Mon 5 Aug 2019 8:22PM

2nd Decompression org meet up (Now with AGENDA & INFOS) :)

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Date & Time

OMA Café
Holzmarktstraße 19-22
10243 Berlin

8 p.m.

OMA Café provides a donation based bar. OMA Café also hosts us spontaneously and for free. Please consider to put a couple of extra euros in the donation box so we continue to be welcomed in their beautiful garden.

Also: Leave. No. Trace. - Seriously. Take your trash with you or put it in the provided bins.
Thank you.


  1. Introduction round (20 min)
  2. Facts & Updates: Date, Time, Location (5 min)
  3. How to Orga the Decom + Open Tasks(25 min)
  4. Break AND Sticky notes action
  5. Breakup into sub-groups to discuss

And then?

Decom will be organized decentrally just like Kiez Burn. If you took over the responsibility, the area is also yours to shape. Doocracy is the magic term.

BUT in case you are lost, we are working hard to provide guiding 'possible talking points' for every area so you get a rough idea about upcoming tasks and responsibilities as a team member, lead or co-lead. It should also help to facilitate discussion in your subgroup.

*Please feel free to reach out & join groups if you want to GUIDE an area (as in: Bring in your expertise from past events). Remember that guiding is not realizing tho. The realizers are free to take your tips or not...

You can also provide guiding by adding talking points to this document for the area you have expertise in.

Possible Talking Points for Teams

Facebook Event // Meeting


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When is our 2nd meet up? Closed Fri 9 Aug 2019 4:36PM

by Erin Jeavons-Fellows Fri 9 Aug 2019 4:36PM

Meeting is this monday


Results Option % of points Voters
Monday 19 21.1% 4 EJ B A FS
Monday 12 15.8% 3 EJ A FS
Tuesday 20 15.8% 3 EJ A FS
Wednesday 14 10.5% 2 EJ A
Thursday 15 10.5% 2 K A
Sunday 18 10.5% 2 EJ A
Tuesday 13 5.3% 1 A
Friday 16 5.3% 1 EJ
Sat 17 5.3% 1 EJ
Undecided 0% 29 K AP A CY D TT VRS M T P IL M LS DM E DBH JK DU JF G

6 of 35 people have participated (17%)


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Wed 7 Aug 2019 2:53PM

OK there isnt much more participation on this. I will close the voting and according to those who voted, Monday is best for the meeting. Will do this monday from 8pm. Will investigate venue like OMA cafe


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Wed 14 Aug 2019 1:13PM

Notes from second meeting assigned to thread here


Tamar Regev Thu 15 Aug 2019 8:56AM

i see no notes..


Tamar Regev Thu 15 Aug 2019 8:57AM

found haha