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(Closed) Radical Self Reliant Realizer - KORG rethink

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For now I have created this basic text document for use by the Realizers, based on the format used for meeting notes/update text we used last year in KORG meetings.

The formatting is explained at the start of the document and ideally we will have 2 KORG members to oversee critical needs, and another 2 for the Too big to fail sections. These named people will be the check in point for lost or in-need-of-help Realizers, as well as being able to access the KORG discord channel for questions.

I hope this document serves the purpose of collating info for the overview, as well as providing future Realizers with a view as to the issues/timeline & other planning info that was worked on this year.

Tonight at the #1 Realizer Meeting (17.03) I will try to recruit a Realizer Overseer and minimum 4 KORG folk who will be able to decide on a regular meeting schedule, keeping in mind when it works to report to the Board of good news developments or issues that come up. (I suggest to drop in or submit something for review at the Board Meetings).

Thank you all for your feedback. :)



KB2022 Site Lead Realizer
KB2021 KORG lead, Board President, Summer Camp Lead Orga

The advice process

Right now things are moving slow, people are reluctant it seems to join the KORG as they are worried it will take too much of their time.

I would like to implement a way to move forward quickly, with the ability to have a transparent overview of the critical orga areas.

People/roles most affected by this proposal

  • Board: @Mareike @Veroca R. Sala @Cris @Caro T @Jan-Christian Kaspareit @Cairn (Clément)

  • @Kate (seems to be doing a lot of the work to recruit right now :) )

People/roles with the most knowledge and experience relevant to this proposal:

  • KORGi's last year: @Professor Kaos @Hanna-Maija (Animal) @Purzel @CJ Yetman @Diarmaid

  • @Franzi Leader of the OG KORG 2020


Last year somehow the KORG went from being intended to be no Realizers or Board members to being made up of a lot of them. We did end up taking on a lot of extra overview that was of areas not deemed 'critical' and also there seemed to be a large sense of responsibility or expectation that the KORG would step in and take on the burden of any unfilled Realizer roles if they were not filled.

The Proposal

I am willing to create a system and documentation which would allow Realizers to update weekly (or fortnightly?) on any updates, or issues they have - which would be looked over my myself and preferably a couple of others. This would be either a google sheet, or word document text in the KB Drive folder which would be editable by Realizers/KORG and viewable by any other community member who wished to see an overview of progress or problems in these areas.

This would focus ONLY on event critical or super important too big to fail parts of the event planning, as last year somehow we ended up including very much non critical area updates as part of KORG meetings.

This document could be accessed directly by the Board for their own viewing leisure, or if it makes it easier and they prefer - I am willing to submit a digestible update for Board meetings that would have any major causes for alarm highlighted.

The KORG would be still function as a body for helping point Realizers in the right direction for problem solving i.e. putting them in touch with someone who can answer their questions, prompt for timeline/deadline planning. There would not be a responsibility (as there never inherently was) for KORG to step in and take these tasks on themselves if failing, but they would take initiative in asking community for help if a Realizer needed back up or critical role needs attention.When would this proposal be implemented

I would implement this ASAP if people are happy. I am also scouting on the KORG Discord channel for other willing KORG members / opinions.
See here

What would be the cost (time, money, effort, etc.) of this proposal

No money, just a little of my time and attention (and hopefully those couple of others) to keep an overview of what's going on. It would require Realizers to check in as they always have so that ultimately the Board is aware of progress and problems.

What are the advantages of this proposal (relative to the current situation and/or counter-proposals)

#Immediacy #Radical-Self-Reliance #Participation #Communal-Effort

There is a moving forward in a swift way to give Realizers a sense of the larger picture being drawn by them together and apart.

Realizers are put into the situation where they are more empowered to make decisions themselves without feeling they have a 'manager' above them.

More emphasis can be put on the larger community connecting and helping each other, lessening the idea there is a small group of powerful folk who run the show/fix all the problems/will remove your MOOP for you etc.

What are the disadvantages of this proposal (relative to the current situation and/or counter-proposals)

Some may feel a lack of support. Non critical areas will not be focused on.

