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Site planning Protocol and Discussion

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Resource list from last year:
2019 placement:
2019 sound zones:
2019 Kiez and Art Placement thread with photos, maps and infos of Freiland:

this was the proposal regarding self-organized site planning/placement: that also got implemented. Given this did not work so well, might be interesting to iterate on it and define what should be discussed in order to make it work smoother

Collected ideas and plans starting from workshop 19.01

2019 Site Planning thread with photos, maps and infos of Freiland:


Saskia Wed 11 Mar 2020 5:15PM

Dear Site Planning Team,

please make a link here once you open a site planning group so dreamers can be redirected there.


Purzel Wed 11 Mar 2020 10:09AM

Thanks for the feedback, I'll make sure to keep that in mind 馃槉

On a different topic, please give me a call when you have time


CJ Yetman Wed 11 Mar 2020 8:58AM

Site Leads have a need for Site Planning. We will have 3mx3m tent for our base station. We will need access to power (we will have our own a 20m extension cord). Ideally we'd be located near the intersection where First Aid and Rangers were last year because it's centrally-ish located and it's the meeting point for evacuation. Though, I would prefer if it were set away enough from foot traffic and other stations so that we could have sensitive, private discussions there without fear of being overheard.


Saskia Sat 7 Mar 2020 7:04PM

@Ancka also expressed her verbal support for the dream land idea. Tagging her here so she can read up :)


Bee Sat 7 Mar 2020 6:45PM

Event Co-ordination team is meeting up tomorrow so we can discuss! :)


Saskia Sat 7 Mar 2020 4:21PM

Probably the event coordination tema has an answer on that.


Purzel Sat 7 Mar 2020 11:05AM

I really like that change 馃槉

How will budget decision about infrastructure be proposed? Will there be another platform or just on talk?


Saskia Sat 7 Mar 2020 8:39AM

Hei Leon, you are correct that this is the approach we have to switch the bias from Kieze to art, as Kiez Burn has been supporting its' Kieze for 3 years now and we wanna experiment a bit this year. But in order to make a fuzzy guideline like 'not in your Kiez' more tangible we would like to provide this 'Dream land' as a surefire way to have your artwork be classified as 'outside of Kiez'.

You can read about the changes to dreams here:

Dreams policy change: Kieze cannot apply for Dreams grants that take place in the area of the Kiez itself. Dreams funded projects need to take place outside of the Kieze area

  • No infrastructure projects that are partially funded by the Kiez Burn Budget can be placed on the Dreams platform

  • Push Art Installations higher on the Dreams platform itself (exact implementation tbd)

  • Token redistribution tokens that were not spent by the end of the Dreams voting, will be given to Dreams that take place on the Art Plateau (last year reference)

  • Timing: bigger projects need confirmation sooner. The Dream-team (pun intended) are committed to pushing to have ticket sale happen sooner, and the token redistribution sooner.

  • Social media push: the Dream-Team is committed to push (bigger) art projects via social media/newsletters/... together with calls to vote on Dreams


Leon Noller Sat 7 Mar 2020 7:40AM

Hi, i do like the idea. Because this also would mean that most funding will actually go to Dreams and not only Kieze infrastructure. Which seemed to happen more last year, as I understand from some verbal reports.

from my side totally up for making your proposal happen.


Saskia Fri 6 Mar 2020 7:53PM

Dear Site Planners,

in order to be eligble for funding via the dreams platform, projects must be situated outside of Kieze boundaries.
One safe way to do so is, of course, by using the art plateau.

The art plateau, however, offers some disadvantages to certain kinds of structures and may not be the correct place for all kinds of projects.

We would like to offer Kieze another area, like the Art plateau, where they'll be considered as 'outside of their camp' => eligible for funding via dreams.

We're thinking of an area like the one leading up to kinderkiez or the one behind the saloon. Something more safe from weather influences and easier to set up on.

Do you think it would be possible to reserve a 'Dream area'?

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