Thu 27 Feb 2020 9:51PM

2020 Volunteers Pre event Recruiting & Communications

VRS Veroca R. Sala Public Seen by 45

What for?

This Thread is with the goal of recruiting Volunteers Pre-event planning 2020

Why is important?

At this very moment is important to start spreading the word of the unfilled roles to make Kiez Burn Happen. Pre-event roles need more attention to create engagement.


I have done Volunteer Coordination 2019, I am doing Volunteer coordination 2020, also Realities, Documentation 2019, and Event Coordination.

This means Im behind the things that would help volunteers find their way to participate, while Im aware of what Kiez Burn needs the most.

To whom is this thread?

Id like to start planing a sensitive, and accurate way of providing info to potential volunteers.

  • If you are motivated to collaborate on this

  • if you are or have been involved in Communications / Communicorns

What do we have now?

  • Part of our tool kit is Realities but as it is now, it doesn't look Interesting but rather cold. Its a great tool but it is unattractive. It is not for recruiting but to sign up. In this thread, you can see what we have done

  • Kiez Burn Website is great, but still hasn't been updated ( content is from 2019) and volunteering is one more thing among, Dreams, Kieze and workshops. There is not such a focus on volunteers Pre-event sign-up and/or engagement.

  • The newsletter is super useful for recruiting and spreading info. This thread about a regular co-created newsletter requires the participation of the community.

Im calling out to:

  • Realizers of Kiez Burn Website

  • Realizers of Newsletter @Alina, also known as Milda! is on this? wanna co-create? / someone wants to Realize this by Coordinating and making it happen regularly?

  • Realizers of Facebook

With the purpose of:

  • establishing contact with you all and use this place to interact regarding updates and most important Needs that are critical for the event

  • Meet up! and discuss how can we collaborate together and have effective communication with each other to plan this ahead and avoid rushing with the hot potato.

Planning the Volunteers Recruitment more carefully and thoughtful

  • To strengthen the attention to volunteers recruitment on our comms since, without them, there is not gonna be Dreams

  • Create content not only to invite people to sign up in a platform like Realities, or inviting people to dive into Talk, but to provide an easy path to get started and where the potential volunteer feels inspired, motivated, and provided with support.

What have I done so far?

  • I have created this thread: How to Volunteer this Would need more love perhaps.

  • We are working on Realities Platform to better describe the Needs and make the info reachable for newbies ( and not so newbies too!)

What can we do?

  • Id like to have ppl linked to "How to volunteer" talk thread or to share that content from our communication channels, or Create a sort of a landing page with the info in that thread, where ppl are directed before going into realities.

  • Bring more ideas, all welcome!


Saskia Fri 28 Feb 2020 8:35AM

Hei there -

I am in as part of the FB team & would take part in a meeting that aims to flesh out a strategy on how to gather more volunteers.


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Sun 8 Mar 2020 2:25PM


kiezburn comms lead signing in!

nora said she will help me, she aint on talk but ill get her in. @Alina, also known as Milda! Will be part of comms with co-created newsletter topic.

i think i can get afew more on comms mission.


Veroca R. Sala Tue 10 Mar 2020 7:47AM

Great! As more people gets in we can update the description of the communicorns group as i think is has the previous realizers.

We can first update this thread and use it as the "seed" of communicorns 2020 so we gather the learnings for 2021 here. Im working on the documentation and its interesting to have a "mother" thread to see how things got built up.

So this thread should include the links of the newsletters threads. Or links to other comms related initiatives

Name of realizers 2020


Also The name can be changed to comms team 2020 or so