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[Conflict Escalation] Mediator Registry

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The aim of this thread

Collect people who have the skills and the willingness to either mediate or to teach the skill of mediation to others who want to volunteer for the mediation process between parties in conflict.

Why are we looking for mediators?

Part of the advice process and way we work together is the conflict escalation process. The idea is to proactively escalate a conflict before it can brew and cook and breed new tiny conflicts and grow out of control. The idea is to let a conflict surface and solve it, before it becomes a monster. We have failed the process so far, also because we have a lack of mediators.

'Conflict Escalation - What?''

Please read the following source to get to know more about the conflict escalation process:

The process

  1. ...

  2. Find an impartial mediator, a space holder who can facilitate the conversation. The role of this individual is not to have an opinion on the matter or try to make judgements, but to make sure that both sides listen to one another.

  3. ...

  4. ....

How do I sign up to be available as mediator?

We're currently working on making a proper 'registry'. For now, a post in this thread would be a good start!

Current mediators


Contact / Handle

Additional comments (language? availability? can host workshops?)

Jane Doe

Trained mediator. language: english
Open for all requests, Can share resources for mediators in training

Gabor Laszlo


Languages: EN/DE/HU/RO

Availability: probably yes, unless no. Outside Kiezburn also by Skype/Wire/Telegram.

Paco Amler


Trained in
Experience in Couples Mediation and Coaching Asperger Autists/Mediating between NT and ASS. I can offer Workshops.

Arthur Taylor

@Arthur Taylor

Languages - EN

Availability - Unemployed Berliner

Training - 10 years of team leadership / management, and a training in Conflict Transformation.

Alina Abelianova

@Alina, also known as Universe

Certified mediator (Jan. 2021). Mediation in English. Availability variable - just reach out by email to chat.

Interested in mediator training / workshops etc.


Contact / Handle

Additional Comments


@Natacha Kromatik


@Saskia (The Fuzzy Facilitator)


I can Mediate and offer workshops preemtively.




professional experience from my role as key account manager


@Arthur Taylor



Some experience from Teacher/Leadership training but aimed at kids...


@Mi Go


Natacha Kromatik Thu 20 Feb 2020 11:22AM

I'd really like to receive a mediation training, and have some experience from being a member of political organisations.


Paco Thu 20 Feb 2020 12:09PM

If there is interest, I can hold a communication/understanding workshop for all keymembers involved to prevent bushfires and let organisation run more smoothly.
I could also offer some time for mediation, but my time is limited. Natacha: Mediation workshop is a problem, because you need to work hard on your personality and this takes time.


Gabor Thu 20 Feb 2020 3:17PM

Time and energy permitting, I would be available as mediator.

My formal training and experience comes mostly from work (20 years of IT, Support and Management).

I speak fluent EN/DE/HU/RO/sh


Dennis Grzelak Thu 20 Feb 2020 4:11PM

I would love to help. My experience comes from both professional and personal domains.


Paco Sun 23 Feb 2020 3:33PM

I believe I created a workshop in realities. But I am not sure as I am new to the Site.


Veroca R. Sala Sun 1 Mar 2020 9:21AM

Hi @Paco I see you have successfully added the Workshop in Realities. Thanks!

I ask you if you could save all the documents in the drive folder assigned to the "conflict resolution" Need, which is in the "deliberations". This way we keep all data in one place.😎

btw @Paco , is there any date for this workshop? perhaps proposing dates on this thread to let people vote according to their availability it would help to start the planning. I say this given that there are so many things going on ( meetings, workshops, coaching circle etc.) It would help to plan it with a bit of advance. The same if adding to this thread (or in a new thread)some kind of intro/ description/ or what to expect from the Workshop/ its program/ durability to see who else might be interested. I loved this initiative and i think we really need this to happen. ❤️

Haus der Statistik is a great place for this sort of thing. See here how to get in touch to check availability in the Haus der Statistik and other meeting places


Paco Mon 2 Mar 2020 4:23PM

Can we use the House der Statistik any time? Or are there already some reservations on the rooms? I will check my schedule for April and propose some dates.


Dennis Grzelak Fri 6 Mar 2020 3:25PM

Im currently on LOA so have quite a bit of time when not traveling. Will adjust to the proposed dates. For April planning to be in Berlin most of the time


Amnon Mon 9 Mar 2020 1:06PM

interested in the training!


walto Sun 29 Mar 2020 2:20PM

Just a quick thank you - I now started a conflict escalation process and this registry helps a lot in finding people who could help with this.


Paco Mon 30 Mar 2020 4:45AM

I am currently quite busy with work and homeschooling, but inbetween, i hope that I will have an onlinecourse ready mid april and offer a q&a on zoom


Lindsey E Mon 30 Mar 2020 5:21AM

I'm interested in the training.


begoña vidal-ribas reboreda Tue 31 Mar 2020 10:11AM

I'm interesting in the training too! I already got some experience from curses and a training in nonviolent communication


Gabor Mon 2 Mar 2020 1:02PM

@Veroca R. Sala I'm not involved with Paco's workshop, I just offered to be available to mediate.


walto Mon 2 Mar 2020 5:25PM

Here we document spaces that we have used or could use:


Cris Fri 21 Feb 2020 3:59PM

Hey @Paco , @Gabor and @Dennis Grzelak ! Thanks a lot for offering! Would you like to edit the threat description adding your name, contact and specifications? Up there, under Jane Doe, by clicking "edit". That way we may have a clear overview of the mediators :)

Also, as Veroca said up there, if you want, you can become a realizer (organizer) of such a workshop, mapping it on Realities. Then you can choose the date and place that suits you better. As a place, the Burner Embassy or the Haus der Statistik are excellent options. Reach out if you need help!


Veroca R. Sala Fri 21 Feb 2020 7:54AM

@Paco very much appreciated this initiative. If you are taking on this, would you like to map this on realities ( by adding a Responsibility on the "Conflict Resolution" Need?. You could call it "Run mediator workshops" and sign up as a Realizer. This way we enable volunteers participate while giving some shape to this new Conflict Resolution Need 2020.

If you have some doubts on how to do this see here or you can also reach me out and I will help you. Thanks for doing this.


Paco Thu 20 Feb 2020 12:52PM

If 10 people are interested, I will set up a workshop


Saskia Thu 20 Feb 2020 12:15PM

Hei Paco,
as usual, offering to be a mediator is a voluntary task. You are free to turn down any request for mediation at any point without explanation. Would you be okay with having your name and maybe a contact (outside of your handle, as you cannot receive private messages here) written in the table above so people know that they can contact you?

Also thanks for your offering of a workshop! If we facilitate something where your input could be helpful, someone will come up to you. If you wish to initiate such a workshop yourself and need help setting the event up, I am happy to help out :)