Fri 27 Sep 2019 9:20AM

Last Minute Locations

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Here you can post about all the latest finding about locations and contracts as well

UPDATE: Check out the new spreadsheet I made to collect all the information. If someone already has one then please ignore this and re-link it. Otherwise put your contacts and info in there so we have a centralized location for all the info. (Note: Please actually get some numbers/contact information to make future orga teams live's much easier)


Henrik 馃 Mon 30 Sep 2019 7:59AM

We could have Fiese Remise and Sage Beach (open air) on Sunday the 13th. If we want to have music outside, we need to apply for a permission. Call me if this is interesting (017647756324)


Isa Luz Mon 30 Sep 2019 10:15AM

We can also go to Kulturbotschaft Lichtenberg! I just talked to them.Its the new venue of the people that run Tacheles. They're free on the 11th, have two floors (plus hallway), we can make our own bar and it fits around 400-500ppl.
Fixed costs are 400 (sound system) and 100 (secu). Everything else depends on how long we wanna be there and how many people we are expecting (rent, bar compensation). If I understood right this would be around 1800- 2200e.

They invite us to visit them THIS WEDNESDAY and talk through everything. I am not sure if i can make it to the meeting tonight but call me if you're interested or have further questions (015201481472).


Isa Luz Mon 30 Sep 2019 10:43AM

you can find impressions and photos on their fb page or here


Alex Kaos Mon 30 Sep 2019 11:16AM

From Tamar (and must be deleted shortly afterwards)

Location : Ziegrastra脽e 11 (Solarium + Schrippe Hawaii complex)
Deal is 2000 for each venue. 4000 in total.
Includes: space for 440 ppl max
Time: from 16pm until 12pm (negotiable if we need more)
Alcohol allowance - BYO - no external bar and no extra costs
Equipment (music, cleaning, lighting etc) :
Tech support:
Marketing/Advertising policy: Closed event only and location not publicly posted
Cleaning costs: we clean basic stuff, leave no trace, no mopping floors. Otherwise it is included in the price.

Other details:

There is no insurance, because these are nofficial places.
Lights and tech we have most of the things you will need (probably everything you need)
And it鈥檚 all included in the price.
Also this is a cash price!
No invoice!
If you need invoice, price will definitely change

Is that everything you need at the moment?
About all the equipment and stuff I suggest to show everything to you when we meet (if we meet).
what it means for us - we need to come up with a ticketing systme because we will have two gates. one at each entrance , the venues are about 10 meters apart (same building)


Alex Kaos Mon 28 Oct 2019 9:34PM

Johnny Knuppel are also interested in hosting a Burn now. The deal might not be perfect at first glance but I think the opportunity for growth and a healthy relationship could be magical. Please read the attached notes for more info.


meowmeow Tue 29 Oct 2019 2:46PM

Oh Fuck Yes! I personally love and miss this venue. Wondering if there鈥檚 anyway to cross examine the door staff....