Mon 1 Jul 2019 12:52PM

Location: Anomalie Art Club

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Erin has created a brief document with all the information. Feel free to make a copy and use it to approach other locations: Check it out here!


  • approx. 1500 ppl
  • gate to be managed by our own greeters (in coordination with bouncers)
  • a plus if we can throw our own bring & share bar (but not necessary)
  • location in Berlin
  • 3 floors, workshop space & outdoor space for flow show
  • rent: we're calculating with 10 € entry fee/attendant, there should be some budget left for art grants, other expenses etc., all other donations go to Kiez Burn e.V. (so you can describe this as a non-commercial event, entirely run by volunteers!)
  • technical support available?
  • possible to throw workshops (more quiet area?)
  • how many floors?


  • Anomalie yes, if more than 1000 ppl expected (Erin)
    • Alte Post Spandau to be discussed (Kat?)
    • Mellowpark very likely that we could do our own "bring & share" bar, rent is for free – we won't be able to make lots of income due to their non-profit approach (Luzie)
    • Jackie O: to be discussed (via Erin)
    • Polygon to be discussed (via Kate)
    • Birgit & Bier: Slawik has blocked 19 Oct for us – on 21 Sept we could join a Slowtribe event and do our own Kiez Burn floor (via Kate)
    • Rummelsbucht: not possible for new collectives (via Saskia)
    • Mensch Meier: to be discussed (via Saskia)
    • Kater Blau: to be discussed (via Kristijan)
    • Griessmühle: to be discussed (via Kristijan)
    • Heideglühen: to be discussed

Decision of Anomalie happened at the 2nd leads meeting 12th August


britzmaster Mon 1 Jul 2019 12:55PM

To suggest another location than B&B. What kind of deal do we need? Entrance Kiezburn, Bar location? Or did you pay a rent aswell last year? With how many people do you plan? 500-750? Thanks!


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Mon 1 Jul 2019 8:56PM

It would be good to have 3 floors and even better if we have an outdoor space for flow.


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Tue 2 Jul 2019 11:51AM

I just spoke to Anomolie Art Club and they are keen to host us! I just need to write them a short brief and they will come back and let us know numbers
how many peeps do you think we would expect for our decom?
They said it wouldn't be worth it if we were expecting under 1000 people. Birgit has more street traffic, so we aren't sure how many of the peeps came through were from the street vs burner crowd. I anticipate more burners this time round. We would also expect people off the street but not so many.
Good news: I asked if the flow artists can do performances there too and they said yes! :fire: :raised_hands:


britzmaster Tue 2 Jul 2019 12:49PM

I could also ask the Kater Crew (friends) if they host us. If you like the location. There we have a lot of rooms and an outdoor space. By the way... so it was not a private party last year? Street people could also come if they fit...? Kater normally opens at 23:59. Before that we have the Space on our own... I think we could do the selection together with the bouncers and greet the people.... I haven’t been to Anomalie yet. But sounds also nice.


britzmaster Wed 3 Jul 2019 10:37PM

They have a lot of private rooms... I will ask how exclusive we could get it. If everybody s now asking in all directions we could consider and decide at the end.
I will ask and feel Kater and will give feedback within a week. I love Holzmarkstr. 25...


Kaliope Thu 4 Jul 2019 8:58AM

My flatmate is a DJ and organiser of queer parties. I'll try to get some hints from him, since they don't prefer too touristy locations as well:) He has some connections! In the end, when we have collected lots of option, we should discuss what our priorities as a community are. Do we want to fundraise lots of money for the e.V.? Do we want to keep the Burners spirit and throw our own bring-and-share bar (that's a problem in most cases)? Thank you everyone for helping with this search!


Quentin Wed 17 Jul 2019 9:29AM

Hello everyone,
I am on the road to Borderland and can't attend the meeting tonight.
2 infos to share I got from Slawik :

  • He is proposing B&B for the Decom. I know this would not be the community first choice. But the option is here.

  • He is organizing an event in 21/22 September with different collective taking over 1 floor each. He has proposed that KB takes care of one. I think it would be very cool, and the opportunity to do something different there.

    That's maybe stuff that you guys would like to discuss tonight. I guess we should get back to him soon if we want to make this happen


Quentin Wed 17 Jul 2019 9:33AM

About the Decom and roles, Konsti and I would be in to support with Music Program again.
We still got some nice ressources from previous events (Google forms, email text to artists,etc..) that we can share. Most of it were done from a KB email address, so easily accessible. As always, anybody is welcome to join the team !!


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Wed 17 Jul 2019 8:44PM

Update from Anomolie
Anomolie would like to host us.
We would need to decide if we are going make this a fundraiser or not.
We have 2 options with them

Option 1. Renting the Club
Cost of rent: 12.000 Euros

Includes the facilities without staff - this gives us a true burner like event (TBC)
We have a fire space
We have the whole venue to ourselves
Many rooms for the many Djs and workshops we have :)
Dates are available

We wouldn't necessarily be able to fundraise

Option 2. Hosting at the Club
Cost of rent: FREE

* Includes facilities with staff so it would be arranged by the venue
* We have a fire space
* Many rooms for the many Djs and workshops we have :)
* Dates are available

* Door Split: ~50% (trying to negotiate) as this would eat into our budget
* Probably wouldnt be able to fundraise

I have created a thread here about whether we would like to fundraise or not. Please vote!


