Tue 17 Sep 2019 12:57PM

Notes of Emergency Meeting 16.09.2019

JK Johannes Klöppner Public Seen by 68

Hey lovely people. After waiting a long time to hear back from Anomalie, we finally got our contract last Friday. The problem was,that in this contract where some details we did not discuss with Anomalie before:

-the sum we talked about originally was to be 10.000€ but they did not tell us that taxes where not included
- Gema is not included
-we have to pay some of Anomalies technicians to stand by for the event
-and finally we have to pay the most of the money upfront

The hidden cost we did not anticipate, together with the high risk of paying everything upfront, made us call in an emergency meeting yesterday. We decided to give up the non commercial plan we had for the decompression to go for plan b. We will meet together tomorrow with anomalie to talk about doing a commercial version of our Decompression. As far as we know it will change the event in the following ways:

  • the event will now be commercial, that means we can not have our own bars and people are not allowed to bring in their own drinks
  • we will have a door split with Anomalie 40\60

What probably not will change:
- we still can bring in our own food
- we still can burn stuff, there are some plans for a mini effigy
-we still gonna have an amazing event

We will keep you updated what we got out of our talk with Anomalie tomorrow.