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[CLOSED] Let’s Burn the Effigy on Saturday!

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A decision has been made! This AP is now closed.

  • Jaina made the decision.

  • The decision was made on May 8, 2022.

Decision Summary: The Effigy will burn on Saturday after sundown, from 21:30 - 23:00!!!

As there was a great deal of support and no objections, it was a clear yes. Thanks to everyone who gave advice and their opinion. <3<3<3

The Effigy burn is a beautiful way to bind and transform the months of work we have all invested into creating this ephemeral reality. Let’s include all the magic that unfolds from Wednesday to Saturday … and kick off our final farewell celebration with a bang!


Proposer (name, handle, etc.):

Jaina Hirai

@jaina @Jaina Hirai

Lindsey Elms


Proposers' roles:

Jaina has been an active participant in every Kiez Burn from 2017 - present, and each year takes on more responsibility and becomes more involved. She has been a Dream Guide for 3 years, and is dedicated to the Eggify Effigy Dream being realized in a way that will most benefit the community including the dreamers themselves. Jaina is also the Camp Lead of The Observatory.

Lindsey has attended every Kiez Burn since 2017. She was Camp Co-Lead for Pyjamcakes in 2018, part of Welfare Orga in 2021 and currently Head of Human Relations for Welfare 2022.  

Neither Lindsey nor Jaina is directly involved with the Effigy burn. This idea for an AP arose during the 3- day Leadership Training in April. Neither of us has ever understood why the Effigy ceremony has taken place on the second to last night of Kiez Burn. We started talking with others at the leadership weekend only to discover that our question resonated with many there – so we felt inspired to take this to an Advice Process and see if we can enable a closing which feels more logical to more people. 

The advice process

Please note, if I could not find someone's handle on Talk, I posted the Discord handle instead.

Information gathered before posting

Jaina & Lindsay presented a prototype of this proposal at the Kiez Burn Leadership Training to approximately 20 Kiez Burners during a workshop on decision-making. The response from all was either “yes, that’s a great idea!” or “sure, that sounds fine, doesn’t matter which night it is to me.” There was no strong disagreement.

One-to-One Talks were had after the initial presentation with the following key advisors, either in person or via DM on Discord:

Annette, founder of Underworld, the largest and longest running sound camp at Kiez Burn, said that she has no objections to a Saturday burn. The only thing she advised us to consider was to make this AP in a timely fashion such that all the sound stages and the Sound Protocol Lead can plan their quiet times during the burn accordingly. She expressed a wish for the burn to be as early as possible, immediately after it gets dark, so that there is the maximum amount of time for celebration afterwards.

Bee, Lead of Site Leads, said she was in favor of a Saturday night burn, and was the first one to encourage us to submit this Advice Process.

During a one-to-one chat with Andreas Wasserprinz, creator and realizer of the Effigy for 2022, he said that it doesn’t matter to him which night we burn. Friday and Saturday are both okay with him.

Uli aus Berlin, co-lead of Program, said that she is enthusiastically in favor of a Saturday night burn. 

JCK, Camp Lead of Saloon, one of the 4 sound camps, said that he is very much in favor of a Saturday burn. He suggests that we are sure to communicate the time and date clearly to all camps, and that the burn is of a short duration, to keep the energy high for the rest of the night. 

Clément, Camp Lead of Prometheans, who usually offer their fire-spinning skills during the burn, said they have no preference as to which night the burn occurs.

Hans, Fire Marshall, has no fire safety concerns about the burn on Saturday night. We asked specifically about our suggested protocol (below) about poor weather conditions that might cause the burn to have to move to a different night than Saturday, and he said it is not a problem. It has happened before and the fire team can be flexible.

Louis, Camp Lead of Bangers & Mash, one of the 4 sound stages said he is in favor of a Saturday burn. This is what he experienced at Afrikaburn and he found it to be a great kickoff to the final night.

Sadie, Kieze Facilitator informed  the Camp Leads of this AP via email on 1 May, so that they are aware and can give feedback if they wish. She is from a personal standpoint in favor of a Saturday burn.

Julia, Communicorns is happy to help us get the word out about the AP, and its results.

People/roles most affected by this proposal

  • Eggify Dreamer - because he is responsible for creating/burning/striking the Effigy @wasserprinz

  • Fire Guardians and the person who will train them (TBD)

  • Ceremony Lead (TBD)

  • Sound Stages - because we typically have ‘quiet hours’ during the Effigy burn that need to be planned in advance @Jan-Christian Kaspareit @newalina @louisshambles @bekind1989

  • Sound Protocol Lead @z0ken 

  • Program Leads @uliausberlin & Jeremy Shub

  • Camp Leads - because they will want to plan their Kiez program offers (workshops, performances, etc.) around the Effigy burn @Sadie Kieze Facilitator 

People/roles with the most knowledge and experience relevant to this proposal:

  • The Effigy burn involves the most fire we anticipate during Kiez Burn @Purzel Fire Marshall

  • More fire info @Professor Kaos

  • Overall safety during the burn falls to the Site Lead on duty (TBD) and the Site Lead Lead @Bee

The proposal


At many burns around the world, the Effigy burn occurs on the last day before strike. It is seen as the final and culminating release of all that has been experienced and overcome during the burn. For some reason, Kiez Burn has frequently, but not always, burned their Effigy on Friday. Last year the burn was planned for Friday, but was moved to Saturday due to weather.