One last thing...

Additionally I think it might be important to have a Realizer Co-ordinator role which may be a KORG member, another Realizer or someone who is neither who would also help play the role of recruitment and also potentially to hold larger Realizer meetings (in person or online) to connect Realizers in a face to face manner which is important when thinking about dependencies and also collaborative effort/encouragement etc.

This would hopefully also be the person who non-critical area Realizers could turn to for some support instead of the KORG.

I would like any thoughts or opposition on this concept ASAP - I would happily sit down this weekend and hash it all out 12.03.22 for immediate functioning.


Diarmaid Tue 8 Mar 2022 9:03PM

It would be nice if we could integrate these updates with Realities, so that when you go there you not only see who is in charge of that area, but also what the current status is. I can't see a clean way to do it though - it looks like you would have to edit it into the description somehow and that is probably too much work.

Otherwise seems good to me


Mareike Wed 9 Mar 2022 7:58AM

Thanks Bee for suggesting this and stepping up for implementing it! My thoughts on this (also copy pasted it in discord): I support this a lot and think right now we need a back-up plan, as creating a korg-team doesn't really seem to work this year.

I like (+ thoughts):
- a central document/spreadsheet for a general overview on the progress (--> obviously just for updates, no discussions!) Kathleen (Schatzmeisterin) also needs an overview of what is done by whom and how it's going/who to ask, so I think this document and the regular check-ins with you could be very helpful - but she needs to give her feedback herself:)
-radical self reliance, yey! removing the mystery of the Korg/Orga/Production as something to rely on, big yey!

-Realizer Coordinator role --> the name already makes it more clear what the role entails and with this proposal there seems to be a clear way to go, which might be more motivating to step up for this. This could also easily be done by a person/persons from outside Berlin (maybe more then the previous KOrgs who were only Berlin based people who met in person)

-focus on critical areas only --> we have to prioritize for now if we want to make this event happen! Who knows, maybe there will be 2 or 3 realizer coordinators who have the capacity to support you and check in with non-essential areas as well. Otherwise, let fail what the community doesn't carry.

I am also willing to support you with this as a board touchpoint. I would say, let's do it ASAP :)


Veroca R. Sala Wed 9 Mar 2022 9:30AM

Hey l like to think that we are open to approaching things differently adapting to the current scenario. It seems like the original Korg concept we had, is not really working and in order to have that, the board would have to take the organization, which is not really what we want.
Im up for decentralizing it and willing to review the critical areas that are "reported" form the sheet if they need attention.

For the non-critical areas, There are many realizers who also have experience and could also help each other and give each other guidance. Still, It wouldn't hurt to have all realizers ( also noncritical ones) giving a little update in the sheet, no?

Thanks bee!


Caro T Wed 9 Mar 2022 9:43AM

I'm personally in favor of this proposal. Speaking as someone who's still relatively new to the Kiez Burn crowd, I can obviously not speak from lived experience, but we seem to be losing a lot of human-power by having too many layers of bureaucracy or possibly roles to fill. This proposal seems to cut that back, which I like.

It also seems to support what is already happening organically. Whilst we struggle to form a KOrg, the community is already stepping up and organising self-reliantly as Realizers. Tickets are being sold, site-leads recruited, welfare and dreams teams are meeting, fire safety is bein discussed, etc etc all without a KOrg being in place.


Alex Kaos Wed 9 Mar 2022 4:53PM

The proposal seems very cool. Innovation and new thoughts is exactly what we need.

I started writing this and realized I went off on a tangent. I hope it still holds relevance in this thread and is helpful to your thinking Bee.

