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Inclusive & effective volunteering: Realities set up

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Why we do this

Fulfilling all the Needs for Kiez Burn and enabling dreams of Kiez Burners, can be a bit overwhelming. Whereas in the past, we centrally coordinated everything, we decentralized to unburden volunteers, be more inclusive & make it more fun.

The challenge now:

  • mapping the Needs and Responsibilities that are needed to fulfill all the Needs & enable all the dreams

  • Providing transparency on how people can help in the co-creation process


We required a central place where all the Needs and Responsibilities are mapped so to:

  • enable leads to identify weak spots in the event organization and flag it

  • volunteers can see where help is still needed

Realities is a co-creative tool:

  • anyone can add "Needs" and "Responsibilities" and edit descriptions

  • anyone can sign up to fulfill a Need or Responsibility

Video introduction to Realities

Kicking off 2020 planning

refining the tool

@Zach Dunton Can we have an update of the following points?

  • There is a feature request from the Realities team to be able to list the Needs on relevance order, placing the Event Critical Needs on the top,  followed by the rest OR Create sub-groups within the needs ( Communication; Event Critical; On Site; Orga...) --> IN PROGRESS

  • Enable ( in Adm Mode) to move the needs & responsibilities up and down. ->

  • We want to track usage of Realities so we can see if we are reaching the people we want to reach. ==> IN PROGRESS

  • add in the emails from 2019 realities into the 2020 realities. Once Realities 2019 was migrated in order to start with the Realities set up 2020, we figure all the email addresses from the 2019 were removed as well, for what we are not able to fill in the Guide's email address cell (Until that person actually signs up again on the platform). -> IN PROGRESS

  • add description field on top of realities, above the needs & realities. OR / And enable add a description on the "About" section. -> content still in process

The Needs

These must be very clear, so it becomes easy for people to navigate & identify what they would be up to volunteering for. We could consider adding a group name to the Need name. We could also add "(event critical)" next to the Need to signal extra attention needed as we did in 2019.


Every Need should contain:

  • Guide: who can help someone who volunteers to realize the need

  • Realizer: this is the person that coordinates the efforts to realize the Need

  • description:

    • what is this Need? What information is useful?

    • we use the description template from Borderland

  • Link to talk group or threads

  • Dependencies: which areas/Needs are depending on each other

listing the Needs

  • Tickets

  • Legal & Safety

  • Fire Safety

  • Security

  • First Aid 

  • Toilets 

  • Site Liaison & local relations

  • Site planning/placement

  • Storage

  • Kieze facilitation

  • Volunteers coordination

  • Transport

  • Site leads

  • Dreams granting & guidance

  • Dreams platform 

  • Build setup

  • Toolhaus

  • Water + showers  

  • Power

  • Signage

  • Gate & greeters

  • Event Lead + Program booklet

  • Parking 

  • Wandering rangers

  • Welfare

  • Leave No/Better Trace

  • Opening ceremony 

  • Strike

  • Instructional videos 

  • Translations into German

  • Realities

  • Comms:

    • Survival guide

    • Website

    • Facebook

    • Talk moderation

    • Newsletter

  • Guide "how we work together"

  • Leadership succession

  • Consent guidance

  • Conflict resolution

  • Regulations: sound

  • census

  • Board & advisors

  • Finance


The Responsibilities fulfill the parent-Need. They are a bit more granular, but still broad enough to allow the volunteer to feel ownership and freedom in self-defining how he/she/they fulfill the parent-need.

Every Responsibility should contain:

We should have a template for new Responsibilities (see comment) so to make the below an automatism & explain things. This is dependent on Realities being upgraded (see above)

  • Guide: who can help someone who volunteers to realize the Responsibility (e.g. the Realizer or Guide of the parent-Need)

  • Realizer: this is the person responsible

  • description: see template:

    • what is this Responsibility?