Kiez Burn also shares the common burn tradition of Ac1d Friday. As many burners are still in the midst of or completing this sometimes exhausting experience on Friday night when the burn has historically occurred, the energy and focus on the burn is sometimes low. There is also a concern that someone who is on another mental plane could try to run into the fire, or do something else unadvisable.  By having the burn on Saturday we reduce the collective ‘high on ac1d vibe’ present during the burning, exchanging it at least for a mixed bag of various forms of sobriety and intoxication. 

The proposal

We propose to have the Effigy burn on Saturday night! We propose it take place just after sundown, for a duration of no more than 90 minutes total. Within this time there is space for some or all of the following traditional options:

  • short speech or brief ceremony

  • fire spinning

  • Burn and silence during [deleted on 1.5.22 per Universe's comment]

  • Running naked around the bonfire

Sunset on this date is 21:18 so the proposed Effigy burn time slot is 21:30 - 23:00. By the time we reach the point of the ritual in which we light the Effigy, it will be 22:30 or later, so sufficiently dark. Because everything runs on burner time, we will likely begin later than expected. If the music takes a break at 21:30, this will help to cue burners to gather at the Effigy.

How would the proposal be implemented

If everyone who will be affected by this proposal agrees to having the Burn on Saturday, then they will carry out their same roles and responsibilities one day later. As soon as this AP is closed, we will inform those affected (e.g. Effigy creator, Program Team; Camp Leads and Fire Marshall) and we will ask Communicorns to share/create a post on Discord and Telegram to inform the general community. 

Who would implement this proposal

Jaina will close the proposal on the scheduled date of May 8 @ 23:59.

Fire Marshall contacts Fire Dept to arrange for a Saturday burn. - consent received 

Effigy Builder prepares the Effigy to burn on Saturday.- consent received

Sound Camps arrange their quiet hours around the Saturday burn. -consent received from 3 of 4 sound camps at time of writing

Program Printing Team would include the date and time of Saturday July 16 of the Effigy burn in the program

When would this proposal be implemented

This decision would ideally be made before May 18th, in order to be in the printed program.

Thus we work backwards:

  • 30 April Advice Process Opens

  • 30 April - 8 May Feedback time

  • 8 May at midnight Advice Process Closes

  • 10 May Communicorns inform the community of the outcome

What would be the cost (time, money, effort, etc.) of this proposal

Monetary costs for a Saturday burn would be exactly the same as for a Friday burn.

What are the advantages of this proposal (relative to the current situation and/or counter-proposals)

Immediacy: As many view the Effigy burn as the “goodbye” moment, during which all that we have experienced is burned and let go, this proposal creates a container for the realization that we are all merely sparks in the wind, here for a moment and gone in the blink of an eye.

Community: We have already spoken with many of the most active and affected Leads and Realizers at Kiez Burn, and not one had strong feelings against a Saturday night burn, and many we spoke with had enthusiasm for a Saturday night burn. This proposal thus reflects a larger desire of the Kiez Burn community. A Saturday night burn also aligns us with the larger global burn community.

Inclusion: The burn will not take place on Ac1d Friday. We believe the good, messy chaos of Ac1d Friday does not fit well with a group ritual. We think it could be safer and more inclusive to burn the Effigy on a different night, when people have had time to recover, reflect upon, and process their Friday experiences.

What are the disadvantages of this proposal (relative to the current situation and/or counter-proposals)

The disadvantage that we see is that sometimes, due to weather conditions such as wind or rain, such as in 2021, the planned date for the burn must be moved. In 2021, we postponed the Friday burn to Saturday. It would be a disadvantage if there were only 1 chance to burn, and not 2.


A solution to this could be to establish a clear and strong protocol to check the weather on Friday morning. If the forecast has a 70% chance or higher of unfavorable weather conditions for Saturday evening then we move the burn and the associated quiet hours to Friday. This could cause additional stress for the Site Lead on duty and Sound Camps to rearrange things last minute, but considering that in 2021, the decision to postpone the burn was made only hours before the planned burn, this protocol could still reduce the stress we experienced last year.

This Advice Process will close on 8 May at 23:59. We welcome any and all constructive comments, feedback, suggestions and questions here in this thread until that date. Thanks for reading! Thanks for participating!


Sat 30 Apr 2022 4:36PM

Yes, amazing, I am in full favour. I have experienced a couple of smaller burns choosing to burn on a Friday, as opposed to the more 'traditional, as in, close to Burning Man' Saturday burn. On all such occasions I have felt that the burn happened too soon and we burners have not been able yet to 'complete the experience arc' in order to be able to burn/release/celebrate. So, full support from the 'burn as a storyline' and 'burner experience' kinda angle.

