Sat 12 Oct 2019 1:16PM

Feedback Round & Post Mortem

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Let's meet for a feedback round. We can get all the info we need to make sure the next time anyone organizes an event they have a wonderful experience and only have to deal with new complications.

Sorry I made a doodle because it's easier for me right now:

Could all relevant parties also PLEASE fill out and extend the post Mortem to the best of your ability AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Time si really of the essence here as memory fades much faster than we think and we may lose valuable insights into this experience.

Also, if you can't make the feedback round meeting, the best way to provide your input will be through the post-mortem document, so get on it!


Bee Sat 12 Oct 2019 7:00PM

Thanks for setting this up and so swiftly 🙏


Roko Sat 12 Oct 2019 9:28PM

dont see a “stagemanager” headline, but here are my two cents from the zerzurian stage.

in my opinion it all went very smooth during the night because we are all experienced in event management and party orga. deep, quentin and me were always around the stage and handled all kind of situations. artists were happy, technic worked out with time delays (even though one monitor was making noises - so night manager reaction was: unplug it and just use one). musotopia build their live stage like pros, mic was used during opening ceremony as well. zerzura brought all the deko on their own (two people carrying), musotopia drove their own car to bring their technic.
i arrived at 13 and we were 3 hands from zerzura crew hanging fabrics, 2 volunteers were also integrated into hanging fabrics. done around 16. our fabrics were also used to divide the mainfloor into two workshop areas. fernando informed me earlier about this need so i was delegating the task. also we had someone projecting visuals, but had no real communication where to put it and then didnt see each other till we already hung fabrics. could be improved by more comm.

there was a “volunteer/deko lead” which function i didnt really understand, because she didnt really know what should be done, had no deko on her own and we had everything figured out for our floor already. when people want to volunteer its of course important that one person delegates them to the various builds of stages, but deko lead without deko?

the nightmanager of anomalie did everything i asked him for. technic worked in general, lightshow vjing was explained and could be used by us. fogmachine was there.

strike was done around 11:30, didnt need one hour with alot of helping hands.

for the next rounds: it works great if one camp/group takes over the orga of one area with responsibility. amihay and bee did great, it felt like someone really took care to make the cuddlepuddle happen. same emotion i had for our stage, even though i had no contact to the workshop people so situations arose like: do you have a mic?. if people wanna give workshops where they need carpets they should bring these carpets or mics or whatever is needed to make their workshop happen. self reliant. the main floor had no creative burner vibe and looked very very improvised. imagine a camp would have decorated it? would have been amazing!

all in one the event was amazing... but i have the impression some people have big expectations what a burn should look like (uncommercial etc.) but they dont PUT theirselves and dont understand compromises have to be taken sometimes. big thanks and hugs to our community members that put alot of effort in this and made it possible! its sad that people have to wait in the hours for 3 hours to get rejected, its even more sad when they put shame on you, who were always expressing problems with the venue.


Tamar Regev Mon 14 Oct 2019 10:52AM

My take on the decompression - Tamar Regev:
First of all I want to start good by saying it was definitely a success. The way people talk about the party seem amazing, the floors were packed with people and the atmosphere was great.

Amazing parts to me were the fire shows, the cuddle puddle, the clothing swaps and the beautiful workshops.

There are many things I believe we could have done better, of course with all the bumps we had gone through this was still a major success.
Personally, my job was Gate and Communication.
My biggest problems were:
Gate - we did not know Anomalie will place their own cashier, so half of the people who signed themselves were either useless or arrived too early and shared their disappointments about it!

At some point around 2 am the bouncers stopped bringing in people for no absolute reason.

I, as gate lead and site lead received extremely bad treatment from the bouncers when I needed to discuss with them what was going on. They excused their behaviour with saying that it seems like they cannot trust the fact that i am leading because “Everyone seems to be responsible”.

Also as gate lead we weren't informed we would have money from Anomalie and I sent a person to the bank for no reason (waste of time and energy of volunteers)

Greeters- Greeter’s lead backed off and there was no specific lead leaving us with very confused volunteers.

My experience as On-Site lead;

I was lead between midnight until 4 am. The time were things really went crazy (in my opinion): We had learned that the security was not being inclusive, we had a medical emergency that we had no previous knowledge how to approach (like a protocol) and most of the burden fell on very few people. Many of the leads were under the influence of drugs and weren't able to assist us.

I was not the lead of the entire event and this was the first time I was responsible for something that big but these are a few of my suggestions :

Leads of the event should also be on- site leads - they are the only ones who have sufficient knowledge to handle things and they know all the other leads very well.
Otherwise; site leads should be trained beforehand!
-There needs to be a damage control lead - Someone who is making sure there is a protocol for worst case scenarios, making sure there are site leads for the entire event not until 4 am, taking care of communication ways during the event, cooperating with all leads bringing up possible solutions if things go wrong at the party and also responsible that there are at least 5-6 responsible adults, qualified and cooperating at all times at the party.
If you are a lead and you want to take drugs at the day - you need to discuss this with the rest of the leads.
There was no “ON SITE LEAD” slot to fill up after the midnight till 4 am spot. Which left me feeling very bad leaving the space to go home. I tried to push through but there was no space to sleep in the cuddle puddle and consuming Speed or coke to be able to help isn't an option
Make protocols for scenarios in advance so we can tackle them better at the event
Make at least one big meeting with obligatory attendance for all leads. (some people just met that very night!!)
Phones are not trustworthy at an event where you are constantly busy. We need other ways of communication like walkie talkie or something. I called people 10 times and they haven't answered and it was not cool.
Reconsider the decentralised approach and understanding it’s limits - I believe it meant at that party that very few really knew what is going on and the most did a great job but in a very narrow field of expertise.


Cris Mon 14 Oct 2019 12:44PM

Excellent document!! :clap:


Bee Mon 14 Oct 2019 8:08PM


Alex Kaos Mon 14 Oct 2019 9:43AM

You can just add these comments directly into the document. It's a collaborative piece and missing elements that we need you guys to fill in ;)
I'll add it in now.