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Shaping Volunteers Coordination 2020

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Veronica Rodriguez Sala

Volunteer Coordinator 2019 & 2020,Documentation 2019 Co-Lead,  Event Coordination Team 2020; Realities Set up 2020

This thread is to: 

  • gather opinion and define the role/tasks of the General volunteer coordinator 2020

  • Gather opinion/ input about the volunteers sign up system 2020

  • Discuss how can we reinforce the “voluntelling” to have more people interested in volunteering. 

  • Realistically discuss how do we wanna avoid last-minute stress and potentially make a proposal after the opinion is gathered

Areas to get input from

  • Whole community

  • Tickets

Info from the past

How was done 2019

Unfortunately, there isn't any good thread to link to, but here an overview:
Volunteers Coordination 2019 used the same system than the previous year ( 2018) 

  • Gathering the amount of volunteers needed in each area, by asking the Leads of each Need for the event ( using google forms)

  •  Creating an open  Spreadsheet on a drive

  • Spreadsheet was open for volunteers to take on their shifts 

  • using  Facebook & newsletter for recruiting

  • Using a survey filled in by Ticket holders for recruiting

How did it work the recruitment and coordination 2019:

  • Leads were clear and precise about the number of volunteers. 

  • Communication with Leads was great. 

  • Many Leads would get in touch with the volunteers to confirm shifts, give specific info 

  • Many Leads like Rangers have recruited big part of their crew

  •  Shifts were taken quite quickly although we did have some empty spots for Ranger Leads, Strike, that were very hard to fulfill.

  • There was not such a big pile of work for the Volunteer Coordinator since the decentralized model divided the work among the Leads. 

  • It wasn't any General Volunteer Coordination onsite and it was not needed. 

Kitchen for volunteers 2019

Deine mudda camp, fed volunteers only on Build and Strike

How did the sign-up System Work in 2019?

  • The open Spreadsheet document looked like this And it raised some controversy about the data/ contact info from volunteers being public.

  • It was possible to sign up for a shift without giving any contact information. Given this, the Leads were not able to contact some volunteers

Defining Volunteer Coordination role 2020

Sign up system

There was an initiative of a new sign up platform with many advantages. This came from @Erin Jeavons-Fellows @Callum Macdonald if I'm not wrong. 

Eventually, we would need some update in that matter. If this happens, the role of Volunteer Coordinator might get reduced to a voluntelling work

If  the new platform for sign up is not a go. Im happy to proceed with the previous 2019 / 2018 sign up system, since I lack resources to create a better system. ( If someone wants to volunteer and co-create, Iam also happy to co create., leave a comment!)

update: Erin communicate the new platform is not gonna be possible this year at least.

This means: 

  • we could use the old system: the public spreadsheet as described above

  • or researching an already existing system that could adjust to our needs. This Might require money from Budget

Kitchen for Volunteers:

We would be offering food as last year

  • food for volunteers on build and strike. Also for security during the event

  • We are not yet confirmed how / which kitchen will host volunteers


  • We know Talk is very wide ( and yet getting wider)

Here there is a post where we can link people to, from Facebook . When someone is interested in volunteering and sign up is not yet open;  still, they can have a brief overview or perhaps, on early-stage, get involved in the pre-event stuff.

  • here we are creating fun video tutorials

  • open to more suggestions on how can we get better at voluntelling

How can we avoid last-minute stress?

gathering opinion about this: @Otto

Given the last-minute stress we have to face last year to fulfill important strike/general build/Ranger Leads volunteers

And because important unfilled shifts would mean a plus load of unfair work onsite, for the people that are leading and volunteering onsite

I suggest sparing with transparency four or five direct tickets for volunteers that at last minute are missing a ticket and are willing to volunteer on important unfilled shifts during the event.

How would it work? 

  • The volunteer will still have to pay the ticket

  • we wouldn't be promoting this emergency resource,  but only consider those who VOLUNTARILY offer themselves ( on Facebook e.g. or meetings.) to actively participate but are missing tickets. 

  • The mentioned direct ticket would be available ONLY if the Volunteer coordinator ( in communication with Leads) sees the real need.

  • The mentioned direct ticket would be handled only by the volunteer coordinator in communication with Tickets.

  • What "last minute" means 2 days before Build starts


to gather cons with the community


  • bring in to the event people that are willing to participate and help

  • avoid stress on-site! Especially for the beloved strikers!


There is not such a timeline for Volunteers 2020  until Tickets sales are defined 


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Mon 24 Feb 2020 10:37PM

@Veroca R. Sala I will follow up with Callum this week.


walto Tue 25 Feb 2020 6:28PM

There are already a lot of volunteer management systems out there, maybe there is something that matches our needs already?


walto Mon 2 Mar 2020 12:54AM

Regarding voluntelling, I found this podcast episode to be very inspiring:

  • we always underestimate the power we have over others ==> when we ask people to volunteer for something, do not underestimate how successful you might be

  • people might say yes to things they do not actually want to do

  • people might say yes to things they did not actually want to do, BUT they will solve they internal cognitive dissonance by telling themselves "I wanted to do it anyways". In the end, maximizing the total happiness

What I wonder:

  • how do we get ppl to say yes to things they WANT to say yes to (because it is often hard to determine, as the person asking, to know what people would not have said yes to). maybe it has to do more with asking it in a way that is more enabling/supportive, e.g. "I believe you could do..."?

  • which medium of communication does this lend itself to?


Veroca R. Sala Sun 8 Mar 2020 10:00PM

update: Erin communicate the new platform is not gonna be possible this year at least.

This means: 

  • we could use the old system: the public spreadsheet as described above

  • or researching an already existing system that could adjust to our needs. This Might require money from Budget


Veroca R. Sala Wed 26 Feb 2020 9:52PM

If you wish to. Im not sure somtimes what is meant to be shared or not really.


Cris Tue 25 Feb 2020 11:37AM

@Erin Jeavons-Fellows I would love to be updated on this matter! Very curious about alternative methods!


walto Wed 26 Feb 2020 8:48PM

not following @Veroca R. Sala is there something for me to answer here?


Veroca R. Sala Wed 26 Feb 2020 8:40PM

I will check out that link. .

About Recruiting peeps:

I have added on the description of the Need of "Conflict Resolution" the link to Conflict Escalation. Since this thread is looking for ppl interested on doing a workshop or supporting the initiative .

There are sometimes threads opened even before the responsibility is formally taken. This is because Kiez Burners want things to happen =) so the thread is published as a recruiting method, like it was done with that thread of Conflict Resolution... and it does work. Then i find interesting to link Realities to this ongoing 2020 talk threads.

Im happy to do that with other Needs if there are other open threads for Needs that are missing Realizers. I suggest this as a Voluntelling Coordinator and not as a Realities Realizer 😆