Mon 30 Sep 2019 9:00PM

Fireprojects and safety

P Purzel Public Seen by 67

Hey everyone, if you are planning anything with fire please post it here so we can discuss the safety regulations also regarding the venue.


Seána Kehoe Wed 2 Oct 2019 7:14AM

Hi! I was wondering if the fire space and fire projects were separate things? I would like to spin some fire hoop and I'm wondering if there is a slot I have to fill in or if the fire space is led by someone else and it's a queuing thing on the night?


Alex Kaos Wed 2 Oct 2019 8:14AM

I'm heading the Fire Space. There should be Oil and Dipping and everything availabel for all performers. We're just clearing up exactly how much funding we have for how much oil.

Note, technically we need ot switch off the outside music at about 10pm.


Shannon Turner Sat 5 Oct 2019 2:06PM

The ceremony crew has someone who would like to burn a large mandala later in the evening - have we cleared the ability to burn objects/anything like this with the venue? If it is possible, would love your input on size restrictions or any other considerations regarding the construction of the mandala