TL:DR - 'Korg' is too ambiguous and uncertain to attract capable participants. Switch the Korgie Role to 3-4 specific Realizer roles, and recruit the Realizers.

what a Korg is actually meant to do:

1. Creates an overview of who's doing what (contact and realizer list)

2. Ensures that realizers have contact to the other realizers they need to talk to

3. Recruits the missing realizer roles

4. Focuses on Event Critical roles first, and if there's time left, the other stuff

  1. Communicates with the Board any legal liability issues that need their attention

(What a Korg does is a whole other thing)

What I do like, is the idea this inspires of removing the KORG authority, and simply making each of these responsibilities a Realizer role. I have extended upon Bee's idea a little here;

1. Realizer Secretary - What you (Bee) are proposing to do yourself - I would recommend adapting Realities to this purpose as opposed to a google doc (and it needs a better name than 'secretary')

2. Realizer Coordinator (which could be put into a 2 role team)

2.a) Realizer Facilitator- Is in comms with the realizers, organizes meetings and

2.b) Responsibilities Coordinator - has the meta-production overview to report to the board, like a production lead

3. Realizer Recruiter - Gets info from 1. 2.a) and 2.b) to find missing realizers and onboard with the guide

This would look just like a Korg, but instead of being some 'mystical production overlords of Kiez Burn', they are 3-4 realizers with specific tasks that meet biweekly to update. It should also include a Board member (additionally) to be the relay for the board to keep their legality status overseen.

The question is, do we think we can more easily recruit these specific roles then recruit a Korg?


Franzi Fri 11 Mar 2022 6:54AM

Hey Bee, Thanks for putting forward this proposal! I think this is a super important discussion you are triggering and absolutely critical!!

I think we need to look at the system more holistically...we have several areas that are not running so well and they are all connected. My proposal would be to review Guides (I think its not working fron what folx say) as well as Korgies. Additionally I think Kiez Burn needs much more clarity on what the Board does, what their role is and how they want to be involved in organizing Kiez Burn. I think these three areas are all not clear. My proposal would be that we map all responsibilities and tasks like: recruitment, alignment, liabilities, building a vision, conflict escalation, project management, flagging obstacles before they beome problem, onboarding, ublocking, making sure folx have what they need to do their part, making sure we remain a happy community, making sure volunteering at kiez burn is fun etc and review it from there. On the back of that we can build Kiez Burn's operating model. I am happy to run this workshop or hand over workshop material to whoever is best equipped to do it. I understand this is time critical and maybe cant wait until Leadership Program.

Additionally, I wonder how the process will be facilitated to decide whats event critical? Could you shed some light there (I guess that should be an advice process)... also how does the alignment happen between Korg and Board. This has the potential to be a pain point.

I agree that Korgies role shouldn't be to pick up what doesn't happen. In reality how will this be handled? I think we always like to say 'oh we just dont do this' in reality there is usually burners that have put in a ton of work that are asking for help.


Cris Fri 11 Mar 2022 2:29PM

I love this idea, Bee! Very smart way to move forward!

Please, let's do it!


_ Wether we name those people Realizers or Korg it's quite the same, as soon as those coordination/recruitment tasks are done. But it'll be fun to see how that naming influences the dynamic 🐚

_ Totally love the document idea! One of the parts I liked the most from the previous KOrg, was actually this one document were all the updates were written, instead of several separate meeting notes.

_ I agree with Vero, that even if it's not curated, would be nice to leave the non critical areas a space in that document (or maybe another document?) to still have an overview of what it's failing 🌅

_ I personally wouldn't "create" more roles to fill within those realizers (as in the previous comment from @Professor Kaos ) because what I understand this proposal tries to do is quite the opposite. But I'll extract the list of task and let the new REALizers (former KOrgies) see how they handle it.

_ I'll happily will be watching over that document for leisure!


Bee Thu 17 Mar 2022 1:51PM

I agree with your sentiment 'There are many realizers who also have experience and could also help each other and give each other guidance.' I will try to recruit tonight at the Realizer meeting more formerly for people who will have a KORG-eye/be a contact point for the less critical areas.


Bee Thu 17 Mar 2022 1:53PM

Yes, I hope this centralised tracking doc works to eliminate some of the lengthier meetings we had least year at the very least :)


Bee Thu 17 Mar 2022 1:58PM

Thanks for the reminder of the core roles intended for the KORG. It certainly felt a little like we got a little off the path last year. I will see who is keen from the Realizers tonight to step up and take on a little more of the orga responsibility. Maybe your roles and titles will all get utilised if we have enough folk wanting to join :p

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