Sat 10 Aug 2019 6:16PM

We checked out the venue (Notes & Descriptions)

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Talk Post Zusammenfassung Walkthrough Anomalie Art Club 10.08.2019

Meeting Anomalie 10.08.2019

Main Infos from the Meeting + Impressions

  • Impressive club with a lot of opportunities to create a true Burn-vibe
  • BYO / running our own bar will be possible, hence we can try and make the principle of gifting work on this special evening. Usually that’s not as easy to implement in a Berlin Club environment. Feels like a chance to create something amazing.
  • Lots of space for performances and art. Inside space is big and variable enough to be unconcerned by weather. It is very easy and possible to move outside activities to the indoors floors
  • The people we spoke to seemed eager to help and seem to have a ‚can do‘ attitude in general. Things that are usually a hassle (fire!) are possible, which is great
  • This place is huge. With 100 people this place seems completely empty, probably, unless everybody gathers. We need to make some noise. We should aim for 1000 - 1200 guests minimum. Now, we had that number at Birgit & Bier, but that included all the non-burner tourists as well. Anomalie isn’t something someone just stumbles over. Additionally, we are planning to make it BYO - so it is very important to have people who get the spirit of bringing extra to share.

Description of the Venue

  • Venue has 5 ‚Areas/ KIeze / Floors‘ to our availability. Some of them big enough to maybe even be split by curtains or other devices
  • Outside
    • The outside is huge. There are plenty of seating areas around the outside, including some hidden spots & platforms to climb on. There are huge decorative objects (f.e. water cubes with plants). Maybe they could be moved to make space?
    • The outside has a container bar. Next to the container bar is a huge free standing wooden platform which lends itself to food sharing or gifting table
    • The outside has a skateboarding half pipe
    • On Top of the bar is another container which is currently being prepared to provide space as well.
    • The wardrobe is outside as well
  • Werkstatt
    • Smaller of the two insider music floors. Typical Berlin club style, very cute, very handmade. Lots of opportunities for deco to go crazy. Great light and sound system
  • Big Floor
    • A huge dream of a floor made of concrete, tall columns, an impressive light system, great sound system
    • Bar
    • Fits many many many people
  • Teakitchen
    • Super sweet chill out hut which is usually serving tea and comfort
    • The entrance falls are lined with pink fluffy fabric and shit. It is very comfy already
    • Possibly a great place for a more sensual are with cuddle space
  • ‚Restaurant‘
    • Fancy restaurant that can be emptied of chairs and tables. Then it is a huge room with a slightly lifted stage / modest in the back
    • Amazing indoor workshop space.

What to do now / Questions that need to be answered now

  • We need to get the word out ASAP. It is two months until the event. We want as much art as possible, we may be able to help with transporting art. We want workshops and performances
  • Are we - and in yes in what dimension - able to support artists with Mini-Dreams? What are the procedures? This would go in to the hands of our new finance lead, which we still need to find …
  • Write to camps and artists and groups directly to engage them

Direct questions for leads

  • @Hans as Transportlead would you be up for the idea to support artists in getting bigger art pieces to the venue? This could be a good motivator for artists as they can bring their piece without worrying about how to transport it

Erin Jeavons-Fellows Mon 12 Aug 2019 3:58PM

I think inspiration of this party we can take from the dutch decom and the french decom. We can make a night called something like 'Burn Night: German Decom' making a KiezBurn, Borderland and Burning Man decom. Feel that is a way to get some noise? Is that what we want to do? We need to keep in mind we have 2 months. Let's chat tonight.


Fernando Segundo Tue 13 Aug 2019 8:03PM

I was at the venue last friday.
I remember a very cute smaller sound room called "Chappel", that you dont mention. Accessible from the "secondary outdoor area" through a pink fluffy corridor and also accesible from behind the half-pipe. This small room had a small little room at the end semi-hidden with a table in the middlewhich could host some nice inmersive art installation / deco.

I cant remember if the big room had a big stage??

There is an outdoors terrace accesible from this "secondary outdoor area" from which you could see all the outdoor area, including the gate, nice spot for some outdoor more secluded worshop or some pirate stronghold.

The tea kitchen has a tv, in case it is of use to anyone.

The "tunnel" that is used to access the big room and wide entrance to the lobby have good visual installation potential.

The entrance area (where people would queue) is quite big and could be turned into a welcoming gate of sorts

One thing I noticed is that there was only one wc (right?) and most of the taps were broken. Could be a problem if I'm right and might be worth to consider planning access to some other sources of water (bars?)


Quentin Tue 20 Aug 2019 11:20AM

@saskia31 Is there a booth/soundsystem outside ? Or a stage for live performance ?
Same question for the TeaKitchen ?

Overall, which spaces are ready to be turn into a floor ?


Bee Wed 21 Aug 2019 11:13AM

Hey all, looking forward to a site visit but thanks for the awesome details on the venue ❤️ for the cuddle puddle space Amihay (who is now at Burning Man until Sept) had envisioned a UV decorated cuddle space we want to build together but he said he had an eye on a room that I think had a bar in it? Potentially the tea kitchen? In general we would need space with plugs for electricity and the rest we will bring with 😊


Saskia Wed 14 Aug 2019 7:19AM

The chapel was introduced to us as the...
Super sweet chill out hut which is usually serving tea and comfort
The entrance falls are lined with pink fluffy fabric and shit. It is very comfy already"

I have not seen a big stage but I am rather positive there could be something done about that maybe?


Saskia Wed 21 Aug 2019 4:59PM

There is a booth and soundsystem outside - at least has been when we were there. IDK how things are in october ;) but Anomalie uses the outside as a floor and we can, too.

IDK about the stage. I was too distracted by the f** halfpipe. Gonne have a more proper look. In general it looked like there are plenty of ways to improvise or set up a stage.

All the places can be great floors with teakitchen being not REALLY a floor (because too tiny and probably better as cuddle puddle) & the restaurant being better suited for workshops, acoustic concerts & things alike.


Saskia Wed 21 Aug 2019 4:57PM

It was the tea kitchen.