Fri 16 Aug 2019 1:04PM

What is the difference between Gate and Greeters

TR Tamar Regev Public Seen by 47

Dear people! I am gate lead. And I still don't get what does Greeters pre gate mean and greeters inside. @saskia31 please shed some light on this..!!
I only want to be responsible of the cashier and briefing the cashiers.
as I mentioned before.. let's find a solution for this before I travel..


Saskia Sat 17 Aug 2019 8:38AM

Hei Tamar,

we are still using some of the old forms from the precompression. That's why there is some confusion. Need to clearn that up.

To your questions:
- You are not responsible for greeters & I think we discussed that. @erinjeavonsfellows needs to change that in the Decompression 2019 main leads list because I do not have admin rights in this group. Maybe @kate could fix that?

  • Pre gate & Inside greeters: At birgit we set up the idea to greet people before they enter in order to have a throughout talk with the people in the queue if they seemed like tourists who need to be informed first. Probably not a necessity at Anomalie

Tamar Regev Sat 17 Aug 2019 10:52AM

Thanks a lot!
we still need a greeters lead though.


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Sun 18 Aug 2019 6:47PM

If there is a consensus that we dont need pre-gate greeters for anomolie then we can remove. Everyone has access inside the orga doc to change as they see fit - dont need to wait for me to do this <3
Ill make the changes in the decom channel summary. sorry i cant add you guys. Kate has full admin rights and she's away.


Saskia Mon 19 Aug 2019 1:57PM

Greeters lead can decide wether or not they want to do it with pre-greeters or not. I personally think it will not be necessary. Tag new greeters lead in this thread as soon as wie have one.