One thing I do not support - but it is also not specifically part of the advice process, just an item in the narrative - is associating the fire burning with silence. This is something for the temple/solemn burn. I would like to enjoy the freedom of not imposing silence here. Again, not a topic here, just wanted to share with whoever comes over roaming around advice processes ;D

One last thing - what an amazingly written advice process. Bam.


Sunniva Tue 3 May 2022 12:47PM

I totally support this proposal! Clearly communicated and nicely put together. Appreciate your initiative & work 🙌


Mareike Wed 4 May 2022 10:10AM

Thanks @Jaina Hirai and @lindsey for all the work you have put in and the conversations you have had to bring this proposal forward! I'm very much in favour of a saturday burn! Maybe one thing to consider is also strike and LNT - on sunday everyone will be busy with striking their camps, so just to plan ahead and have some volunteers on sunday to clean up the firepit (i think i remember last year this didn't work out so well) - but organizing these volunteers I think would be responsibility of the effigy realizers?


Bee Wed 4 May 2022 4:55PM

Woohoo what a brilliant and clear proposal from you both :) As mentioned I am also a fan of a Saturday burn for the mentioned reasons, primarily the experience feeling a little premature 2 nights before we Strike and also the Friday intoxication levels of the crown. (Especially thinking of those folk that don't like to stand a safe distance when running around the flames).

I like that you've thought of a way to make sure bad weather doesn't ruin any plans by leaving the option open for Friday night. This would potentially be a little messier by interrupting DJ sets, workshops etc. Volunteer fire guardians/Feuerwehr/Site Leads and anyone involved in any performance would need to be notified of the change as soon as possible, so I wonder if it's worth there being a planned meeting with the eggify team on Friday at a set time so this can be clarified with clarity and immediacy.

I am also going to tag @CJ Yetman as former Site Lead realizer in case of any other points that might be of importance from this side. :)


Alex Kaos Thu 5 May 2022 12:03PM

Excellent stuff and a very thorough proposal!

The main reason to do the Effigy ceremony on the Friday was exactly for accommodating bad weather. Deferring a prepared plan one day later is easier than brining a plan one day forward. But the proposal to hold Friday night as a potential option would accommodate this if executed well.

imo DJ's timeslots be damned!

That being said, as much as I love the extra energy I have seen at the Kiez Burn effigy burn compared to other Burns (no doubt attributed to the Friday Festivities), it is an extra bitch to get adequate and sober temple guardians. Moving to Saturday would make this easier.

We have not had any negative incident concerning the Effigy so far (touch wood..... but not the burning wood....), but moving the ceremony to Saturday does make things slightly safer overall.

The only main issue is that it seems like we can't Burn the Temple on the Sunday (as the feuerwehr will have left the site by then, could you confirm this @Purzel), which means that if we want to Burn the temple, we will probably have to do it on the Saturday night.
(This is different information than what I had told you Jaina when you asked prior, my apologies!)

So a Saturday night Effigy burn will likely mean no Temple Burn (even though we are planned to have a temple this year)

That's up to you guys. I'd rather burn than strike the Temple, but if this topic is important enough, then we can just strike it. Burning the Temple is actually still an open topic that is not yet concluded, so there is a chance that it may not get burned on Saturday even if it can. But this AP would likely finalize the option.


CJ Yetman Thu 5 May 2022 2:41PM

Overall, very much in favor of this proposal, and I don't see any significant problems with doing it that way.

One aside that's been discussed here, but is not specifically critical to this proposal: moving the burn night on the fly is a bad idea in my opinion. My personal experience with that last year was:

  • I modified my personal behavior leading up to the burn on Friday night to facilitate me taking a role in organizing and monitoring it (i.e. staying sober and conserving energy [by napping and not doing hyper energetic stuff soon before]), and then that sacrifice basically went to waste

  • I then had to do the same thing the following night

  • Organizing a change in the sound protocol on the fly on Friday night was the only major conflict/complaint/problem the Site Leads had last year

To me, it's just too many moving pieces to switch to another day on short notice, and I believe it potentially causes significant impact on those committed to playing a role in facilitating it.


Paul aka Khromo Sat 7 May 2022 10:13PM

Amen to that.

Always wondered why it was in the Friday. I remember it being a bit stupid that b people were showing up in Saturday afternoon when the effigy burn had already happened.


Purzel Tue 10 May 2022 2:11PM

I personally would prefer to have such a meeting before the event or on Thursday. Friday is supposed to be my day off for some reason 😉


Jaina Hirai Thu 5 May 2022 10:56AM

I think this is a valid point. I will be at Spark this weekend and will see if I can speak to both the Effigy Realizer and the Volunteer Lead about making sure that there are volunteers for Sunday's fire pit clean up. I may even sign up myself, if my camp can do without me for an hour!


Jaina Hirai Thu 5 May 2022 11:04AM

Thanks for your support, @Bee. I absolutely support the idea of a pre-arranged meeting between the Eggify Team, Site Lead(s), @Purzel and any ceremony/performance participants. How best to arrange this? Can I help in some way?

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