Wed 21 Aug 2019 5:09PM

Budgeting and venue screw up

EJ Erin Jeavons-Fellows Public Seen by 72

Anomalie sent an email on the 31st July listing 5 points of the conditions of our agreement.
1. You would be hosting your own bars and drinks.
2. Decoration is possible and there are storage facilities
3. You could decorate also a day before if necessary and if there is no corporate event. Otherwise Friday 11 am is fine to start and Saturday Midday is fine to finish.
4. You can bring the food you like for your crew.
5. About the door cut. Would 60/40 work for you? and if attendance is over 1200 we do 70/30 ? In your favour?

Today they came back and changed the agreement listing
1. Bars
If you choose the door split option there is no possibility to host your own bar. That would only be possible if you rent the whole club since the club has to cover all the costs otherwise.
2. Deco setup and take down times are ok.
3. Own food would be ok
4. Door cut: 60/40 and 70/30 (if attendance is over 1200) is a really generous offer I put on the table. Usually it's 50/50. But let's go with it and make it work for everybody.

Basically if we want a no commerce event, we need to pay 12k, but we can keep the money to cover this and use the rest for dreams. Thing is, we could go in the red if we don't get 1000 people through the door. So I'm less inclined to agree we go for this. If we choose the 60/40 option, we need to have a commerce event. We have already agreed this isn't a fundraiser. We don't want to make money on this event and we want to keep it a reasonable price.
This thread is brainstorm ways we can explore having a no commerce event or work out a way we can work with Anomalie or we will have to change venues and figure out another plan.


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Wed 21 Aug 2019 5:12PM

1. We pay 12K - to ensure we meet this money we may have to increase ticket sales. 15 euro presale and 20 euro on the door and we would have a no commerce event.
2. We turn it into a commerce event. 60/40 door split, make entrance prices cheaper and you buy drinks inside
Can you think of other ideas on how we do this?


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Wed 21 Aug 2019 5:29PM

Other ideas
3. We could give 100% of the door to Anomolie and take 1000euro for Art grants (or use any money left over from dreams at KB) and we may be able to have a no commerce event.

  1. Another idea is that we build a bar tab using the money we make on the door :laughing:

Saskia Wed 21 Aug 2019 5:40PM

Does it make sense / is there a correct way to ask the community if they'd be willing to pay more for a BYO event in burner spirit? What is the time frame to make a decision and report back to Anomalie?


Quentin Wed 21 Aug 2019 5:56PM

I am completely up for with the Option 1.
Making a no-money event of that scale is what we can make really special and what motivates me. And also probably the reason why Anomalie sounded like a good option at first place.

I think raising the price of a ticket to a range of 12-20€, where you know that you won't pay at the bar inside is completely fair. It will be important to communicate clearly why our event costs 15€+ and that no benefits will be generated from it. Aiming at break-even.

With 12K€ rent, there is a risk of ending the event negative (I would say the risk is quite small). So the worst cast is that with being negative on that event, we would need to balance with some other very beneficial events we made before.
Let's take that risk, and create a special event :hugging:


Agata Wed 21 Aug 2019 7:52PM

I would say price 20-25 for BYO event with workshops and a few stages is not a lot, they charge 15 at any club and then drinks at bar are not that cheap. Considering this BYO event is more inclusive for students and people on a tight budget - because with a cheaper ticket a person would pay overall more if they take one or two drinks at the bar. I think BYO is a huge catch, for both burners and people that are not part of the community, because it's something new and from reaction of my friends I see huge interest. The only worry is that we don't get 1000-1200 people but I'm optimistic, especially if it will be in a burner non commercial style - the more burn stuff we put (so workshops, effigy and so on) the more people will come to relieve their burns in city conditions :)


Saskia Thu 22 Aug 2019 8:48AM

I think one important question to ask is how much leverage we have at the door of Anomalie when we pay the 12K. Do we need to organize our own security? How closely can we work with them? If we have a BYO event it is crucial for us to balance between normal guests and burners.


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Thu 22 Aug 2019 10:11AM

Its berlin and i think 15-20 euro on the door is plenty. 25 euro and well be tipping into something too expensive.
I have expressed we want security on the door for our event


Sjoerd Biemans Thu 22 Aug 2019 2:22PM

i was wondering the 12k, is this for 24 hours and why is it so expensive? My buddy from Tanz im Zenith just made a 4,5k deal with Renate for 48 hours all-in for a commercial event with 100% doorsales. Hey got a "friends price" but still for me its a unreal difference since Renate is a kapitalistik money machine. I mean, yes it would be great to do something in Anomalie, but if you ask me we should look for other options. Maybe Anomalie wants to negotiate wenn we bluff with the renate price and use the fact that they are not a very well known club att the moment. Its also good for them wenn a big community like us wants to do more partys there in the future so they could be softer with the price.

Plus i guess a non profit event shouldn´t be overpriced it looks wrong in my eyes, especially wenn you compare it to the ticket price for 4 days Kiezburn. It demotivates people to come (me included) even if the drinks are for free, we also want want poor people on the dancefloor ;) don´t we.

@erinjeavonsfellows Shall i asked the contact from my buddy for Renate, i think its worth the try, especially with knowing a price they gave to someone else.


Sjoerd Biemans Thu 22 Aug 2019 4:43PM

Well yes ofcourse it makes a huge difference and in Renate they will never give the bar away. So Renate is not an option in the no money idea.

Im just putting in some ideas because i realy think that we need a couple of more events to do such a beautifull, but also verry ambitious event like this. Because, dont get me wrong i love the idea off a "no money in a club night", but what if only 500 people show up? I have some expirience with making events in Berlin, you need a steady base from people you know they will show up. We kinda have this but i think not up to 1000/1200 like secure, also the last b&b party was also with a little fewer people than wat was expected if i remember correctly. I guess we need to work our way up to this point of having no money bars and take small steps but thats not to me.

By the way Renate is not an option this time trough my buddys contact, he just told me their standart price is 15k a day, i guess he knows the guy realy well. But my buddy wanted to inroduce me to the right guy this month. Might be intressting for the future to fundrase ;).


Tamar Regev Thu 22 Aug 2019 7:31PM

I think if we do a pre-sale for 15 euros and emphasize hard enough this will be the people only expense (unless they buy alcohol to bring to the event which they will but it will be significantly cheaper) We can pull this off completely. i am attending a party new york called misfit burn and what they did is they put early bird tickets of different prices and also an option to buy a more expensive tickets if you want to support. its a long shot because we are poor berliner but why not try? the earlier we have the tickets website the sooner we can collect the money and decide. what do you say?

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