Fri 16 Aug 2019 6:13PM

Should there be more meetings?

JK Johannes Klöppner Public Seen by 58

How do we wanna handle communication, besides using Talk and the Facebook Chat? Should there be more in person meetings or regular Skype calls? Or do we mostly keep our discussions in the two channels. And if you want more group meetings how regularly do you think we should meet(monthly or bi monthly)?


Tamar Regev Fri 16 Aug 2019 8:37PM

I think we should all meet soon again with more info. End of Aug will be good for me.. given we have accomplished some progress. many ppl will be back from BM only in september and wont be able to attend. Personally I will be gone for a month and would love to meet one last time next weekend if its possible. We still need some leads and if we have those by next weekend would be good to have a meeting and incorporate more team effort. I find everything being done online a bit exhausting


Saskia Sat 17 Aug 2019 8:33AM

I'd be in favor for at least 2 all-org in-person meetings One end of august. One at the end of august seems fine, one in the middle//end of september.
Other than that teams / subteams can organize meetings among themselves and/or meet in smaller groups when needed.


Karlo Walz Sat 17 Aug 2019 12:24PM

Mal sehen ob Google Translater schon funktioniert. Ich bin für ein/zwei in Person Meetings bzw Skype Calls (zum Beispiel weil ich nicht so oft in Berlin bin). Meist sind die Namen hier noch anonymer als es per anonymisierter chattbox eh schon ist und so leidet man als Mensch nur noch als Bit und Byte gesehen zu werden.
Not sure if google translater is alreaedy working but I prefer writing in my natural language to not block me in my thoughts and not feeling handicaped in writing errors for which I can be blamed (and yes this has happened).
I am a big fan of physical meetings and for me in this case I would prefer to have a skype meeting as I am not permanent in Berlin but just mostly every second weekend with fridays to mondays.


Daisy Sun 18 Aug 2019 8:03PM

How does the 26th in the afternoon/evening sound? we could try to get OMA Cafe again


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Mon 19 Aug 2019 2:25PM

I think 2-3 more meetings before the event should be enough :)


Saskia Mon 19 Aug 2019 8:05PM

Hei @agata -

@johanneskloppner brought up the idea of joining the next general meeting for the decompression with the site visit at anomalie.

The options would be either to invite all leads to the site visit and hold the meeting directly at anomalie after the visit OR to look for a venue that could hold the leads meeting after the side visit.

The second option is a bit compicated and doesn't make too much sense. But if we could invite just all leads and maybe get to have an hour to talk about stuff diretctly at the venue afterwars, that'd be dope.
Do you think you could ask James if that's possible?
A 'no' would be super okay. Then we can still look for a place to host us nearby Anomalie or have the general leads meeting at another day at OMA.

[+ IF we can do a meeting, do they have WiFi so we can set up a skype meeting with people unable to attend? Advanced question, can also be resolved later :D ]


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Wed 21 Aug 2019 6:37PM

If we need the date or time changed just let me know


Agata Wed 21 Aug 2019 7:53PM

Erin, Daisy asked me to call Oma to get the place for Monday but I don;t have the number, can you send it to me?


Yanna Thu 22 Aug 2019 11:19AM

Monday sounds great for me!


Johannes Klöppner Thu 22 Aug 2019 11:49AM

Would it be possible to have meeting at around 20:30 have to work until 8


Tamar Regev Thu 22 Aug 2019 7:18PM

You guys this was decided too last minute for me. I already booked my train to come back 27th directly to my flight to usa. I am super sorry I cannot attend. Shall I prepare something to the meeting as gates and comms co- lead ?


Kiki Sat 17 Aug 2019 6:50PM

I'm in Berlin till the 30th of August, but yeah..would love to come to one meeting :laughing:


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Wed 21 Aug 2019 6:32PM

Probably makes sense to do the food in the restaurant or from the teahouse?
Site visit thread:


Johannes Klöppner Tue 20 Aug 2019 1:40PM

My problem with that is that most people probably wont have the time to make two meetings in one putting it on same day we can make it easier for more people to come, but its up for group to decide.


plom (Christian Heller) Mon 19 Aug 2019 12:03AM



Erin Jeavons-Fellows Wed 21 Aug 2019 6:21PM

We need to create an event on FB so people know to come! Ill make an event graphic


Saskia Wed 21 Aug 2019 5:00PM

I very much enjoy your input.


Agata Tue 20 Aug 2019 12:19PM

The site visit will be for sure after 27th, because James not here before. So we can do the meeting on 26th as proposed and then after try to go to Anomalie asap. Realistic dates are 1/2 August but to talk about it again in the meeting wouldn't be a bad idea at all because more people would be interested in coming as are active in the poll/loomio.


Saskia Mon 19 Aug 2019 2:02PM

Notiert. Ich mach mir Gedanken darüber, wie wir Skype in das Meeting einbinden können, sodass du auch dabei sein kannst, Karlo :)


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Wed 21 Aug 2019 8:26PM

From google: 030 69520887 :)


Saskia Thu 22 Aug 2019 4:26PM

I sent a message to Arsen, our contact at Oma Cafe.


Agata Thu 22 Aug 2019 7:25PM

Perfect, in case you guys still need me to call let me know :)


Kiki Wed 21 Aug 2019 6:24PM

At what time would be the meeting next Monday, on the 26th? I'm working night shift and am free till 21:30h.
For the site visit, can we please do it either before 30th of August or after 5th of September, as I'm not in Berlin and need to reserve the food point spot.


James Fish Wed 21 Aug 2019 10:26AM

What about two meetings but more spread apart? With different functions:

26 Aug: General decompression info+ideation session at OMA as @crazydaisy suggested. Purpose - sparking more involvement from the community. We can:
- discuss/finalize theme and overarching event concept
- describe the venue and show pics
- host a short visioning/ideation session for camp concepts (i’m happy to facilitate:)
- raise awareness of upcoming site visit

1-2 weeks after: Site visit (for leads + anyone else interested) @ anomalie, to see more concretely how the camp and leads’ visions will work in the space
- Generally open, but only leads and maybe 1 rep from each camp would be needed
- Tour the space, then hold a meeting there afterward to discuss more concrete ideas and plans
- At least 1 week after the general decompression meeting, so that there’s enough time for camps to develop their concepts more in the meantime


Johannes Klöppner Sun 18 Aug 2019 8:53PM

From date its perfect,would prefer evening. But if there is nothing going on during that day do you think it would be possible to have meeting at Anomalie instead Omacafe?