Thu 5 Sep 2019 3:14PM

Grant request form and process

P(H plom (Christian Heller) Public Seen by 62

If someone needs money for their project, art piece, workshop etc. on our burn night, they may apply for grants (for which we currently have a total budget of 1000€ available). I'm currently setting up the grant application form for this on Google Docs. So far, it contains the following questions/fields (the answers of which will be collected in a Google Docs spreadsheet):

  • your personal name
  • your project's name
  • describe your project
  • how much money do you need? (please note we will only be able to reimburse expenses for which you can provide proper receipts)
  • what's the LNT (leave no trace) strategy for your project?
  • any transport needs we may be able to help with?
  • additional comments, questions?

Now some questions to all of you about this:
1. Any fields/questions missing? Or unnecessary? Or phrased in a way that could be improved?
2. How do we want to handle the answers? Some of the data (e-mail addresses) may be considered sensitive by people, therefore the Google Doc would not be public. But I could give access via personalized invitations. Or I could copy data relevant to a collective decision making process into a separate public spreadsheet, excluding data such as e-mail addresses.
3. How do we want to decide on whom to grant what money? For example, I could collect the answers until a certain date, and then "we" (leads only? anyone who shows up?) go through them at a meeting and decide whom to grant what.
4. I plan to publish and promote a link to the form at least inside our Facebook event; any ideas where else it should be promoted?

UPDATE 2019-09-07: Okay, this is the form I plan to use – – and this is the spreadsheet filled by it (notice that it hides the contact info field for privacy reasons – the responses here are visible in another sheet, publicly inaccessible):
Gonna go public with this tomorrow or on Monday if I receive no veto or wishes for changing …

UPDATE 2019-09-11: After discussing things over with other leads, I conclude that the 22nd is a good deadline for submitting grant proposals, as that is when the last other deadline for formalized submitting any kind of participation proposal is.


Karlo Walz Thu 5 Sep 2019 4:51PM

Hi Plom, ich finde das toll dass du das erstens transparent machst und das auch noch so schön andiskutierst. Sehr gut und danke.
was noch fehlt ist für was denn das budget benötigt wird, also ne kleine Aufschlüsselung wenn das mehr als 100 eiro sind die angefragt werden.


Alex Kaos Sat 7 Sep 2019 6:29AM

On the other points;
2 - a linked spreadsheet that hides the sensitive data is an excellent solution to balance privacy and transparency
3 - I would like to see us utilize Talk's voting platform to decide on funding. I believe it should be possible to mimic the dream platform on here on this small scale, or adapt it to a more fitting model.
We still want to be driving K-Burners onto this platform and that is a very good incentive to be on here.
(Keep in mind the variance of hippies applying late, and project owners that need to know early if they got funded, it's a hard line to follow)
4 - could we put it in an email and send it out to the kB email list @kate ? It seems fitting to me to advertise on the email platform for our After-burn event.

Otherwise this is excellent work. I am more than happy to help in any way if needed. Especially if the decision is made to utilize dreams/talk for the decision process (at the precom we had less applications than funding, so no selection process was required).


plom (Christian Heller) Sat 7 Sep 2019 4:07PM

Okay, well, this is the form I made now – – and this is the spreadsheet filled by it (notice that it hides the contact info field for privacy reasons – the responses here are visible in another sheet, publicly inaccessible):
Gonna go public with this tomorrow or on Monday if I receive no veto or wishes for changing …


Quentin Tue 10 Sep 2019 2:39PM

In case a camp/crew needs a financial support for bringing stuff to the venue, (music equipment, deco,etc,..) can they get reimbursed, and what would be the process? Do they need to apply for an art grant ?


Alex Kaos Sat 7 Sep 2019 6:21AM

I agree with Karlo. It could be good practice to encourage artists to plan their budget beforehand in more detail and share this with finance/art grant team. Many Traum requests from the precom even linked the website from which they intended to but the materials, which is excellent for transparency and forethought (and also minimises surprise over-budgeting)


plom (Christian Heller) Sat 7 Sep 2019 9:16AM

Ah, guter Punkt, werde ich hinzufügen.


plom (Christian Heller) Wed 11 Sep 2019 9:09PM

After discussing with other leads today we came to the conclusion that we want to decide on the grants somewhere between the 23rd and 25th of this month, so I'll append all my invites to the form with mentioning a deadline on the 22nd. This also means that you'll know of approval ~2.5 weeks before the event, so I hope this solves your question :)


plom (Christian Heller) Sat 7 Sep 2019 9:15AM

2 - okay, it may be possible to build something with IMPORTRANGE doing that, gonna try it
3 - good point


plom (Christian Heller) Tue 10 Sep 2019 5:39PM

Yup. All requests for money need to go through the grant form. If they need to get an approval up to a special date they should also write that into the additional questions/comments field.


Ashley DuPree Wed 11 Sep 2019 11:57AM

Is it possible to add this info afterwards? I need to know about the approval at least 2 weeks before the event so I can order supplies and prepare one of the potions.