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[Seeking Advice] - Ticket Price

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Proposer (name, handle, etc.):


Proposer’s role:

Finance Lead

The advice process

Information gathered before posting

  • Spoke to Korg - Event Coordination Team

  • Managed the Budget for KB19

  • Establishing Budget for KB20

People/roles most affected by this proposal

  • Ticketing @otto @jan

  • Finance @Alexxx

  • Korg @Bee @Veroca R. Sala @Cris @clement @Sven Dudink @Daisy


People/roles with the most knowledge and experience relevant to this proposal:

  • Finance Lead KB2019 - @Alexxx

  • KB e.V. Board - @Remy Schneider @Franzi @waldo @Saskia (The Fuzzy Facilitator) @Hanna-Maia

  • Event Realizers from KB2019

  • Former Finance Leads

The proposal


How much should our tickets cost? This is a major decision and the Korg and Finance are seeking advice from the community on their input as to how to operate this.
Please keep in mind that we are only seeking advice, and not opinions, and the final decision shall be made by the Even Coordination team in conjunction with Finance, including all the input acquired here.

In previous years, the core team (or Board of last year) would assemble budget request from the various major Realizors of Needs, and frame this against the accounts of the previous years. Where there are gaps in the numbers, educated guesses are made. This process is time consuming, but formulates a defined budget to be communicated with the Realizers and other relevant parties. We would likely follow a similar process this year, but we would like to include input from the wider community via our Talk platform.

The proposal

How much should the Kiez burn 2020 Tickets cost? Should there be Low-income and how many/much? Please provide your thoughts on the matter. Here are our current figures for reference (subject to change over the coming fortnight, please use only a reference).

There are many dependancies to the final price, including event-Orga costs (which aren't finalized), week 51 budget - which also isn't finalized, number of participants (also in advice seeking stage). SO everything is usbject to change.

We are simply asking here for input on the topic. Without real figures we can't make solid estimations

How would the proposal be implemented

The ticket price will be selected after the budget has been finalized, and taking all input here into account. This must be decided at the latest the day before tickets go on sale. But the budget is set to be finalized on the 17th March.

Who would implement this proposal

Finance and Korg

When would this proposal be implemented

The budget will be finalized by the 17th March. We will then take this input and decide upon a ticket price by the latest 18th March. This means we would be able to put tickets on sale from that date forward (ticketing team dependant)

What would be the cost (time, money, effort, etc.) of this proposal

How much money we have for Art effectively. The budget works that we establish how much the organization has for costs to run a safe and legal event, and then we squeeze as much money as possible to the Art's budget, which is the gap between our total income from the ticket price and the costs to run the event.

What are the advantages of this proposal (relative to the current situation and/or counter-proposals)

It is more transparent than previous years. We are at the very least asking for a wider range of input than just the individuals directly affected by the budget.

What are the disadvantages of this proposal (relative to the current situation and/or counter-proposals)

I would be concered about too many opinions coming into this space. The decision has to be made in the end by the team taking responsibility for the event organization, and not all factors can be seen/communicated on Talk for a number of reasons. Please be supportive and constructive in your feedback and contribution on here, and remember your role is to help the decision makers make the best decision they can. Thank you kindly.


Write here when you think a decision can be taken or should be taken. You could set a deadline if other important leads/areas are dependent on a decision here. Or you could take the open-ended view that you will take a decision when all have had the chance to give advice.

When a decision was reached, write on top of the thread:

A decision has been made

  • Who made the decision: Your name

  • When was the decision made: Date

  • Decision Summary: Short version of what you have decided