Isa Luz Thu 18 Jul 2019 8:39AM

heyhey. sorry i couldn't make it yesterday. did you decide on a venue already? otherwise i can try to reach out to mellow park again if thats still an option. <3


britzmaster Fri 19 Jul 2019 4:59PM

I talked to Sven from Holzmarkt today. The following dates are free 11.10. and 8.11. The rent of the Säälchen is 4000€ plus the personnel costs. I guess with an entrance fee of 10 Euros we will have enough money left for deco, art and workshops. Because of the demo today I din't not get the final cost estimate. On the 12.10. there is another festival at Säälchen so he has figure out when we have to be ready with strike. Please have a look at the pictures of the venue. (Säälchen and Salöön) It is different to B&B and Anomalie... But maybe the Kieze can have little corners to play with... I have not asked if Oma is also free at this date to combine both rooms. At Oma we did a little effigy last year in their fire ton.


Kiki Thu 25 Jul 2019 9:31AM

Sorry for late response, Katerblau cannot host an event of that size.


britzmaster Sun 28 Jul 2019 1:59PM

I talked to the people from Säälchen and we decided not to do it this year there. They are overbooked and don’t have enough personnel at the moment. But they love the idea so they invited us to do it there next year and to fix a date.
Maybe we could think about a bigger Decompression after all the summer burns for 2020 on the whole Holzmarkt..,


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Wed 31 Jul 2019 9:16PM

OK we have some good news from Anomolie!

  1. We would be hosting our own bars and drinks - real burn! No currency! We can BYO!
  2. Decoration is possible and there are storage facilities for after the event
  3. We could decorate also a day before if necessary but only if there is no corporate event. Otherwise Friday 11 am is fine to start and Saturday Midday is fine to finish.

  4. We can bring the food you like for our crew! our own food if we want!

  5. About the door cut. Would do 60/40 split and if attendance is over 1200 we do 70/30.

  6. Space for fire shows


Now for the date we need to confirm. If we would like to do a mini burn at a new venue, this is a pretty good option. We could continue with our 10 euro on the door or make it a touch more expensive to assist with art grants. According to Alex's calculations above we would have about 1000 for art grants at 10 euros which should be plenty! What are peoples thoughts?

Since there is a minor delay, we should investigate a mid-october decom to give us time to prep the event.

What does everyone think?


Alexander Paulski Mon 5 Aug 2019 10:04PM

If Anomalie does not work, it might be worth checking out Musik Brauerei... the owner is very keen on Burners and might do heavy discounts.. bar can be run by us and he is fine with food, burner bazar, workshops etc. (we have talked to him beginning of the year for some other events)


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Tue 6 Aug 2019 2:36PM

This weekend Anomolie have a 40 hr party also if we want to check it out, we can? We can see it empty during the week or friday or Saturday Night action or Saturday during the day in open air mode.
Does anyone else want to join?
@crazydaisy @saskia31 @agata


Kaliope Mon 1 Jul 2019 1:03PM

Hello, I updated the description with the info needed :) hope that helps!


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Thu 18 Jul 2019 11:17PM

it could work if we got 800 people at 15 euros each, we would cover this cost. And everyone could bring their own food and drinks :)

We need 800 people though!
accordng to this thread, Alex said we are in a place where we dont need to make it a fundraiser


Kaliope Tue 23 Jul 2019 5:50PM

Thaaaanks for asking! I know Säälchen from the european rigger convention and a few events hosted by my institute. It's a really nice and cute venue <3 They only have 1 big room/floor and another one upstairs (which looks more like a backstage), as far as I know... this is kind of a con


britzmaster Wed 24 Jul 2019 8:42PM

But they know that we want to party there too and not only doing workshops... I am still waiting for the final quote... I will try to do more pressure... but I think a lot of them are on their way to Grabicz aready...


Alex Kaos Thu 1 Aug 2019 8:19AM

Erin that sounds absolutely amazing. I am so for this option, and the split should be fine, we can likely subsidize art genres from the precom budget remaining (and we didn't even spend 1000€ on art grants at the precom).
Maybe a proposal should be made (from this specific post) and shared with the community to get some feedback? There's a small chance something better might turn up but this already send pretty awesome to me . Thank you!


Konstantin Wed 17 Jul 2019 9:59PM

This sounds really cool! First of all, are we in any situation that we should fundraise? As in, are there any costs that need to be covered? For my understanding, the last two events at B&B were going quite well financially, so do we have some up front budget to be able to bridge until after the event?
In case we have enough financial resources to cover the upfront payments, I clearly would go for option 1: Having the whole Anomalie club available for us and use it pretty much however we want, sounds like this could turn into a proper Decompression.


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Thu 18 Jul 2019 11:14PM

no decision yet


Alexander Paulski Mon 5 Aug 2019 10:03PM

really love Anomalie for this occasion


Deep Ghosh Fri 19 Jul 2019 4:14PM

I would be happy to join the music team again as I did for the precom <3


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Wed 3 Jul 2019 11:24AM

I honestly think kater is too touristy. How do we make a burner party at a venue liek this? it wasnt a private party at our previous events and there was alot of external traffic. Hence why we are considering an alternative, less touristy venue for this time. I personally feel Kater would be more touristy and affect our vibe even more than Birgit.


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Wed 17 Jul 2019 8:45PM

@quentinfeugere Im concerned about getting the event together in just 6 weeks :thinking:


Kaliope Thu 4 Jul 2019 2:07PM

Magic! I posted the URL above. Can you change the settings so that everyone has access with this link?


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Thu 4 Jul 2019 1:13PM

I have created a brief document here that you can use with all the information. Feel free to make a copy and use it to approach other locations :) @britzmaster @kate
Just change the final line to reflect the location you appraoch!


Kaliope Tue 2 Jul 2019 12:47PM

Wohooo sounds amazing! I'd say we had about 50/50 burners and street traffic. Maybe we can ask the greeters from last time to confirm? With some comms effort it shouldn't be too difficult to reach 1000 people this time.