Protocols public?

Here are the 2018 safety protocols again: and somewhere on talk there is talk about 2019-2021 safety protocols...

Further building out the CoC strength

I really like the section "unacceptable behavior". I would suggest further building this out and especially defining a process by which this code of conduct gets re-iterated. The 2021 code of conduct version will be the first iteration and I expect we will be iterating & improving going forward, based on the learnings.

Online spaces?

so, my main concern still remains: what would be the code of conduct for the online spaces? And who helps to moderate?

Conflict awareness team

I love the idea of a team dedicated to improving the Kiez Burn processes regarding conflicts. However. I do find their job to be too vague, highly overlapping with the board, and lacking election. I personally would advise decoupling this team for now from the code of conduct and have this group be more informal. if you would want it to be more formal, I would advise putting together a proposal for a vote to be included in the bylaws, during the next general assembly. The scope for this team, defined in the document, would benefit from more discussion and a broader base of support.

Maybe as a suggestion, the goal of the conflict awareness team might be to monitor the implementation of the code of conduct and propose an iteration to this CoC within the next 12 months? Plus, support where needed in conflict escalation processes?

Personal time

This is a complex topic. We all suffer from a lack of time. I might not be able to contribute before the deadline, but I support any iterations of a code of conduct that are open for learning and change in the future. ❤️


walto Tue 6 Jul 2021 12:16AM

@Hanna-Maija (Animal) is this something for the "advice processes group" btw?


Franzi Thu 8 Jul 2021 5:03PM

@Hanna-Maija (Animal) thank you so much for all the work! I think its amazing. I left a whole bunch of comments and qq in the doc after review. My biggest qq is really on how we set up the team. I even wonder if this should be a separate advice process. what do you think?

also, I think this thread should move into the advice process group <3


Hanna-Maija (Animal) Sat 8 Jan 2022 5:38PM

This advice process is closed. As a result Kiez Burn now has A Code of Conduct and Radical Accountability Department (RAD). There will soon be a new thread with all the infos about the team.


Hanna-Maija (Animal) Tue 13 Jul 2021 1:22PM

Thank you for all the feedback! Starting my reply from one thing: The second paragraph says "This Code of Conduct is applicable while attending any Kiez Burn event and/or carrying out a volunteer role both offline and online."

For me it's clear that this CoC is as well wrote for online spaces but that is probably because I wrote it. I will go through again to make sure it's clear for you and for anyone else.

The CoC also mentions the COMMUNITY many times, indicating that this CoC is applicable to ANY community activity, meeting, phone call, discussion, gathering, volunteering task, etc... Maybe this needs to be made more clear as well?


Hanna-Maija (Animal) Tue 13 Jul 2021 1:28PM

Thank you for the feedback! I have gone through and made some comments and changes to the doc. How do i move this thread to the advice process group? Will it make a copy or just move it and all the comments as well?

Haha if the Talk rules and principles are not clear to me (someone who has been here for a long time) I can only imagine how they feel for someone just entering this space) :D


Hanna-Maija (Animal) Tue 13 Jul 2021 1:31PM

What is comes to the team - if I understood correctly in for example at Nowhere the team is formed just from a group of volunteers just like any other (non board) position. I imagine this not being the most popular task as it might be quite taxing so I would not make participating too complicated. Main important thing is that the team and its members are transparently communicated so people can decide if they want to communicate with them.


Hanna-Maija (Animal) Tue 13 Jul 2021 1:33PM

If you wanna lear more about how Nowhere has organised this they have a lot of info online at:

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