    • who could realize it? (describe the attributes a volunteer has that would qualify them to take on the Responsibility)

    • what tasks are involved: to give the volunteer an idea of what will be expected of him/her/they

  • Link to talk group or threads

  • Dependencies: what Needs depends on each other


We add dependencies to complete the mapping and establish which Needs are dependent on each other.

This is important not only for the general overview, but to enable the person fulfilling a Need, to recognize which other Needs are affected/related to it, and seek for advice from the Dependencies (if any Advice Process is being carried)

Dependencies have been added. But we still need:

  • the word/advice of Guides 2020 ( Leads from 2019) to accurately define which areas depend on each other. If more dependencies need to be mapped, they can be easily added by the Guide or Realizer. ( i don't see any other way to accurately do this)

  • Consider this: the Dependencies of a Need are mapped. The dependencies of a Need are not the same as the Dependencies of a Responsibility. This means, if we wanna go for perfect, this is not quite the case.

  • Dependencies of Responsibilities are not added. They could be added by the Realizers who will better know about the dependencies

Landing page:

Realities needs a Description box to put above all the Needs and Responsibilities as well as a Landing page where to have it all explained in detail for volunteers

In this Drive Doc we are working on the Realities Landing Page content and the Realities description for the platform itself.

New Needs 2020:

Realities have been settled based on the Needs of KiezBurn 2019 and what we have been co-creating in workshops and meetings.

To implement an effective Advice process we need to make clear which are de Dependencies of each Need

If new Needs are important to list, please share/ comment/ update this thread and specify shortly what would that Need be fulfilling and its Dependencies

So far the new Needs for 2020 suggested by now are the followings:

  1. New Need: Conflict Resolution:

    Here @Hanna-Maija (Animal) expressed interest in making a code of conduct. (

    also, there is here another Thread from @Saskia (The Fuzzy Facilitator) to recruit a Team for Conflict Escalation

    • As these threats evolve, this Need and its Responsibilities & Dependencies will be clarified. also, Realities will be updated.

  2. New Need: Learn from the past - Documentation Post Mortem

Helping 2020 and 2021 volunteers

It is a struggle to find all the info from previous years that could help the volunteer to fulfill the Responsibility. It is also a struggle to get said volunteers to document for future generations.

Here a thread Kiez Burn Manual & Post Mortem where we build up a system to keep our learnings.


walto Mon 27 Jan 2020 8:06PM

Copied over from Borderland: a template for responsibilities:

This description is meant to be changed by YOU.

### What is this responsibility?

Describe the responsibility. What is done, and why? Think about the need that is being fulfilled. How does this responsibility fulfill that need?

Give a summary of what this responsibility entails. Give links to Talk threads.

### Who could realize it?

What knowledge or skills does the Kiez Burner realizing this need to possess or learn? Are there any requirements? For example, the person driving the truck should probably have a license.

### What tasks are involved?

Note that a task and responsibility is not the same thing. A task can be finished but not all responsibilities are tasks that can be finished. Examples of responsibilities that is not a task are "Point of contact for authorities" and "Maintain Realities platform". Most responsibilities on Realities are not tasks. In that case, we list the tasks involved in the responsibility here in the description. There is no hard rule for when something should become its own Responsibility and when it should just be listed as a task for a responsibility. Use your own judgment, we're still experimenting with Realities.

* If there are tasks, list them like this

* List them in bullet points

* Lovely little bullet points

### What the hell are dependencies and deliberations

Delete this section, it's just a tutorial for you that created this responsibility.

* Right now, a Deliberation is just a link to anything. However, in the future Realities will automatically index all threads on Talk, and when you add a deliberation link to Talk, that Responsibility or Need will be shown alongside the thread on Talk.

*A dependency is something that this Responsibility depends on* in order for it to be realized. For example, a power grid depends on a placement map. In the future, this will use these dependencies when running advice processes. For example, someone who wants to make a decision about the placement map can see that the power grid depends on the placement map and that they should ask that realizer for advice. Very soon, Realities will also have email notifications to notify everyone who depends on something when that thing changes or loses its realizer. Pretty cool huh? So help us for the future of a brighter tomorrow, and add dependencies now, and making decisions will become much easier in the future.

