March 5th, 2020 17:16

Dreams 2020: Stage 1: launch & dreamers submit dreams

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We are launching a renewed Dreams platform with rethought policies. We believe it will result in more money towards & a clearer focus on art, away from funding Kieze & infrastructure projects. We also hope the changes will make dream guiding less challenging.



  1. We analyzed the problems & opportunities of last year (see thread)

  2. We had a kick-off meeting where we explored how to reap opportunities & solve problems. In this meeting, we also explored & could not find a possibility for consensus with the art department proposal.

  3. Kickstart meeting that resulted in action.

Key changes Dreams 2020

Refocus on "art"

Last year, from the total Dream grant money, about 35% went to art installations and 14% went to performance Dreams (remaining: Kieze & infrastructure dreams)

We believe we can drastically increase the funding towards these 2 categories.


  • Dreams policy change: Kieze cannot apply for Dreams grants that take place in the area of the Kiez itself. Dreams funded projects need to take place outside of the Kieze area

  • No infrastructure projects that are partially funded by the Kiez Burn Budget can be placed on the Dreams platform

  • Push Art Installations higher on the Dreams platform itself (exact implementation tbd)

  • Token redistribution tokens that were not spent by the end of the Dreams voting, will be given to Dreams that take place on the Art Plateau (last year reference)

  • Timing: bigger projects need confirmation sooner. The Dream-team (pun intended) are committed to pushing to have ticket sale happen sooner, and the token redistribution sooner.

  • Social media push: the Dream-Team is committed to push (bigger) art projects via social media/newsletters/... together with calls to vote on Dreams

Better processes & tech

It was often challenging for Dream guides to say "no". Difficult discussions in the background did not get visibility or praise. We want to make it easier & better


  • Dream guiding with support. @Paul aka Khromo will help in making policies clearer, and championing hard talks

  • Budget is now within Dreams, and not in a separate google spreadsheet

  • token value can be a difficult topic. We commit to all being involved and finding a suitable solution by the time voting starts

More donations towards art (tbc)

There is an opportunity to motivate people to DONATE MORE by making it so, that people can buy more Dream tokens when buying a ticket. This project still needs to be kicked off fully, including the advice process connected to it.


Broad timeline


Kickstart meeting


Launch Dreams for Dreamers to submit Dreams

End of March/beginning April

Ticket sale starts & people can vote for Dreams

2-3 weeks later

Dreams voting closes + token redistribution

To-dos before first launch


  • kickstart meeting

The Dream-Team

By the 06.03.2020


By the 06.03.2020


By the 06.03.2020

  • test budget filling flow ==> issues in Github


By the 07.03.2020

  • Write up github stuff that us SUPER NECESSARY for launch

@Saskia (The Fuzzy Facilitator)

By the 08.03.2020

@Saskia (The Fuzzy Facilitator) @Mareike

By the 08.03.2020

@Mareike @Paul aka Khromo @Bee @Saskia (The Fuzzy Facilitator)

By the 08.03.2020


By the 08.03.2020

  • Incorporate all the above Tech changes in Dreams Platform


After Launch

Immediately after Launch

Set up a system for dream guides to approve Dreams for funding so they can be voted on by ticket holders (process last year)


Coming weeks


@waldo @Alexxx

coming weeks

  • start token valuation discussion

before voting starts

  • rework the manual for voting on the Dreams platform

Coming weeks

  • Find finance lead just for dreams, total of 30-40 hrs of wok, dire need of someone dedicated to help Alex with this


We are aware there is a current pause on decisions being brought forth from advice processes. In this case however, nobody has objected to the desire for a Dreams platform and all present in the meeting consensed to the next steps. In addition, we intend to launch Dreams only after this Saturday.

We welcome input, but also want to move away from "only chatting" towards actually making the Dreams platform happen. Waiting longer might result in things becoming irrelevant.


Flo March 11th, 2020 07:46

You are right. This is still the ticket validation from last year for the tickets from last year. I’ll have to change this.


waldo March 10th, 2020 20:24

This statement is incorrect. I believe this is also a blocker for release. Dreamers can register on the platform and submit their Dream. They just should register with the same email as used on Burner Tickets.

Suggested text: "Please register on this platform by using the same email as you will use to purchase a ticket. The ticketing team is working hard to start the ticket sale soon. Stay updated by signing up for the Kiez Burn Newsletter! Click here!"

Saskia (The Fuzzy Facilitator)

Saskia (The Fuzzy Facilitator) March 9th, 2020 10:52

Hei Alex,

if the advice process is taken into 2021 count me in aboard. I see great potential the more I think about it. :) I think it is a great thing that we can maybe even let the community start funding their things for 2021 way earlier than we could ever do it with the dreams platform.

Thanks for listening to our voices and thanks for your support. Let's find ways to support you better this time around!

The Lord of Fire (Schatzmeister)

The Lord of Fire (Schatzmeister) March 9th, 2020 09:55

I have closed the advice process in response to the Block placed on Dreams. Another solution will need to be found for the intensive workload required to process Dream Refunds. It is not reasonable for an entire team of realizers and a major element of our event to be blocked by one Advice Seeking Process, so I retract my search for advice.

Dreams may continue to run as planned with the full support of Finance.


waldo March 8th, 2020 16:09

An advice process was started by the Kiez Burn finance lead, which is in direct contradiction to how Dreams was envisioned this year. He flags there are much bigger issues on the side of finance, that were not mentioned or explained during the advice-seeking phases of the Dreams process. At the same time, an effective finance team is crucial for a successful Dreams process.

Several Dream realizers have articulated that a conclusion on this advice process is a blocker towards (1) their continued involvement and (2) launching the Dreams process.

Therefore, I would suggest we do not launch today and wait for the advice process to come to a close. I myself struggle to see myself stay involved, given the lack of a stable co-creation environment.


waldo March 7th, 2020 18:03


waldo March 7th, 2020 16:54

thanks for the compliment and thank you for making it all possible!


Flo March 7th, 2020 13:04

Thank You @waldo and @Saskia (The Fuzzy Facilitator)! The issues you have filed on github are fantastic! Clear and precise. Thank you for making this easy for me. I will work them off now. It will probably take today and tomorrow to finish everything.


waldo March 6th, 2020 19:24

I finished my to-dos

Alina, also known as Universe

Alina, also known as Universe March 6th, 2020 14:57

my dream is that we all feel radically empowered to write precisely, clearly and simply, yes. I am taking a shot at a "how to write for Kiez Burn" quick manual/reference. I read you wanting editor's support to actually edit the written manual? I cannot say yes to this task right now.

Saskia (The Fuzzy Facilitator)

Saskia (The Fuzzy Facilitator) March 6th, 2020 07:48

As I see that @Alina, also known as Milda! is very passionate about clear and precise language.... maybe you want to help us rewrite the dreamer manual and stuff so it is easier for dreamers to read, comprehend and get funded?

Saskia (The Fuzzy Facilitator)

Saskia (The Fuzzy Facilitator) March 5th, 2020 18:44

Holy Smokes! That's amazing, Waldo. Thank you!


waldo started a proposal March 5th, 2020 18:20

Let's launch during livestreaming on Facebook? Closed 1:57pm - Sunday 8 Mar 2020

by waldo March 8th, 2020 12:58

Given the insecurity regarding finance support (see @Alexxx advice process), I personally do not see the space to launch Dreams this evening.

What do you think? We can have a meeting whenever @Flo would be ready to launch? And then we have some excitement! Wdyt? @Flo ?

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