Kiez Burn 2020 Pre Event

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The purpose of this group is to plan the Kiez Burn 2020 event. The threads and subgroups here, deal with the needs of Kiez Burn. Every Kiez Burner can identify needs and take on responsibilities to make Kiez Burn a reality. We keep track of the status of things & who does what through the Realities platform. On Talk, right where you are here right now, we make decisions and talk about how we can best realize our dreams and fulfill the Kiez Burn needs. If you are new to all this, we advise you to read how we work together. When you want to make a decision, check out how we make decisions at Kiez Burn.

If you have a proposal or are seeking advice regarding a proposal, please post this in the Advice processes group.

Most of the discussions take place in this group or in its subgroups. Some vagrant independents have decided to operate outside of this 2020 group, an overview here:

Kiez Burn e.V. Board
[Help needed] Prove we are ARTsy to Finanzamt
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Corona Dreams
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30.03.20 KB Realizer Meeting Notes
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Alina, also known as Milda!
"Post-cancellation KB community care & dreaming" Zoom - Today Sunday 22.03 @18:30
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Kiez Burn e.V. Board
How COVID-19 impacts Kiez Burn 2020
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The Lord of Fire (Schatzmeister)
Video Tutorials - Who wants to help?
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Veroca R. Sala
Inclusive & effective volunteering: Realities set up
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Veroca R. Sala
TODAY: 9.3.2020 -- 2nd Meeting for Realizers & Enthusiastic Minds
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3rd Meeting for Leads, Realisers and Enthusiastic Minds - Monday March 30th 2020
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Veroca R. Sala
Shaping Volunteers Coordination 2020
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Erin Jeavons-Fellows
2020 Kiez Burn Theme
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The Lord of Fire (Schatzmeister)
Finance Team is Recruiting
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UPDATE: Hitting Play for ongoing and future decissions// Hitting pause on all ongoing and future decisions
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Do we want our burn to be international?
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[Meeting] 1st leads meeting
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Jeff Spirlock
Silent Disco Infrastructure
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Robot Ministry's Helper Bot
How to use Loomio
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Paul aka Khromo
The Sound of Music - Proposals
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Callum Macdonald
[Get Involved] Do you want to support a non-credit card ticket sale option?
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Callum Macdonald
Proposal: Let’s burn Monday to Friday
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Robert Nevitt
For 2020, an interactive face for Free Campers
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Kick-off Kiez Burn 2020 Planning
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Callum Macdonald
Proposal: Memberships instead of tickets
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