2019 archive - Decompression 2019

Let's kick off the planning for our next big reunion here.

We have returned to the concrete and are eagerly awaiting the decompression! What better way to decompress from all our burns: Kiez Burn, Nowhere, The Borderland and The Burning Man Project. In the true spirit of what it means to BURN, this event will be a COMMERCE FREE event (BYO and gifting). A Burn in the heart of Berlin! Come celebrate radical self expression and life in accordance with the 11 principles. Let’s co-create and fill Anomolie with art, music, workshops, talks and FIREEEEE!


  1. 1st meeting: 17 July, 7 pm @ OMA Cafe | agenda here, notes here
  2. 2nd meeting: 12 August @ OMA cafe | agenda and notes here
  3. Site visit: 10 August @ Anomalie Art Club | notes here
  4. General decompression info+ideation session: 4th Sept @ Tobi's house
  5. (1 more meetup leads get together: 30th Sept @ Zaher’s Lounge | Nostitzstraße 38, 10961 Berlin Facebook event
  6. Decompression: 11 October @ Anomalie Art Club | Facebook event

Next steps

  1. Get more volunteers
  2. Have a look at our Orga Sheet
  3. Any questions/ideas? Open a new thread below!

Radical transparency

On Talk we discuss, make plans and important decisions; the Facebook Chat is for urgent reminders and blabla. Contact Crazy Daisy if you want to be added.


Area (Co-)Lead Thread URL
Event Lead 1 Daisy (leading deco, angels, design, strike, opening ceremony and tickets) ...
Event Lead 2 Bee (Leading finance + Art grants, transport, location, gate, fire ) ...
Event Lead 3 Johannes (leading music, workshops, Communication, food and cuddle puddle) ...
Music Quentin, Konsti, Deep, James Application form
Angels Leyla ...
Comms Tamar + Charm + Nora ...
Gate Tamar + Szabina ...
Design Amelie Graphics here
LNT + Strike Tobi ...
Fire Hans ...
Greeters Indiia ...
Workshops Rochelle + Fernandes Workshop form here
Deco Agata + Marta Site visit thread
Ticketing Kris + Charm ...
Transport Hans ...
Opening Ceremony Shannon Turner, Elena Haffmans, Christina Ariaz ...
Cuddle Puddle Bee & Amihay ...
Food Andrea ...
Finance + Art Grants Christian Heller ...
Location Scout Erin Thread here

To invite other burners to this group, just share this link:

Just in case: If anyone knows where the old group has disappeared to – let us know! More info about last year's decompression can be found here.

Last Minute Locations
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Message from Kiez Burn e.V. Board regarding Finances and Legalities
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Grant request form and process
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3rd meeting
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Cuddle Space
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Deco Site Visit
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Need Leads! Let's chat here!
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Should there be more meetings?
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We checked out the venue (Notes & Descriptions)
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Want to do a workshop?
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What is the difference between Gate and Greeters
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Decomp Art and Design Day
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2nd Decompression org meet up (Now with AGENDA & INFOS) :)
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When is it happening?
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Do we want to make this a fundraising event?
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Location: Anomalie Art Club
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Agenda for our 1st meetup! Who knows a nice location that can host us?
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Welcome! Please introduce yourself
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How to use Loomio
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