Wed 21 Aug 2019 12:11PM

Legalities around calling our event a 'Decompression'

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According to the Burning Man website (link below), “Decompression”—is a trademark name only permitted for official events of Burning Man and the Burning Man Regional Network, which are contractually obligated to uphold certain principles."
It has come to our knowledge that Kiez Burn is not an official Burning Man regional event despite being the 3rd largest burn event in Europe but Holger (our Regional BM representative) is in discussions of making this happen.

Holger and Erin have been in discussions around this. The easiest way would be just to leave out the term "Decompression". But since there is also the idea to make Kiez Burn an official event, why not trying it with the Decompression? Holger has looked up the criteria (also attached) for official regional events, and he believes that they will apply also for the Decompression.

1. For now, we will remove the name Decompression in our event name to stop further people bothering us or action.
2. James and Daisy will reach out to BM and work on making the Decompression, if its possible with the time we have left before our event.

Use this thread to keep those interested updated


Kris Wed 21 Aug 2019 12:56PM

Are these agreements with an organisation making events or per event? I guess what I'm asking is if we can just stick this under the Borderland umbrella this year until KB becomes a part of the network. There should be enough members of Borderland already involved for that to be an OK thing to do.


walto Wed 21 Aug 2019 9:17PM

Really? I don't think the Dutch decompression was part of that network plus, a decompression party seems rather universal, not limited to events connected to burning man


meowmeow Fri 23 Aug 2019 6:32PM

This seems like a very easily solved problem that doesn’t require being absorbed by the burning man institution: “Kiezburndecompression”, “Decom”, “Dekompression”, etc. I’m more wondering how many people who may have fled BRC to find a better place to have a Burn elsewhere that don’t want to be associated with Burning Man™ and their potential treats feel about a suddenly decision to be approved by Burning Man Inc. Shouldn’t more discussion be made on the pro’s & con’s of being an independent burn before buttons are being pressed?


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Tue 27 Aug 2019 9:28AM

Guys, I do not have the time to be investigating this right now. Does anyone wish to take over?


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Thu 5 Sep 2019 12:17AM

@jamesfish @crazydaisy and are leading the charge on getting the event to become an official Burning Man decompression. The document that covers the requirements is here. I think its a case of writing a couple of emails! Our German Regional Contact @holgerwessels may be able to offer some advice or assistance.


Alina, also known as Universe Fri 27 Sep 2019 1:10PM

I would advocate for standing together as a community on questions like this. Which for me would mean living under the umbrella of Kiez Burn e.V. It would be sad if things started to go in different directions and we'd have a Kiez Burn independent regional summer burn here and a Burning Man TM (far-away capitalists! Trademarking the event is Commodification!) Decompression in Autumn.......... Our community is not that big and together we are stronger <3


James Fish Mon 30 Sep 2019 1:07AM

So, admittedly, we ( @crazydaisy & I) have been pretty slow on the ball on this. (Lots of personal things for both of us.) That being said, after going over the criteria document, there are few things that will make this take more time than we have at this point to get the official decompression tag:

1 is that we'd have to obtain insurance for the event - are we already doing that anyway? - and name BRC LLC and Burning Man as additional insured parties. If we're already obtaining insurance, that part is easy. If we aren't, then we'd have to.

2 - we'd need to sign a 'regional use agreement' document with Burning Man, for the life of me i cannot find this document anywhere on the internet. I emailed around to see if I can get it, but I'm expecting turnaround time on getting a response, not to mention turnaround time on getting it signed off by all parties.

So, looks unrealistic this time, but good to know and to have for next time... and maybe after we get more community feedback as @alina calls for.


meowmeow Mon 30 Sep 2019 4:54PM

But once we can use the word DECOMPRESSION on the internet, all of our dreams will come true!!!


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Thu 5 Sep 2019 12:58AM

We voted for official burning man event so we can try to call ourselves a Decompression... although with 5 weeks left and the BMorg just finishing up at BM that may not be possible. We will stick with Burn Night until anything changes.

The decision to make KB an official event should be voted for by the community and be separate to this event.


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Mon 26 Aug 2019 7:44AM

Yes, indeed. youre right, we should discuss more on the pro’s & con’s of being an independent burn.
in regards to the name, Dekompression is still too close to the trademark name. We can be a official BM event without KB being officialised

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