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4th meeting

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When would you like to meet?


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Mon 23 Sep 2019  6:00PM
Tue 24 Sep 2019  6:00PM
Wed 25 Sep 2019  6:00PM

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Deep Ghosh Wed 18 Sep 2019 11:04PM

Tue 24 Sep 2019 6:00PM
Wed 25 Sep 2019 6:00PM

I can join via telecon if necessary! (since I live in Bremen)


Bee Thu 26 Sep 2019 10:26PM

Hey all through the link are the minutes from the meeting. Please find the time to read through them as we have made some important changes and need to take action immediately to move to a new venue.


Kiku K. Fri 27 Sep 2019 8:15AM

I am disappointed and angry about you guys....what did I tell you ??!And I am asking also why. I told you about my past experience with Anomalie which was not a fairy tale and I tried to find a better venue. So I had one suggestion (Knüppel) and another one in proceeding and it was even NOT MENTIONED at the meeting Protokoll. I thought really why did I waste my narrow time in that. After you all voted for Anom. I left the meeting, maybe this irritated some people but my time was running and I had really a lot of stuffs to do. I remember als we talked about to keep the contact to the venues I contacted for the next Kiezburn Party and that changing the place before 5 weeks until the event would not be good. Even this was not mentioned in the Protocol. Where is this radical inclusion guys? Or did I understand it wrong and was it radical exclusion???! I wish you good luck and next time please listen more to the others, even it's uncomfortable !


Alex Kaos Fri 27 Sep 2019 11:47AM

Hey Kiku. I was not at that meeting but I heard that it had happened.
I understand the experience of being steadfast in your belief when discussing with a group, and the being completely overridden on that topic, later to find out that the majority weren't as well informed. It can be hard, but please don't try to let the frustration pass onto the others. I believe and expect everyone was acting to the best of their ability and with the best of intentions.

I have an opinion I would like to express. It is not radically exclusive to disagree with someone who is passionate about a point. If we were to follow that philosophy with everyone we meet then we would be forced to agree with the loud racist on the train because they are adamant in their belief, in spite of the quiet majority having different perspectives. We may feel excluded when the group votes against our values, but it is very rare that everyone is doing it with any intention of exclusion. You had a specific, and probably better, experience in this decision, and you acted correctly according to that, but please try to give others the freedom to make their own decisions and potential mistakes without fear of judgment

As another update, it appears the confusion continues, as the owner of Anomolie is angry at the employees that sent us the "cut-and-paste" contract that has been rejected, and now the team is eager to do what it takes to make sure we are there under our own favourable conditions. Which could end up being a win for all parties involved. But that is still a few flying balls to juggle, with no guarantee we will catch them all ;) ..... let the Kaos Flow. x


Kiku K. Fri 27 Sep 2019 12:23PM

Thnak you for this feedback. I agree with you....i can't blame anyone, and I know how much work for example Erin putted into this project this summer, really big respect to her. I was not angry about the voting-it was ok I thought ok if they are passionate about this club, let them do it. I didn't really fight to change the venue as I respect every ones decision. But it seemed that I wasn't there at the meeting and nothing was mentioned about the other venues i suggested. So what I invested my time and energy calling and writing to venues? In that point I felt excluded. I believe in vibes....if the place doesn't have a good vibe and is not clear and straight in the communication, the community has to put much more energy and nerves into it. I believe that even an Anomalie can changed into a magical place. Which we did also at our event....the staff was really happy, even the grim doormens started to smile. Nice for them. But the question is how much energy do we have? And how much should you invest just to change places....instead of the event itself. Yes let the Kaos Flow and I hope it ends in a happy flow. xxx


James Fish Mon 30 Sep 2019 1:23AM

Hey Kiku, I remember this part of the meeting really clearly, and for sure afterward when the communication and contracts started to get worse with Anom, there was a part of me that thought 'why didn't we listen to Kiku and go with Knüppel?' Of course everything looks really clear when we look back, but at the time, i think we just had so much momentum, so much time pressure with only 5 weeks, and things felt 'good enough' to act on with Anomalie, despite our hesitations about the communication and vibe. I don't even think it was about being passionate about Anomalie at that point. And I remember voting for it not out of passion, but because my thought was 'we are close enough to the event, whats the worst that could happen - if it turns out poorly, we will learn from it for next time.'

For sure I agree that your voice should definitely have been included in the Protokoll, not only just to respect that you were there and you put in all this time and effort, but also because it's great to know for the future when we are looking for better venues to partner with:)

And yeah, to your point about our community putting in energy, it's a balance, right? On the one hand, if we use up all our energy on managing the vibe and communication with the venue and getting grim doormen to smile, we could end up ourselves burned out. On the other hand, if we only do events in super safe ideal venue fit (like a festival gelande or schloss outside the city), we could just be creating a 'burner bubble'... Still, if i had to choose, I guess i'd vote for a good fit with the venue, and spending our energy instead actively outreaching to new burners to be radically inclusive


Kiku K. Tue 1 Oct 2019 10:42AM

thank you James for this message, it released a lot of my disappointment <3 and well, it happened- and I think I will try to be more patient as we don't have the same experiences in some points- soooo let's look forward. Organizing events (especially in Berlin) is a very tough business and think there is no "cuddlepuddle location" where everything will go 100%smooth, but I think there must be basic flow. We had been very lucky with Birgit&Bier, such a pitty that it's too touristic. I send you a lot of energy and don't hesitate to ask me about experiences with venues -i can share them anytime with you.


Alexander Paulski Fri 27 Sep 2019 1:32PM

I have just contacted my friend Alex, who is also a burner and runs Alte Münzfabrik.. let's see... other than that I can help with a contact to Musikbrauerei (could be too late though, but he is really interested in burner events) and Malzfabrik (which is between 10k and 12k though)

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