### Post Mortem 2019: link


walto Mon 27 Jan 2020 8:38PM

I edited the thread. It is very long now, but it is an important topic. Thanks for taking the lead @Veroca R. Sala !

I deleted 2 things where I am not sure what they mean:

  • Makes sure The Talk threads of the previous year go to Archive ( this means not necessarily doing it but, opening a thread and see if someone is up to do that, make a follow up etc)

  • Makes sure Talk Archive is added  to the Index of the General KB Guide.

I love the role of documentation lead (which is basically responsible for most of the Realities setup as well). Just please be aware that, if you are committed to making the guidelines per need, there will be a substantial portion of work needed from the documentation lead. Leads of previous years might communicate work done, but it will be up to the documentation lead to structure it.


walto Tue 28 Jan 2020 12:41AM

Added the following needs:

  • Guide "how we work together"

  • Leadership succession

  • Consent guidance

  • Conflict resolution

  • sound

  • census

  • Board & advisors

  • Finance

reworded some of the needs to be a bit broader or clearer.

I would also suggest to add a need:
regulations: permits & inspections

  • coordinate structures that need special permits

  • event permit application

  • fire safety protocols & evacuation plans

  • onsite constructions inspection

  • onsite inspection with the fire department

@Jan Thomas and @Alexxx does that regulation need & those responsibilites make sense to you?


Veroca R. Sala Wed 29 Jan 2020 12:31AM

@Jan Thomas perhaps when you do your documentation 2019 you could already separate all "permit" stuff related. would be great, so its easier for the person that would eventually take on Permit. =)


walto Mon 3 Feb 2020 7:06AM

@Veroca R. Sala or @Christoph Völkl or @Keegan what do you think about presenting the current progress on Realities in the 1st Leads meeting?


Veroca R. Sala Wed 19 Feb 2020 9:25AM

Thread updated. Struggling with the marking down. If anyone Volunteers to make it look nicer, would be good, if not I thank only for reading this thread.🙂


Veroca R. Sala Sun 23 Feb 2020 11:55AM

Thread updated


Veroca R. Sala Thu 27 Feb 2020 8:19PM

I copy paste this comment from @waldo that was done on other thread cause i think it belongs here and I find interesting for next year.

"And btw, I would personally hope that Realities becomes a volunteer portal where things are self-explanatory for people. They choose what they are interested in and can find their way through the linked Talk threads and information present in Realities"

would it make sense to have a sort of a landing page before what we have now on Realities? A landing page where is explained different ways of volunteering as its said in the "How to volunteer" thread, perhaps better 😆 Or how do you envision this?

I see the Website is good for the whole, but i do think that Volunteering deserves more attention in regards of how do we pretend to get people involved. It need more clear and unified info, specially for the pre event.

Realities without an explanatory and also sensitive content about how to get involved, it ends up being only a cold organizational mapping.


Veroca R. Sala Mon 2 Mar 2020 8:39PM

Thread Updated

Realities needs a Description box to put above all the Needs and Responsibilities as well as a Landing page where to have it all explained in detail

In this Drive Doc we are working on the Realities Landing Page content and the Realities description for the platform itself.


Veroca R. Sala Fri 13 Mar 2020 9:00PM

I suggest adding in the description of all the Needs. As a task: "to open a thread on Talk" followed by a link to "I'm a Realizer, and now what" (btw The content on that thread needs some work and I would love your feedback @waldo ) and hopefully a link to the Talk code of conduct.

I think by adding this task on Realities we would save some effort on guiding and also making clear that to get involved and become a Realizer, also requires being active on Talk and making the process public to the community and other Realizers.

I perceive some fear from people to jump in actively on talk. This means volunteers might do ( at least in the beginning) most of their work out of Talk, which leads to miscommunication and I'm sure making them feel lonely in their role.

I personally had that feeling myself ( until you push me forward with this thread 🤗)

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