Mon 24 Feb 2020 10:41PM

2020 Kiez Burn Theme

EJ Erin Jeavons-Fellows Public Seen by 157

Hi everyone!

Since location has now been decided. Let's open discussions around what our theme could be. It would be nice to throw around ideas and concepts in here until the of March and then do a vote. Also open to other ideas on how to choose a theme. Just following the process we had last year.


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Sun 8 Mar 2020 4:44PM

oooh i love it! 馃崉

on this topic, "Rhizome" could also work 馃


Saskia Wed 26 Feb 2020 1:51PM

I am all up for meeting you and yell at each other with a megaphone from across the field.
No need to run to the board for this, I am part of the board. :*

Also: Love the idea for the theme. A lot. Snark is great.


Giulia Wed 4 Mar 2020 11:44AM

Personally I really like the direction and the ironic flavor but I'm afraid that some camps might not be able to identify with it, especially the subtitle... Just leaving it at Lunartics would open more room for individual interpretations.


Jeff Spirlock Fri 6 Mar 2020 9:49AM

Love this!


Jeff Spirlock Fri 6 Mar 2020 9:51AM

I think the simpler a concept in terms of themes is better. It leaves more room for creativity. I would find no offense in dropping the subtitles. I'm going to edit the title to reflect this.


Carnelian King Tue 3 Mar 2020 3:54PM

deep sea mystery would be AMAZING


Alex Kaos Wed 4 Mar 2020 8:49AM

GO MUSHROOM. Yes I'm down!!!


Alex Kaos Wed 4 Mar 2020 8:50AM

Wow, Wild at Heart really kicked arse eh? I think I'll stay out of these politics this year :P


Jeff Spirlock Sat 29 Feb 2020 11:48AM

I look forward to yelling at each other with megaphones!


Fiete Mon 2 Mar 2020 8:41PM

I had a kind of a related theme in mind: Resurrection/Rejuvination. As you mentioned there was a good amount of havoc going on, which of course is still continuing with corona at the moment. I hope that most of this stuff will be over before KB2020 and that societies can be "resurrected" to a - whatever that means - normal live without too many casualties.


Daisy Tue 3 Mar 2020 7:49PM

What about MYCELIUM ?

The underground network that connects and nurtures and supports symbiotically those around it. We celebrate the connections.


Jeff Spirlock Sat 29 Feb 2020 8:55AM


The聽full moon聽of聽June, also called the Strawberry聽Moon, will occur the morning of聽June聽17 at 4:31 a.m. EDT (0831 GMT), just a day after making a close pass by Jupiter and a day before making another pass by Saturn.

Given the event dates of June 16 - 21 it seems like a great opportunity to reflect on the reasons why cultures historically gather based on the lunar calendar.


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Fri 28 Feb 2020 7:51PM

Here are some options from last year. I like the asylum and deep sea mysteries


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Fri 28 Feb 2020 7:48PM

I would love to see some more creative options that don't focus on how "unloud" we need to be haha


Paul aka Khromo Wed 26 Feb 2020 11:59PM

The Sound of One Hand Clapping....


[deactivated account] Wed 26 Feb 2020 7:14PM

"It's oh so quiet" 馃槅 >


Kiki Wed 26 Feb 2020 8:40AM

"Born in fire" - two basic ideas and some icing on the top:

One麓s re-birth through self-expression, and fire (burn) as cleansing of the old, so the new could be born. Catharsis comes through water or fire. With the current ecological down-spiral and the weather last few weeks, the symbolism of water wouldn麓t lift spirits so much and thereby serve the purpose.

Also, it could be also seen as a positive homage to Australia bush fires. Right around KB2020, the nature will start to recuperate in Australia! Last but not least, it makes the effigy shape quite self-evident. :)


Giulia Tue 25 Feb 2020 6:31PM

How about "The Sound of Sympathy"?

That's in response to the sound issues we've experienced, our understanding of the neighbors feelings and our solutions for that, which will have a strong impact on the sound camps (and maybe others) this year, as well as a friendly reminder of being understanding and empathetic in (group) discussions. Also it can be seen as an inspirational topic to think about, like what exactly sympathy is and how we can embed it in our community etc.


Jonas Bee Tue 25 Feb 2020 1:11PM

Love the "Living our fantasy"!

I'd love the theme to be somewhat related to our response to the ecological collapse - maybe something as simple as "coming together", remembering the importance of tribes and rituals, of the resilience of community.

Not really a finished thought but maybe it resonates with someone?


Jeff Spirlock Tue 25 Feb 2020 1:08PM

Snark School

Learning to accept peoples sarcasm aka snark, even when I think it is rude, has shown me a far more light hearted approach to dealing with others. Snark is one of my favorite things on the playa and it's saddening to me when I attend a burn that lacks this aspect.


Carnelian King Tue 25 Feb 2020 11:53AM

I'd like the theme to be "Living our fantasy".
We can create a place which nourishes the inner version of ourselves, and camps that have dreamlike elements


Karlo Walz Tue 25 Feb 2020 9:27AM

Theme Vorschlag:
"Become Art"
Participation is the key and develepment our goal.. why not develop ourselves as an example and as art, as beauty or as provokative and raising emotions..